Digital copy of Choosing with care: the report of the Committee of Inquiry into selection, development and management of staff in children's homes by Norman Warner, Dick Clough, Adrian Gozzard, Jim Hughes, Florence Iles, Adrianne Jones, Richard Lansdown, Dudley Procter, Susan Thomas and Richard White for the Department of Health.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000144

Date: 1992 - 1992

Digital copy of People Like Us: The Report of the Review of the Safeguards for Children Living Away from Home by Sir William Utting, Catherine Baines, Marian Stuart, John Rowlands and Roz Vialva for the Department of Health and the Welsh Office.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000145

Date: 1998 - 1998

Script for a radio commercial for the Jersey Elections 2014 encouraging people to vote

Reference: D/AP1/B2/2

Date: October 15th 2014 - October 15th 2014

Press cutting file containing details of advertisements for Jersey Tourism in the German media

Reference: D/AS/D31/1

Date: 2004 - 2004

Press cutting file containing details of advertisements for Jersey Tourism in the German media

Reference: D/AS/D31/2

Date: 2005 - 2005

File relating to value added tax (VAT). Includes correspondence and reports concerning: legislation, United Kingdom (UK) VAT, imports, exports, goods, services, stockbrokers, flowers, commission, handling charges, Tomatoes, Guernsey, vaccines, prepayment, labelling, telecommunications, training courses, advertisements in the British Press, Dutch VAT, and the price of goods sold in Jersey by 'national' companies. Also includes official correspondence, a copy of The Value Added Tax (International Services) Order 1977, and copies of newspaper articles

Reference: D/G/A1/3/4/3

Date: November 1st 1977 - September 28th 1987

File relating to the Review of the Roles of the Crown Officers and administration. Includes items concerning: the project plan, the consultation, advertisements, public meetings, and badges. Also includes a Sections listing [Contents pages]

Reference: D/G/A6/1/9

Date: 2009 - 2010

Miscellaneous items: Film Entertainment advertisement notice, and a declaration relating to the of the arrival of paraffin and carbide into the Port of St Helier for persons resident in the Parish of St Helier

Reference: D/S/M8

Date: 1919 - 1958

Your Film Entertainment for the week commencing October 26th. By Permission of the Bailiff

Reference: D/S/M8/2

Date: 1958-10 - 1958-10

Planning Application Register-Advertisements, 1-999

Reference: D/W/D3/1

Date: 1965 - 1979

File relating to Les Mielles Management Sub-Committee-Advertising and Signs

Reference: D/W/F1/5/10/8/1

Date: September 22nd 1977 - April 7th 1993

File relating to St Ouen's Bay surveys including a history of the land use and recommendations made on private advertisements and signs in the area

Reference: D/W/F4/15

Date: January 1st 1978 - September 25th 1978

Correspondence relating to advertisement for bicarbonate of soda which turned out to be washing soda

Reference: D/Z/H5/390

Date: November 13th 1944 - November 27th 1944

Advice to the Island Development Committee concerning election posters and other advertisements

Reference: D/Z1/A167/1/41

Date: 1987 - 1987

Copper Photographic Plate of the advert used by Colebrooks Limited from the Jersey Catholic Record May 1974 p.23

Reference: H/B/E5/166

Date: May 1st 1974 - May 1st 1974

Copper Photographic Plate of an advert for Virtue and Co Bibles from the Jersey Catholic Record from March 1959 p.12 [used several times]

Reference: H/B/E5/17

Date: March 1st 1959 - March 1st 1959

Details of Leaders appointments. Contains correspondence and applications to positions at Aquila Youth Club and advertisements for leaders at the Club.

Reference: J/C/BV/D/1

Date: February 21st 1966 - August 8th 1988

Correspondence and newscuttings relating to advertisements, applications for and equipment at the Aquila Road Nursery.

Reference: J/C/BV/K/2

Date: January 24th 1977 - April 10th 1984

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