File S.4/1/1 and 7 Control of Civil Aircraft in the Precautionary Stage of a War [file number changes throughout file]

Reference: A/C8/4

Date: June 30th 1951 - January 10th 1952

The Carriage by Air Act, 1932 and its possible application to Jersey

Reference: A/D1/A1/134

Date: June 16th 1934 - March 27th 1939

Agreement between Jersey and France to avoid double taxation on income from ships and aircrafts

Reference: A/D1/A18/5

Date: May 4th 1956 - October 28th 1964

Official accounts and reports of air accidents, including the Cloud of Iona and St Catherine's Bay

Reference: A/D1/A3/25

Date: December 23rd 1881 - September 23rd 1985

Civil Air Guard

Reference: A/D1/A3/5

Date: August 17th 1938 - June 9th 1939

Papers relating to Jersey Airways and air services to/from Jersey

Reference: A/D1/A3/6

Date: August 15th 1923 - March 31st 1958

Correspondence relating to the visits of foreign vessels and aircraft to Jersey, includes French torpedoes and fishing boats on the Ecréhous

Reference: A/D1/F1/1

Date: October 12th 1895 - November 10th 1936

Correspondence relating to the visits of foreign vessels and aircraft to Jersey

Reference: A/D1/F1/2

Date: January 12th 1977 - December 24th 1979

Correspondence relating to the visits of foreign vessels and aircraft to Jersey

Reference: A/D1/F1/3

Date: January 14th 1980 - October 21st 1982

Papers relating to The Public Health (Vessels and Aircraft) (Jersey) Law, 1950

Reference: A/D1/L1/98

Date: March 9th 1950 - January 21st 1955

Papers relating to air navigation, includes; orders, legislation, arrival and departure of aircraft, weather reports, distress organisation, acts and conventions

Reference: A/D2/6

Date: May 28th 1920 - September 24th 1951

Jersey Airport: use by Fleet Air Arm for flying training

Reference: ADM/1/10746

Date: 1940 - 1940

Enquiry from Major C P Woodward, Fairfield, Goring, Reading concerning his son, Squadron Leader R S Woodward whose plane was attacked off Jersey

Reference: B/A/L15/3

Date: May 11th 1945 - July 9th 1945

Papers and correspondence relating to the Ships and Aircraft (Transfer Restriction) Act, 1939 including draft copy of Bill.

Reference: B/A/W15/1

Date: September 26th 1938 - July 20th 1959

Application to the Ministry of Shipping regarding the purchase of SS Diamond and SS Creek Fisher by J W Huelin Limited

Reference: B/A/W15/2

Date: November 4th 1939 - February 5th 1940

Application for petrol to scarify field in Trinity where British aircraft landed recently

Reference: B/A/W31/2/66

Date: December 3rd 1942 - December 3rd 1942

Visit by Dr Shone to Bernard Scheidhauer, a free French Air Pilot forced to land in Jersey

Reference: B/A/W49/2/6

Date: November 20th 1942 - November 20th 1942

Visits by Dr Shone to Sergeants, Walter Edwin Bidmead, 23, Keenmore Crescent, Northville, Bristol, Leonard Charles Bolke, 75, Victoria Road, Manchester, and Edward Odling, 52, Windsor Road, London, all in the R. A. F.

Reference: B/A/W49/2/7

Date: April 13th 1943 - April 13th 1943

Red cross supplies for British airman, Sergeant Victor Dorman R.A.F, who came ashore in a dinghy

Reference: B/A/W49/2/9

Date: June 13th 1943 - June 15th 1943

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