Copy of a letter from G O Waters to Lieutenant Commander John Main Waddell relating to the claim by Jersey Airways on Lieutenant Commander Waddell's behalf for the award of the 1939/45 Star which had been approved

Reference: L/F/314/A/2

Date: August 8th 1945 - August 8th 1945

Copy of a draft of a letter from Lieutenant Commander John Main Waddell to G O Waters thanking him for his efforts in getting Jersey Airways recognised for its efforts in the evacuation and asking if the company is starting up again and the possiblity of his early release from the services to assist [no date]

Reference: L/F/314/A/3

Date: 1945 - 1945

Postcard to the future by Jamie Cullen of De la Salle College to the Manager of Airport.The postcard concerns flights to Australia.

Reference: L/F/69/237

Date: 2000 - 2000

Photographs of Concorde at Jersey Airport

Reference: P/21/1

Date: 1976 - 1976

VHS tape: Filmed by Roderick Averty in 16mm colour. Scenes include post-war Jersey, pan from St Aubin to West Park, St Helier, Victoria College, Havre des Pas, Family picnic at a German gun emplacement, Devil's Hole, Jersey Cow, north coast, La Rocque, Beauport, gardens at Mount Bingham, German war graves, St Brelade's Church, Howard Davis Park, Battle of Flowers, Victoria Avenue, departure by air (Jersey Airlines de Havilland Heron) This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/10

Date: 1950 - 1955

3 films on 16mm 1) 16mm b & w film filmed by the professional film unit of HMV and kept by the Foot family. The film shows part of a publicity film made by HMV which shows the process of producing a 78rpm record. The Foot family held the HMV franchise in Jersey, operating from their shop in Pitt Street, St Helier-6 mins 3 secs. 2) 16mm b & w film showing Foot family scenes from the 1930s. Includes shots of the family at home, on the beach, having a picnic, at St Brelade's Beach, a harvesting machine, scenes from the Jersey School of Physical Culture at Mount Bingham showing instructor Reg Nicolle [later a master at Victoria College] performing on the bars and boys boxing, the Foot family on the beach with one of the children in school uniform-9 mins 45 secs. 3) 16mm b & w film by unknown filmmaker. Shows scenes of a speedboat coming into St Helier Harbour, tenders going out to HMS Sheffield, anchored in St Aubin's Bay. Family in the gardens at Samares Manor [poor quality]. Scenes of various Jersey bays. Footage of the De Havilland Puss Moth G-ACGW, The Blue Fox, at L'Etacq [this aeroplane was owned and flown by Captain Charles Lloyd on joyrides and was the first aeroplane to crash in Jersey-at Don Farm racecourse on Sunday 1st October 1933]. Coverage of a cattle show at Springfield, the family playing with a dog and cat in the garden of a house called Pleasant View [Samares?], scottish dancing on the lawn. Shots from 1934 of the de Havilland DH 84 Dragon G-ACMO of Jersey Airways on the beach at West Park, the arrival by air of the preacher Reverend Donald Soper from London [Soper was a prominent preacher known as the 'Tower Hill Preacher', who spoke on a soap box in the Royal Square on 5th December and also preached at the Town Hall and Weslyan Chapel]. More scenes involving the family and the pets at Pleasant View-16 mins 02 secs.

Reference: Q/05/A/139

Date: 1930 - 1939

VHS tape: 'A Holiday Preview' filmed by Hal Morey for the Jersey Tourism Department in 16mm B&W silent. Film was produced by the advertising department of the Southern Railway to promote Jersey in England. It is a professional film with caption and provides an outstanding record of Jersey just before the Occupation. There are particularly valuable sections on Jersey's sea and air links. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/16

Date: 1939 - 1939

VHS tape of 4 separate films: 1) Filmed by Stanley Jepson in 16mm B&W. Film shows behind the scenes at Jersey Airport - includes CTV extract on arrival of the Handley Page Herald for Jersey Airlines. Shows flight clearance. Meteorological office. 2) Filmed by Stanley Jepson in 16mm B&W. Changes as a new house is built below Stanley Jepson's house overlooking St Aubin. 3) Filmed by Stanley Jepson in 16mm B&W. Shows animal cemetery at First Tower. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/34

Date: 1958 - 1960

Jersey Talking Magazine-August 1978 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about salads. Local stories feature-Roy Fauvel talking about the custom of the clameur de haro and the history behind it. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about nightingales including examples of birdsong. Jèrriais feature-Eileen Le Sueur telling a story in Jersey french about how she took her cow to the show. Edgar Fryat reading from Braille a piece about a concert pianist. Ernie Benham, an english reader, telling a humorous story about lawn mowing. End of Side One. Phil Gurdon talking to Jack Herbert about aviation in Jersey before they built the airport, flying from the beach, different airlines that flew to the island, the creation of the Jersey Airways service, the problems with landing on the beach, the weather reports for the aeroplanes, fares and looking for places to build the airport. Humorous story about lawn mowing from Gordon Young. Norah Bryan talking to Lady Guthrie about the gardens at the zoo. Mark, 6½, reading a poem.

Reference: R/05/B/22

Date: July 31st 1978 - July 31st 1978

Jersey Talking Magazine-March Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Vicki Stuckey interviewing Lady Whiteley, the wife of the Lieutenant Governor about her links to Jersey, living in Calcutta and what her father did, the amount of people in her family, whether she worked, how she met her husband Sir Peter Whitely, where they got married, where they lived in England, having travel as a result of her husband working at the royal marines in Malta and Singapore, the jobs of her four children, her hobbies including walking and birdwatching, a visit to Salisbury, Zimbabwe to see her daughter and what they planned to do when her husband's term of office as lieutenant governor has finished. Captain Martin Stewart, who works for Aurigny, talks to Phil about his trip to the Falkland Islands organised by the Overseas Development Administration in order to help set up an airline and test the pilots, what the Falkland Islands are like, the weather in the islands and the islanders attitude to being British. John Shield, Barry Jordan and Janet Le Cocq singing the Gilbert and Sullivan song 'Never Mind the Why and Wherefore' from 'HMS Pinafore'. Cooking Feature-Margaret Jenkins giving recipes for fish pie and a wholemeal yoghurt cake. Beth Lloyd talking to Pierre Coutanche, the project leader for an exhibition called 'Visions of the Blind' at the Minden Gallery involving blind children taking photographs and asks him how he got the idea to teach blind children photography, the techniques they use to get the children to take the photographs, the differences between teaching blind children and full sighted children, their favourite subjects to photograph, how long it has been running, the progress of his former pupils, his favourite photograph, how they focus the camera. Horoscope Feature-Diane Postlethwaite giving the forecast for the year for pisces. End of Side One. Gordon Young and Chris visiting Ann Street Brewery and being shown around by Ian Stevens, managing director, to the hops room and describes its effect on the taste of beer, how they are stored, how the brewery was built, the mill room, describing the process of making beer whilst going around the brewery and describes the derivation of Mary Ann Jubilee Lager. Gordon Young tells a joke. End of Side Two.

Reference: R/05/B/52

Date: February 28th 1981 - February 28th 1981

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper article : The Airport's 1937 terminal building will no longer be demolished but Save Jersey's Heritage found Alastair Layzell says the Island still needs a cultural vision

Reference: US/1612

Date: March 6th 2021

JEP Newscutting - Temps Passé article about the early days of airlines in Jersey - 13/03/2009

Reference: US/570

Date: 2009 - 2009

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