Photographs of Albert Pier, St Helier Harbour showing cargo congestion

Reference: D/Q/S13/1

Date: September 14th 1969 - September 14th 1969

Photograph of the No 2 landing stage at Albert Pier under re-construction

Reference: D/Q/S13/10

Date: September 28th 1971 - September 28th 1971

Photographs of the movement of the Albert Pier Cafe from No 2 berth to No 5 berth

Reference: D/Q/S13/11

Date: 1971-06 - 1971-06

Photograph of sand filling west of Albert Pier

Reference: D/Q/S13/13

Date: 1987-08 - 1987-08

Photograph of the view from Albert Pier showing the land reclamation site

Reference: D/Q/S13/15

Date: 1991-05 - 1991-05

Photograph of the foundations of the new immigration shed No 5 berth at Albert Pier

Reference: D/Q/S13/2

Date: 1971-04 - 1971-04

Photographs of cargo being loaded from boats at Albert Pier

Reference: D/Q/S13/3

Date: 1940-06 - 1940-06

Photographs of cargo congestion at No 5 Albert Pier

Reference: D/Q/S13/4

Date: 1968 - 1968

Photographs of Jersey Motor Transport buses meeting 1000 French children off the St Patrick at the No 1 berth on Albert Pier

Reference: D/Q/S13/5

Date: 1971-05 - 1971-05

Photographs of the demolition of No 1 immigration and passenger shed at Albert Pier

Reference: D/Q/S13/6

Date: 1971-06 - 1971-06

Photographs of the construction of the new immigration shed and No 5 berth at Albert Pier, showing the foundations of the building

Reference: D/Q/S13/7

Date: 1971-05 - 1971-05

Photograph of St Helier Harbour, Albert Pier bank with 13 visiting yachts

Reference: D/Q/S13/8

Date: 1971-08 - 1971-08

Photograph of preparing the foundations for Scotch Derrick at No 2 Berth, Albert Pier

Reference: D/Q/S13/9

Date: 1971-07 - 1971-07

Photograph of the Caesarea at No 4 berth, Albert Pier

Reference: D/Q/S14/10

Date: 1968 - 1968

Photograph of a large yacht moored on the wall top of the Albert Pier Bank, shows the old abattoirs

Reference: D/Q/S14/12

Date: 1968 - 1968

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