Almorah Crescent, St Helier: Grant-Aid, lodged by the Island Development Committee.

Reference: C/A616/1986/P150

Date: November 18th 1986 - November 18th 1986

File containing copies of Townscape Studies. St Helier. St Aubin. Gorey. Includes sections concerning: the Old Town, the Harbour, the Commercial Centre, and nineteenth century residential expansion. Also includes illustrations, original drawings, maps, and plans

Reference: D/G/A8/3/15

Date: 1984 - 1984

Photograph album of buildings of historical significance in St Helier Grade I listed by a Special Sub-Committee of the Association of Jersey Architects including a list of the buildings, a map of their locations in St Helier, descriptions and photographs

Reference: D/W/E1/5

Date: 1968 - 1979

File relating to Buildings of Historic/Architectural Interest, Almorah Crescent, includes; correspondence relating to repair and rennovation of properties at Almorah Crescent, grants for buildings of historic interest, copies of some minutes of the Almorah Crescent Proprietors' Association and photographs of Almorah Crescent c. 1983.

Reference: D/W/F1/3/04/1/1

Date: April 18th 1983 - July 27th 1993

Booklet entitled 'Harwood's Illustrations , Jersey' produced by J & F Harwood, 26, Fenchurch Street, London with sketches of places in Jersey including, St Helier from St Saviour, Fort Regent and St Helier, St Brelade's Bay, Bouley Bay, Mont Orgueil Castle, St Aubin's Bay, Elizabeth Castle, Almorah Crescent, Rozel Harbour, St Helier Harbour, Victoria College, view from South Hill, St Catherine's Bay, Prince's Tower at La Hougue Bie, Anne Port, Grève d'Azette, Grève de Lecq, Pontac, St Brelade's Church, St James' Church, St Mary's Church, Town Church and Trinity Church.

Reference: F/D/V/6

Date: May 9th 1841 - April 13th 1856

Hotel Registers

Reference: F/E/Z2

Island of Jersey Police registration book for La Regence Hotel , Almorah Crescent St Helier. Visitors to Jersey were required to register with the police, giving name, address, nationality and date of departure and destination. [this volume was found with documents from St John's parish but there is no obvious connection]

Reference: F/E/Z2/1

Date: 1958 - 1978

Plan 3 of St Helier A gas network, includes Queen's Road, La Pouquelaye Road, Almorah Crescent and Richmond Road. Reference 9-21

Reference: K/B/H1/4

Date: 1940 - 1950

Photographs of: Eden Place, Ann Street, St Ouen's Methodist Church School Hall, The Upholstery Shop, 23, Union Street, Rouge Bouillon, Almorah Crescent, and Bell Royal Garage.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/50/8

Date: 1967 - 1968

Subject: Buildings

File number: 50

Page number: 8

Photographs including a view of buildings, Mont Bingham and Elizabeth Castle, The Grand Hotel, and of Almorah Terrace.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/6/4

Date: 1948 - 1964

Subject: Buildings

File number: 6

Page number: 4

Three copies of The German Occupation of Jersey: Memories of a young boy 1940-45 by Barrie Clark.

Reference: L/C/333/A/3

Date: 2016 - 2016

Aerial Reconnaissance Photograph including St Helier Town, Almorah Crescent, Trinity Hill and Wellington Road.

Reference: L/C/34/C/B/16

Date: August 8th 1944 - August 8th 1944

Aerial Reconnaissance Photograph including Almorah Crescent, Trinity Road and Queen's Road.

Reference: L/C/34/C/B/17

Date: August 8th 1944 - August 8th 1944

Aerial Reconnaissance Photograph including St Helier Town, Wellington Road, Trinity Road and Almorah Cresent.

Reference: L/C/34/C/C/8

Date: September 10th 1944 - September 10th 1944

Aerial Reconnaissance Photograph including St Helier Town, Queen's Road, Trinity Road and Almorah Cresent.

Reference: L/C/34/C/C/9

Date: September 10th 1944 - September 10th 1944

Aerial Reconnaissance Photograph including St Helier Town, Almorah Crescent, Queen's Road, Trinity Road and Wellington Hill. Number 3112

Reference: L/C/34/C/D/8

Date: April 18th 1945 - April 18th 1945

Microfiche of the 1901 Census for Jersey, Public Record Office reference 1+ RG13/5314. St Helier - District 41 - Houses between the East of La Pouquelaye Road to the Robin Hood, the West of Trinity Main Road as far North as the house belonging to Mr John Le Bas, Les Vaux extending West to the Moulin Nicolle and bordering on the latter side of Mont á l'Abbe Vingtaine as far as the lane to the back of the Robin Hood. St Helier - District 42 - Houses between St John's Road, Mont Martin and Old St John's Road by Mont Madgris. St Helier - District 43 - Houses between Elizabeth Place, part of Rouge Bouillon, Roussel Street, part of St John's Road (East) and Cheapside, including Parade Road, Elizabeth Lane and West Park Avenue. St Helier - District 44 - Houses between part of Rouge Bouillon, Queen's Road, Queen's Lane, upper part of New St John's Road, and Roussel Street including Undercliffe and lane. St Helier - Part of District 45 - Houses between part of Rouge Bouillon, La Pouquelaye, Undercliffe, Queen's Road, including Almorah Road, Almorah Crescent, Upper Midvale Road, Drayton Place, and Victoria Crescent.

Reference: S/07/A/21

Date: 1901 - 1901

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