Letter from Graf Von Schmettow to Alexander Coutanche [undated but presumed to have been written in the months following the Liberation of Jersey]. He gives his location as a hospital in the remote Austrial Alps and requests information about the fate of his subordinates and about the fate of the Island. He also writes that Baroness Aufsess and her three infant children are also living in the same place and that the Baroness also wishes to be remembered. He is deeply concerned about the fate of Barons Helldorf and Aufsess, and he writes of the bitterness of being removed from his position and from the Islands and that he earnestly entreated his successor to carry on in the same spirit and method that he had followed. He worries that discipline and decent behaviour have been maintained to the end... . He hopes that the restrictions imposed by the war will soon be lifed and that the Island can return to its normal peacful course. He has no communication with his relations residing in the Russian occupied regions. He knows of one daughter who is a refugee in Salzburg and she will try to get the letter through via the Red Cross or the British Liason Officer in Salzburg. He askes for an enclosed letter to be forwarded to Miss White of Samares Manor [catalogued as A/A12/3]. He ends with greetings to the Attorney General Mr Aubin and warmest wishes for the future of the entire population of the Channel Islands. The reverse of the envelope is annoted Rudolf Graf Schmettow and the address of Hospital 907

Reference: A/A12/2

Date: 1945 - 1946

Correspondence relating to the introduction of visas for Austrian and German passport holders

Reference: A/D1/V6

Date: April 26th 1938 - May 5th 1938

Appointments and resignations of Viscount and Deputy Viscount, includes the law establishing the Viscount's Department

Reference: A/D1/V7

Date: December 25th 1875 - December 27th 1939

Proclamation by King George V prohibiting all transactions with residents in Germany or Austro-Hungary with related correspondence from the Lieutenant Governor A N Rochefort and the States Greffier Erenest Le Sueur

Reference: A/E/6/2

Date: September 9th 1914 - September 14th 1914

Copy of the Royal Proclamation of George V licensing trade with the territories of Austro-Hungary in the occupation of the Armies of the Associated Governments, with related correspondence

Reference: A/E/6/88

Date: February 10th 1919 - February 21st 1919

Copies of general licenses issued by the Board of Trade authorising with certain reservations resumption of trade with Germany and German Austria, sent from the Secretary of State to the Lieutenant Governor Sir Alexander Wilson, with related correspondence from the Bailiff W V Vernon

Reference: A/E/6/95

Date: July 18th 1919 - July 22nd 1919

Correspondence file concerning Consular Conventions, includes Sweden, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Yugoslavia, Japan and the USSR

Reference: B/D/A/C12/2

Date: January 29th 1952 - September 18th 1968

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes written questions, oral questions, question without notice for the Minister for Education, Sport and Culture and the Minister for Health and Social Services, Ratification of the Agreement of the Exchange of Information Relating to Tax Matters between the Government of Jersey and the Government of the Republic of Austria (P.85/2012), Draft Taxation (Exchange of Information with Third Countries) (Amendment No. 5) (Jersey) Regulations 201- (P.86/2012), Draft Debt Relief (Developing Countries) (Jersey) Law 201- (P.91/2012), Statement by the Chairman of the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel regarding the Green Street Police Headquarters, Police station relocation: review of decision (P.92/2012) - deferral of debate and amendments, Draft Royal Court (Amendment No. 13) (Jersey) Law 201- (P.93/2012), Draft Incorporated Limited Partnerships (Annual Additional Charge) (Jersey) Regulations 201- (P.94/2012), Draft Separate Limited Partnerships (Annual Additional Charge) (Jersey) Regulations 201- (P.95/2012), Draft Limited Partnerships (Annual Additional Charge) (Jersey) Regulations 201- (P.96/2012), Draft Gambling (Ancillary Services and Miscellaneous Provisions) (Jersey) Regulations 201- (P.98/2012), Draft Gambling (Charitable and Membership Gambling Services) (Jersey) Regulations 201- (P.99/2012), Draft Gambling (Jersey) Law 2012 (Appointed Day) Act 201- (P.100/2012), Reform Day: 28th September 1769 (P.107/2012) and arrangement of public business for future meetings.

Reference: C/A12/338

Date: November 20th 2012 - November 20th 2012

Social Security: Reciprocal Agreement with Austria, lodged by the Social Security Committee

Reference: C/A610/1980/P18

Date: February 19th 1980 - February 19th 1980

Social Security Supplementary Convention with Austria, lodged by the Social Security Committee

Reference: C/A614/1984/P7

Date: January 24th 1984 - January 24th 1984

Conventions on Social Security Between the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland: Amendment, lodged by the Social Security Committee

Reference: C/A622/1992/P137

Date: September 15th 1992 - September 15th 1992

Digital copy of the Home Affairs Department's Response to the Howard League for Penal Reform's Review of the Jersey Youth Justice System.

Reference: C/D/AW10/WD009149

Date: May 29th 2009 - May 29th 2009

Digital copy of E-mail correspondence between [F J] Bob Hill, Anton Skinner, and another individual on the subject of Kathie Bull Joint Meeting; and Youth Custody for Persons Aged 12 and Over (P.2/2004): Comments. Presented to the States by the Home Affairs Committee; and Youth Custody for Persons Aged 12 and Over (P.2/2004): Comments. Presented to the States by the Finance and Economics Committee; and Youth Custody for Persons Aged 12 and Over (P.2/2004): Addendum to Comments. Presented to the States by the Education, Sport and Culture Committee. [Some details redacted]. For F J (Bob) Hill's Witness Statement to the Inquiry, dated 24 June 2014, see C/D/AW4/B2/7/WS000515.

Reference: C/D/AW4/A5/7/WD008117

Date: March 2nd 2004 - March 2nd 2004

Correspondence relating to the visit of the Arch-duchess Stéfanie, Crown Princess of Austria to Jersey. Printed by Le Lievre Brothers, States Printers.

Reference: D/AP/AD/6/143

Date: December 12th 1887 - December 12th 1887

Agreement in the form of an exchange of letters on the taxation of savings income and the provisional application therof between the States of Jersey and the government of Austria

Reference: D/AP/AN1/18

Date: June 1st 2004 - November 19th 2004

Agreement between the Government of Jersey and the Government of the Republic of Austria for the exchange of information relating to tax matters

Reference: D/AP/AN1/60

Date: September 7th 2012 - September 7th 2012

Aliens registration card of Ernst Sedlacek, born 17/02/1885 in Austria. Nationality: Austrian.

Reference: D/S/B1/3607

Date: January 9th 1958 - January 9th 1958

Aliens registration card of Maria Walker, née Freudenthaler, born 21/09/1896 in Freidental [?], Austria. Nationality: Austrian.

Reference: D/S/B1/3883

Date: March 27th 1931 - March 27th 1931

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