In the Privy Council in the matter of the Petition of F Godfray and others against The Act of the States of Jersey for the opening of the bar of the Royal Court-Case for the Petitioners

Reference: B/D/A/P15/2/8

Date: 1859 - 1859

Sound recording of Michel Gould speaking about the Occupation and the years after. He was interviewed on 07/02/2005 by Stuart Nicolle for the Liberation to Coronation Oral History Project. Mr Gould speaks about the troups landing in town, cycling from Grouville, the school shutting down, the children looting, exploring the fortifications, the mines removal, getting the golf course back in shape, his father’s job as a manager at Boots, the coming of fresh products, the rationing after the Liberation, his time at Victoria College during the Occupation and the teachers, one of his teacher participating in the Olympics, being a part of the guard of honors during the Montgomery visit, going to work as a lawyer at Hillstreet, learning at distance, passing the bat, participating in a French exchange, helping out on farms during the Occupation, the weighbridge, tourism, traveling by cars, motocycles and bicycles, the Battle of Flowers, the Boots on Queen Roads, shops, watching the coronation on television, traveling to Southampton to see his family, the lawyers on royal courts and the day he was sworn in.

Reference: C/D/P/P1/32

Date: February 7th 2005

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