Correspondence and papers relating to buoys and beacons around Jersey. Includes; Grand Anquette Beacon, 1858 - 1939, the installation of radio beacons at Corbiere lighthouse, 1873 - 1946, and agreement for the unification of buoyage and lighting of coasts, 1936

Reference: A/D1/B18

Date: August 5th 1858 - February 20th 1984

Correspondence relating to the cultivation of land around beacon at Faldouet

Reference: B/A/W31/2/101

Date: August 24th 1943 - August 28th 1943

Plans of Radio Beacon, St Lawrence. Site plan

Reference: D/AL/A2/2122

Date: 1952 - 1952

Plans of Airport (Non-Directional Beacon). Site Five Mile Road

Reference: D/AL/A2/2210

Date: 1956 - 1956

Plans of La Platte and Sharp Rock Beacons. Repair Work

Reference: D/AL/A2/2501

Date: 1926 - 1926

Admiralty chart of Jersey buoys and beacons

Reference: D/AL/A7/1106(D1)

Date: 1933 - 1933

Plans of Corbière lighthouse - Lighthead details and diaphone

Reference: D/AL/A7/1630(D1)

Date: 1906 - 1933

Plans of Pignonet and Noirmont Beacons - Details of beacons

Reference: D/AL/A7/1847(D1)

Date: 1947 - 1947

Plans of the proposed elevations for Sorel Lighthouse

Reference: D/AL/A7/482(D1)

Date: 1937 - 1937

Plans of the proposed details for the Demi des Pas Beacon

Reference: D/AL/A7/630(D1)

Date: 1901 - 1901

Plans of La Platte/Sharp Rock Beacon

Reference: D/AL/A7/638(D1)

Date: 1926 - 1926

Plans of Corbière lighthouse and cottages

Reference: D/AL/A7/643(D1)

Date: 1873 - 1873

Plans of Buoys and Beacons - AGA BK200/G Light and Bell Buoy

Reference: D/AL/A7/646(D1)

Date: 1928 - 1928

Piers and Harbours department general correspondence includes references to: requirements for the oyster fishermen at Gorey, estimate of costs for the proposed new harbour at Gorey, beacons and buoys, boatmen licences, request to make the passage of artillerymen to and from Elizabeth Castle at low water safer

Reference: D/AP/V/12

Date: January 27th 1859 - December 28th 1859

Piers and Harbours department correspondence re. Gorey Harbour subjects include: store houses on the pier, lighting of the approach, customs premises, repairs to weighbridge, post of inspector of cattle, licensed pilots

Reference: D/AP/V/24

Date: July 14th 1879 - April 23rd 1892

Piers and Harbours department correspondence subjects include: signal station at La Moye, leading light on Pier Road, removal of floating lights at the Minquiers by the French, pilotage, passage into St Helier harbour, calculation of intensity of sundry lighthouse lights, maintenance of signal stations, lighting of St Helier harbour

Reference: D/AP/V/28

Date: May 7th 1881 - August 27th 1898

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