Green Books-Album 1. Includes photographs of the defences of Jersey in Defence Sector South which encompasses St Helier, the Harbour, Bel Royal, La Collette, the Esplanade, West Park, First Tower, Millbrook, St Aubin, Beaumont and Beau Rivage, Defence Sector North which encompasses Sorel, Bonne Nuit, Les Platons, Bouley Bay, Rozel, Fliquet and Archirondel and Defence Sector East which encompasses La Hougue Bie, Gorey, La Rocque and Rocqueberg

Reference: L/D/25/F1/1

Date: 1940 - 1945

Photograph Album Number 4. Includes photographs of the Royal Visit of the 7th June 1945, the first post war mail boat arrival on the 26th June 1945, Jersey Airport, arrival of the new Lieutenant Governor Sir Edward Grassett, Church Parade of Force 135 in August 1945, Island events 1945-1947, the cleaning up period, German tunnels, Organisation Todt railway, Guernsey and Alderney German Occupation and Liberation.

Reference: L/D/25/F2/4

Date: 1940 - 1947

Channel Islands Occupation Society Album 4. Photographs relating to the German Occupation of the Channel Islands which include: German gun emplacements, fortifications and defences in Jersey, German soldiers, hotels, Elizabeth Castle and the Harbour.

Reference: L/D/25/F7/4

Date: 1940 - 1996

Channel Islands Occupation Society Album 5. Photographs relating to the German Occupation of the Channel Islands which include: portraits of German commanders and infantrymen, Hotels in Jersey, a machine gun battalion, soldiers travelling by sea in between Jersey and Guernsey, the German surrender to Allied Forces at the end of the Second World War, German fortifications, defences and guns in Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney, restoration work carried out by the CIOS helped by the Territorial Army, and the original German Navy flag from the Pomme d'Or Hotel.

Reference: L/D/25/F7/5

Date: 1937 - 2001

Plans of Beaumont West Tunnel created by the Germans during the occupation and copied from a War Office survey drawing from August 1962, scale 1:600, drawing no 2336-3

Reference: L/D/25/H/10

Date: August 28th 1962 - August 28th 1962

Plans of Beaumont East Tunnel created by the Germans during the occupation and copied from a War Office survey drawing from August 1962, scale 1:600, drawing no 2336-4

Reference: L/D/25/H/11

Date: August 28th 1962 - August 28th 1962

Talk by Major Frank Sargent of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps to the Channel Islands Occupation Society on the clearing Jersey of German relics after the occupation. Talks about his pleasure at being in Jersey, explains how the RAOC is a part of the army responsible for supplying it with everything it needs apart from food, fuel and transport, the different depots that make up the RAOC, the fact that Ordnance Beach Detachments accompanied the invasion and supported them, in the summer of 1943 numbers 16 and 17 Ordnance Beach Detachments were formed of which Sargent was in no 17, assault training in Scotland, left there whilst the invasion was taking place, being posted as second in command in 16, Ordnance Beach Detachment No 16 being attached to Force 135 and renamed Force 135 Field Ordnance Depot, coming to the Channel Islands to serve the liberation forces and to clear up the German arms that were left, most of the Field Ordnance Depot going to Guernsey and Sargent volunteering to come to Jersey to sort out the local depot, being asked for a report on the situation by the Lieutenant Governor General Sir Edward Grasset in October 1945, talks about stores of german equipment at Beaumont, La Collette, Fort Regent, Springfield Stadium, The Espanade, German Underground Hospital with lists of the amount of weapons, vehicles and equipment collected, a body known as the London Munitions Assignment Board being given first call on all usable german equipment, being told to destroy all german war potential with a wish to cleanse the island, all big guns being destroyed with only some smaller guns being kept at Mont Orgueil Castle, pushing guns into the bay at Les Landes where one has now been brought up and put at Noirmont, some cut up and reused for metal, some put in tunnels in St Peter's Valley and exploded and left in there, the ammunition was loaded into tank landing craft at Gorey and St Aubin and dumped in Hurd's Deep, a deep area off the Cherbourd Peninsula, unstable ammunition blown up at St Ouen's Bay with help from german prisoners of war. Michael Ginns comments on tanks that were taken back to France, the weapons at Mont Orgueil Castle which were later presented to the Société Jersiaise and specifies where the guns were in the tunnel at St Peter's Valley. Question about some equipment that went to South Africa and the range finder at Noirmont Command Bunker. Slides being shown with Major Sargent and Michael Ginns commenting on them including remarks on the gun at Noirmont, vehicles, weapons, ammunition being blown up on the sand dunes, an accident with the ammunition, loading ammunition onto ships and at sea, Fort Regent, Les Landes and the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, guns that were blown up the tunnels in St Peter's Valley, th bunker at Corbière, Springfield, a steam roller and the Albert Pier.

Reference: L/D/25/L/55

Date: October 19th 1979 - October 19th 1979

Bail à fin d'Héritage between Amice du Val son of Philippe and Esther Rouet his wife of the first party and George Blampied son of Philippe of the second party. Records the lease in perpetuity from 1 to 2 of a house and garden situated in the village at Beaumont, St Peter, Fief du Roi for the sum of 10 quartiers 2 cabots of wheat of rente. Registered Book 207 folio 72

Reference: L/F/100/B3/2

Date: December 11th 1852 - December 11th 1852

A view of La Collette and Elizabeth Castle, as seen from Beaumont.

Reference: p/03/196/01

Date: December 30th 2000 - December 30th 2000

The Sugar Basin Café in Beaumont, St Peter.

Reference: p/03/196/04

Date: December 30th 2000 - December 30th 2000

50 pence to look at the bay - a set of binoculars at Beaumont.

Reference: p/03/196/05

Date: December 30th 2000 - December 30th 2000

Cliff Hubey, an employee of the Channel Island Colour Laboratories, Beaumont.

Reference: p/03/596/21

Date: December 9th 2000

Maria Mallett standing in front of Channel Island Colour Laboratories in Beaumont.

Reference: p/03/596/22

Date: December 9th 2000 - December 9th 2000

Beaumont Cannon.

Reference: p/03/704/22

Date: December 29th 2000 - December 29th 2000

Hugh Le Boutlier unloading printing material from a van at a warehouse in Beaumont.

Reference: P/03/B98/11

Date: October 7th 2000 - October 7th 2000

Photographic slide of an aerial view of the western section of St Aubin's Bay, including St Aubin, La Haule and Beaumont

Reference: P/09/A/2164

Date: 1970 - 1990

Photographic slide of an aerial view of Beaumont and the valley to the north

Reference: P/09/A/2173

Date: 1970 - 1990

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