Correspondence relating to subsidising essential commodities

Reference: B/A/W29/1

Date: June 1st 1940 - June 15th 1940

Order from the Department of Essential Commodities relating to bread rationing

Reference: B/A/W30/60

Date: July 24th 1941 - July 29th 1941

Bread and meat rations following a conference between Jurat Le Masurier, Mr Gaudin of the slaughterhouse and Major Heider

Reference: B/A/W31/1/113

Date: June 15th 1944 - July 7th 1944

Plan of supply for the civilian population following a conference between Bailiff and German Forces

Reference: B/A/W31/1/130

Date: January 18th 1945 - February 16th 1945

Manufacture and sale of bread restrictions

Reference: B/A/W31/1/14

Date: August 22nd 1940 - August 22nd 1940

Correspondence regarding the rationing of bread and the bread Orders

Reference: B/A/W31/1/38

Date: January 18th 1941 - March 10th 1945

Coal (Restrictions on use) Order and a letter from the Manager of Voisin and Company with regards to the use of ovens for bread making

Reference: B/A/W31/1/46

Date: March 25th 1941 - April 4th 1941

Bread rationing(Amendment 2)

Reference: B/A/W31/1/60

Date: July 17th 1941 - July 17th 1941

Return of numbers claiming bread rations

Reference: B/A/W31/1/85

Date: June 7th 1943 - June 9th 1943

Addition of oats to bread

Reference: B/A/W31/2/135

Date: October 18th 1944 - October 18th 1944

Letter concerning the reduction of bread ration

Reference: B/A/W31/2/147

Date: November 28th 1944 - November 28th 1944

Correspondence relating to the use of salt water in bread making and for table salt, pump to be set up on the old pier at La Collette to obtain sea water

Reference: B/A/W31/5/30

Date: July 7th 1944 - December 29th 1944

Flour and bread cereal requirements

Reference: B/A/W32/2/10

Date: September 17th 1940 - September 30th 1940

Storage of flour and bread cereals

Reference: B/A/W32/2/11

Date: August 31st 1940 - September 30th 1940

Requisition of the potatoes in the stores of; C S Bailhache, 19, Commercial Street, C W S, 27, Esplanade, W Nicholls and Son, 28, Commercial Buildings, P J De Gruchy, Old Ordnance Yard, Spearman, 18, Esplanade. Supplies of potatoes for the civil population

Reference: B/A/W40/5/5

Date: December 4th 1944 - April 12th 1945

Details of States of Guernsey Officials and their Departments - not dated

Reference: B/A/W45/14

Date: 1941 - 1942

Correspondence re. the second distribution of Red Cross Parcels, includes: Newcuttings. Red cross parcels for OT workmen, foreigners, and prisoners in the German Prison. Theft of Red Cross parcels. Bread Rationing. Applications to leave on the hospital ship. Statistics giving the food position in Jersey Nov 1944 - Feb 1945. Statistics relating to the First Importation of Red Cross Supplies includes numbers of parcels issued in the first and second distributions.

Reference: B/A/W49/14/15

Date: January 4th 1945 - February 16th 1945

Results of a conference between Field Command 515 and the Intendant of the Manche Department, Saint-Lô, includes: A representative from the Manche Department to be appointed to the Import Branch for the Channel Islands at Granville. French food supplies for the Channel Islands. Correspondence re. bread rationing and supplies of flour with the Department of Labour, and the States of Guernsey. Tables of foodstuffs available to the Channel Islands, 05/08/1941, and of French rations for October 1941. Applications for supplementry rations for Heavy Workers

Reference: B/A/W63/4

Date: May 21st 1941 - February 12th 1945

Draft Weights and Measures (Prescribed Quantities No. 6) (Jersey) Order 199, lodged by the Public Services Committee.

Reference: C/A621/1991/P24

Date: February 26th 1991 - February 26th 1991

Specimens of ration books issued during Occupation. Includes food rations, textile and footwear rations, bread rations, licences to bake and sell bread, textile and leather rations, meat rations, licenece to trade in coal by retail, tobacco ration card, flour, sugar and butter, soap, french gruel rations and licence to trade by retail and emergency permits.

Reference: D/AP/T/21

Date: 1941 - 1945

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