Requisition of the remnants of houses at Gigoulande Mill

Reference: B/A/W40/8/355

Date: December 11th 1944 - December 11th 1944

Requisition of Cappanelan, La Haule, St Brelade, occupied by Mr Renovald, Beaucoin Lodge, La Haule, St Brelade

Reference: B/A/W40/8/374

Date: January 8th 1945 - January 8th 1945

Requisition of Mal Assis Mill, St Saviour, belonging to Mrs Britton, La Haule, Grouville, and Grand Val Mill, St Saviour

Reference: B/A/W40/8/396A

Date: February 5th 1945 - February 5th 1945

Requisition of a shed in St Peter's Valley, belonging to Mr Channing, Valley House, St Peter's Valley

Reference: B/A/W40/8/407

Date: February 15th 1945 - February 28th 1945

Requisition of building material by demolishing a number of buildings, eg, beach huts

Reference: B/A/W40/8/457

Date: April 23rd 1945 - April 23rd 1945

Requisition of buildings for demolition to provide building material for the troops; Pinecot Cottage, Red Houses Park Estate, belonging to S R Morrison, Haytor, Millbrook, a bungalow belonging to Mrs Cawley, 2, Plaisance Terrace, Plaisance Road, a bungalow belonging to Mr Stivey, Kingley Aven, St Clements Road, a bungalow belonging to Le Couillard, Longueville

Reference: B/A/W40/8/460

Date: May 2nd 1945 - May 3rd 1945

Requisition of a fishermans hut in Rozel Bay belonging to Mr J Marie, Savile Street, St Helier

Reference: B/A/W92/1/21

Date: March 14th 1942 - March 14th 1942

Requisition of a grain house

Reference: B/A/W92/1/23

Date: March 10th 1942 - March 16th 1942

Requisition of the Corner House cafe, St Helier Mr F E Barbier, cafetier

Reference: B/A/W92/1/48

Date: April 27th 1942 - May 15th 1942

Correspondence file concerning Church legislation, includes Channel Islands (Church Legislation) Measure and amendments, Channel Islands (Representation) Measure, Church of England (Worship and Doctrine Measure), Methodist Church Bill, Repair of Benefice Buildings Measure and Parochial Registers and Records Measure

Reference: B/D/A/C5/B

Date: November 26th 1927 - June 27th 1983

Correspondence file concerning Government House

Reference: B/D/A/G5/1a

Date: February 14th 1985 - February 25th 1993

Correspondence file concerning Government House

Reference: B/D/A/G5/1b

Date: September 11th 1995 - February 8th 1996

Correspondence file concerning the States Building, Royal Court Refurbishment General Correspondence 1997-1998

Reference: B/D/A/S6/1

Date: October 24th 1997 - December 21st 1998

Correspondence file concerning the use of the Royal Square and States Buildings

Reference: B/D/A/S6/2

Date: February 14th 1974 - January 6th 1986

Correspondence file concerning the modernisation of the Public Registry

Reference: B/D/A/S6/3

Date: February 17th 1984 - March 8th 1984

Correspondence file concerning the development of Number 2 Court

Reference: B/D/A/S6/4

Date: April 30th 1984 - June 7th 1985

Hansard of the States Debate relating to La Collette Low Rise - protection of open space petition as listed in C/A14/A/32

Reference: C/A14/B/7

Date: 2015 - 2015

Aircraft Noise Zones, lodged by the Island Development Committee

Reference: C/A612/1982/P155

Date: November 16th 1982 - November 16th 1982

Royal British Legion, Jersey Branch Headquaters: Financial Assistance towards Rebuilding, lodged by the Defence Committee

Reference: C/A614/1984/P145

Date: October 23rd 1984 - October 23rd 1984

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