Lette written to Philip Gruchy Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada from his affectionate brother giving family news

Reference: L/C/148/B1/3

Date: January 18th 1861 - January 18th 1861

Postcard sent to Rita Amy from Victoria British Columbia

Reference: L/C/203/A1/112

Date: October 10th 1933 - October 10th 1933

Postcard sent to Freda [Roza Alfreda] Amy from Joyce

Reference: L/C/203/A1/113

Date: July 31st 1934 - July 31st 1934

Coloured postcard showing Canadian winter sports sent to Roza Amy from Edward in Montreal

Reference: L/C/203/A1/4

Date: December 13th 1910 - December 13th 1910

Page from a newspaper entitled 'News from England - For the Channel Islands' (distributed by the R A F)

Reference: L/C/22/A/2

Date: September 8th 1940 - September 8th 1940

Typed copy of the memories of Robert C Bennett based upon notes written by him during the Occupation.

Reference: L/C/268/A/1

Date: October 1st 1940 - 1945

Letter from Canada from a friend , signed Celia

Reference: L/C/29/C/A/14

Date: December 3rd 1932 - December 3rd 1932

Receipts from Midland Bank Limited to F A Ludlow of the Yacht Hotel, St Helier for purchases of bearer bonds relating to Canada and New South Wales. Includes envelope.

Reference: L/C/299/E2/3

Date: January 30th 1940 - January 30th 1940

Scrapbook kept by Helene Marie Sinnatt, née Jackson, during the Occupation. Book 5, Page 60. Includes newscuttings of notices and articles published in the Evening Post.

Reference: L/C/306/A/5/60

Date: October 6th 1943 - October 23rd 1943

Scrapbook kept by Helene Marie Sinnatt, née Jackson, during the Occupation. Book 5, Page 69. Includes newscuttings of orders, notices and articles published in the Evening Post, including a notice appealing for information regarding the whereabouts of Hedwig Bercu.

Reference: L/C/306/A/5/69

Date: November 17th 1943 - November 20th 1943

Procuration signed in Ottowa Canada County of Carleton Province of Ontario Dominion of Canada, Charles William Desreaux and Bridge Agnes O'Reilly his wife constitute and appoint Phillippe Baudains of La Haugue Mill St Peter Jersey to be their Procureur and to conduct business affairs on their behalf

Reference: L/C/430/A3/55

Date: May 6th 1891 - May 6th 1891

Volume entitled My Journal which begins 'What Have I Done - said a Gentleman Cadet' the journal was written retrospectively by Sir John Le Couteur when he was 'laid up' by a kick from a troopers horse. This journal covers his time at Military College, his time in the 104th foot in America and Canada, and his return to Jersey and marriage to Harriet Janvrin

Reference: L/C/68/C1/34

Date: 1796 - 1825

Photocopies of letters from the National Archives of Canada, Record Group 8 I vol 1027. Correspondence concerning John le Couteur's time in Canada as part of the 104th foot, includes appointment of Le Couteur as ADC to his father, Lieutenant-General John Le Couteur in Curacao and permission to purchase a captaincy

Reference: L/C/68/C2/47

Date: 1815 - 1817

Memorandum made by William Fruing for Charles de Ste Croix of the shipping employed in the British Plantation Fisheries by merchants of Jersey. Includes Messers Francis Janvrin & Co

Reference: L/C/68/D4/2

Date: May 25th 1835 - May 25th 1835

Mounted photograph of Ann Benest in Girl Guide uniform boarding an aeroplane. Captioned "Ann Benest, off to Canada, 23rd July 1957. Stamped "Copyright Jersey Evening Post. Ref No GG-19" on reverse. Original Reference: JGA/AV/P/G/1957, accession number 624.

Reference: L/D/105/N/6

Date: July 23rd 1957 - July 23rd 1957

Canadian WW I Veterans - Zone B2 Golden Anniversary 1926-1976, Woostcok, Ontario, Canada

Reference: L/D/67/E4/3

Date: March 27th 1976 - March 27th 1976

Letter from W Mackenzie, Fort Regent to his mother Mrs Mackenzie, Brook Lodge, Wrington, Bristol all regiments to take their turn in the West Indies 'ours in two years time, then to Canada, then home to spend three years at each station', disgusted by the vulgar people on his last picnic, rejoicing for Princess Victoria's [Later Queen Victoria] birthday, salute from Elizabeth Castle, tomorrow Anniversary of the Restoration

Reference: L/F/08/A/61

Date: May 28th 1837 - May 28th 1837

Letter of reference from Canadian National Steamships confirming L G Godfrays' passage from Canada to Liverpool on the SS Andania

Reference: L/F/25/A/2

Date: October 25th 1928 - October 25th 1928

The Jackdaw, a yearbook of Elysian House School including photographs and examples of art and creative writing produced by the pupils. Includes an account of the first few months in Canada by Edith Ereaut. This volume has been indexed and attached as a PDF

Reference: L/F/373/A1/13

Date: 1909 - 1909

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