Photograph of Mont Orgeuil

Reference: 111M87/1 p33

Date: 1895 - 1895

Draft letter from the Lieutenant Governor [Lieutenant General Charles Ewart] to an unknown person refers to a letter of 4 Aug 1888 re. Mont Orgueil - not dated

Reference: A/C2/27/16

Date: 1888 - 1888

Papers relating to ancients monuments including the handing over of Mont Orgueil, 1907 and the purchase of St Aubin's Fort also includes a copy of a letter from Whitehall dated 30/08/1804 concerning Fort Regent

Reference: A/D1/M16

Date: May 26th 1905 - August 29th 1956

Correspondence relating to restrictions to be put on visitors to certain parts of Mont Orgueil Castle

Reference: A/E/11/2

Date: August 8th 1914 - December 30th 1918

Accounts of Sir H Paulet, Governor and Captain of the Isle and Castle of Gorey

Reference: AO 1/2513/538A

Date: 1550 - 1567

Accounts of Lord Carew, Master of the Ordnance and Captain of the castles in Jersey and Guernsey

Reference: AO 1/2513/545

Date: 1610 - 1612

Accounts of A Poulett, Governor and Captain of the Isle and Castle of Gorey

Reference: AO 1/2517/580

Date: 1594 - 1595

Correspondence file concerning castles

Reference: B/D/A/J11/3

Date: June 5th 1995 - July 22nd 2002

Correspondence file concerning Elizabeth and Mont Orgueil Castles

Reference: B/D/A/J11/3a

Date: June 24th 1907 - April 16th 1973

Correspondence file concerning Mont Orgueil Castle 28 June 1907 and Elizabeth Castle and Picket House 21st of May 2003

Reference: B/D/A/J11/3b

Date: February 27th 1992 - April 15th 1993

Plan of Mont Orgueil Castle made by order of the King, not dated, in a collection of plans probably gathered by Lt General William Skinner

Reference: BL Add 33231 Q1-3

Date: 1600 - 1699

Precedents for the independent holding of the custodianship of Mont Orgueil

Reference: BL Add 37869 f23

Date: 1800

'Some short observations upon the Island of Jersey' by Sir B de Gomme

Reference: BL Add 72608

Date: 1679

Prospect of Mont Orgueil taken from the hill by Thomas Phillip

Reference: BL Kings MS 48 ff74v-75

Date: 1690 - 1690

Ground plan of Mont Orgueil by Thomas Phillip

Reference: BL Kings MS 48 ff76v-77

Date: 1690 - 1690

Account of ordnance at Mont Orgueil, 3 June 1680

Reference: BL Kings MS 48 ff78-78v

Date: 1680 - 1680

Profile of Mont Orgueil

Reference: BL Kings MS 48 ff79v-80

Date: 1690 - 1690

Profile and views of Mont Orgueil

Reference: BL Kings MS 49 ff5-7

Letters from Amias Paulet to Lord Burghley requesting money for Mont Orgueil Castle

Reference: BL Lansdowne 40, nos. 2-3

Date: 1584

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