Correspondence relating to financial matters of the castle development phase I

Reference: C/D/P/A3/3

Date: November 13th 1985 - February 19th 1987

Correspondence and plans relating to the Governor's garden

Reference: C/D/P/A3/4

Date: October 30th 1984 - January 24th 1985

Correspondence relating the Fives Court

Reference: C/D/P/A3/5

Date: October 7th 1985 - April 15th 1986

Correspondence relating flags including report of Guernsey Flag Investigation Committee

Reference: C/D/P/A3/6

Date: March 6th 1985 - March 19th 1985

Correspondence relating information signage including the texts

Reference: C/D/P/A3/7

Date: July 2nd 1984 - November 14th 1984

Correspondence relating to armaments at the castle

Reference: C/D/P/A3/8

Date: August 13th 1984 - May 28th 1985

Correspondence relating to research for the project

Reference: C/D/P/A3/9

Date: July 6th 1984 - May 21st 1985

General correspondence

Reference: C/D/P/A4

Miscellaneous correspondence

Reference: C/D/P/A4/1

Date: March 1st 1984 - March 6th 1985

Miscellaneous correspondence including correspondence on electricity, fire protection and telephones

Reference: C/D/P/A4/2

Date: March 1st 1985 - December 10th 1986

Miscellaneous correspondence

Reference: C/D/P/A4/3

Date: October 10th 1984 - December 29th 1993

Miscellaneous correspondence with Les Winton of the Public Services Department concerning the castle

Reference: C/D/P/A4/4

Date: September 24th 1985 - April 26th 1989

Mont Orgueil Castle

Reference: C/D/P/B


Reference: C/D/P/B1

Copy of Popinjay's map of Jersey which shows Mount Orguyle [Mont Orgueil]. Scale 3 inches to a mile

Reference: C/D/P/B1/1

Date: 1563 - 1563

Copy of an original plan of Mont Orgueil. Scale 20 feet = 1 inch

Reference: C/D/P/B1/2

Date: 1741 - 1741

Plan of Mont Orgueil by G A Keiley. Drawing No 23. Scale 10 feet = 1 inch. Includes a copy with annotations

Reference: C/D/P/B1/3

Date: February 29th 1920 - February 29th 1920

Site plan and elevations of the proposed kiosk at Mont Orgueil. States of Jersey, Public Works Committee - D J Clennett in charge of plans. Drawing No 2586. Scale 1:48/1:10/1:20

Reference: C/D/P/B1/4

Date: January 25th 1972 - January 25th 1972

Mont Orgueil Tableaux 1 - 5 . States of Jersey, Department of Public Buildings and Works - D J Arden, Chief Civil Engineer. Drawing No MS 174. Scale 1/50

Reference: C/D/P/B1/5

Date: May 3rd 1984 - May 3rd 1984

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