Report of the commission nominated by the Agriculture Committee to judge the bulls admissible to be entered for the States annual prize for 1902. Printed by C P Du Parcq, printers.

Reference: D/AP/AD/8/32

Date: 1902 - 1902

Statement of accounts received for the issue of licences eg: motor spirit, wedding cake, imports/exports, slaughter of cattle, furniture, cultivation of tomatoes

Reference: D/AP/B/11/3

Date: 1917 - 1922

Correspondence: Major General Douglas and Philip de Gruchy to the President of the Defence Committee re. replacement of a barrier on the road through which the authorities have a right of way to L' Etacquerel Battery to prevent cattle from straying

Reference: D/AP/B/9/9

Date: December 27th 1860 - December 27th 1860

Petition to Major General Philip Nelson Guy, Lieutenant Governor; Jean Hammond, Bailiff and the States of Jersey from the butchers of St Helier regarding their preference for private slaughter houses since the public abatoirs were demolished and requesting the continuation for private slaughter houses to be built under the superintendence of the Public Inspector (not dated)

Reference: D/AP/U/20

Date: 1868 - 1873

Piers and Harbours department correspondence re. Gorey Harbour subjects include: store houses on the pier, lighting of the approach, customs premises, repairs to weighbridge, post of inspector of cattle, licensed pilots

Reference: D/AP/V/24

Date: July 14th 1879 - April 23rd 1892

Abattoir and Cattle

Reference: D/AP/Y/F

Correspondence, tenders and reports relating to the building of the new Abatoir in St Helier.

Reference: D/AP/Y/F/1

Date: 1872 - 1895

Correspondence to and from the Public Health Committee and the Harbours Committee, relating to the import and export of Cattle between England and Jersey. The correspondence also relates to the loading and unloading of the Cattle and the use of the Cattle Depot at the Harbour.

Reference: D/AP/Y/F/2

Date: 1878 - 1894

Correspondence to and from the Public Health Committee relating to cases of pleuro-pneumonia found in Cattle.

Reference: D/AP/Y/F/3

Date: 1891 - 1891

Correspondence to and from the Public Health Committee relating to the demolition of the Knacker's Yard at Mourier Valley, demolished on military grounds. Also includes correspondence on bone-crushing at the Yard.

Reference: D/AP/Y/F/4

Date: 1943 - 1945

States official copy of letters patent granting to Thomas Overay Captain of Mont Orgueil Castle and Governor General, and to the Bailiff, Jurats and inhabitants of Jersey licence to import merchandise and certain cattle etc. in order to munition the Island and repair the castle which is stated to be in a ruinous state, sealed by the Bailiff 23 July 1506

Reference: D/AP/Z/3

Date: December 7th 1499 - December 7th 1499

File relating to the Constitution, the Common Market Committee, and the European Economic Community (EEC). Includes correspondence and reports regarding: the relationship of Jersey to the EEC, cattle, milk, the single European market in 1992, the marking of eggs, offshore investment, the internal market, aviation, pesticide residues, energy, finance centre activities, . Also includes a copies of Committee Acts, and a newspaper article

Reference: D/G/A1/20/1/15

Date: March 6th 1989 - April 13th 1989

File containing: Copies of Draft Broadcasting Scripts. Part 2. Numbers 13-22. Includes warnings, announcements, and talks concerning food, water, farming, precautions, decontamination, cattle, and nuclear fall-out [not dated, possibly date from the 1960s and 1970s]

Reference: D/G/C2/1/2

Date: - 1972

Certificate of adoption of a calf called Pride's Rosie by St Saviour's School organised by the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society and photographs of the pupils with the calf

Reference: D/J/42/H1/35

Date: 1987 - 1987

Photographic negatives of pupils and staff at D'Hautrée School playing snooker. Also includes negatives of various farm animals, such as cows and goats

Reference: D/J/N7/R/7

Date: 1980 - 1998

Jersey Cattle Exporters Ltd

Reference: D/L/04/A/3265

Date: 1968 - 1980

Simmental Cattle Exporters (Jersey) Ltd

Reference: D/L/05/A/6879

Date: 1973 - 1986

Will and Testament of Auguste Legouix, of 1, Duhamel Street, St Helier. Bequeaths to Stanley Legouix, all his furniture, poultry and cows. Dated 28/04/1950. [Includes two closed documents]

Reference: D/Y/B1/39/9

Date: December 7th 1956 - December 7th 1956

Copy from the Principal Probate Registry of the Will and Testament of Alfred Haldinstein Caro of Barford Churt, Surrey. Bequeaths to Mary Rose Edith Caro his motorcars, horses, cattle, farm equipment, machinery, live stock, live and dead and four fields and a water meadow which is used as part of the farm of Barford Churt together with buildings and erections thereon, to the St George's Jewish Settlement £100, to the Stock Exchange Benevolent Fund £100, to the Jewish Board of Guardians £100. Dated 14/11/1949. [Includes two closed documents]

Reference: D/Y/B1/7/60

Date: January 2nd 1951 - January 2nd 1951

Poursuites criminelles register - entry for Philippe Le Masurier and Henry Nicolle, owners of the boat, Esperance, accused of smuggling cattle at Bouley Bay harbour, in contravention of the law

Reference: D/Y/G1/10/429

Date: September 17th 1840 - September 17th 1840

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