Includes items concerning the Quaker Meeting House and burial ground

Reference: 24M54

Date: 1878 - 1895

Papers relating to the Burials Bill and cemeteries includes an article from the Jersey Evening Post relating to a human skeleton found on the site of the Old Russian Cemetery at Grouville

Reference: A/D1/C27

Date: October 4th 1888 - March 2nd 1987

Papers relating to the extent to which the Governor can interfere in the business of the Constables and Centeniers includes a Jersey Evening Post article relating to cemeteries

Reference: A/D1/C28

Date: July 17th 1883 - January 5th 1989

Minutes of the States of Jersey, 27/11/1943. Approval for the creation of a cemetery in Howard Davis Park for the British and Allied forces. Adoption of laws re. parish rates

Reference: B/A/W34/18

Date: November 27th 1943 - November 27th 1943

Plan of the Strangers Cemetery, Westmount - Roll of internment of various nationals who died during the German Occupation. Includes lists of Russian, Polish, Spanish, Algerian, Belgian, Dutch and French civilians and Russian and German military.

Reference: B/A/W85/6

Date: 1945 - 1945

Legislation relating to war graves, includes; Agreement with regard to War Cemeteries, Graves, and Memorials of the British Commonwealth. Agreement with regard to German War Graves in the United Kingdom. Correspondence re. German War Graves in the Channel Islands List of post-war military exhumations

Reference: B/A/W85/8

Date: January 3rd 1977 - January 11th 1977

Correspondence file concerning the Occupation and Dedication of the Allied Military Cemetery from January 2003

Reference: B/D/A/O4/1

Date: September 8th 2003 - September 17th 2003

Fields 93 and 94, St. Brelade: Proposed Cemetery for the Parish of St. Brelade, lodged by the Planning and Environment Committee

Reference: C/A625/1995/P158

Date: November 7th 1995 - November 7th 1995

Digital copy of Witness 91's [daughter's] statement to States of Jersey Police in the presence of [Detective Constable] J McGranahan. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 91's statements to States of Jersey Police dated 1 March 2008 see C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/2WS000126 and C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/2WS000127. For the transcript of Witness 91's tape recorded interview with a detective [undated, c. 2008 onwards], see C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/1/WS000125.

Reference: C/D/AW1/A3/6/1/3/WD001416

Date: April 22nd 2008 - April 22nd 2008

Digital copy of Exhibit HMM3: Parish Retention Schedule and Closure Periods as agreed at Parish Secretaries Meeting dated 16 June 2009. Signed by Chairman of the Comité des Connetables L [Len] Norman, and Archives and Collections Director at Jersey Heritage Linda Romeril. Used as evidence in relation to the witness statement of Dr Helen Mary Miles to the Inquiry: Appendix 2. Provided as part of Responsive Submissions by Carey Olsen on behalf of States of Jersey Police in the matter of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW11/C5/WD009434/19

Date: June 16th 2008 - July 7th 2015

Plans of St Brelade's Cemetery. Layout

Reference: D/AL/A2/5c

Date: 1942 - 1942

Plans of the cemetery at Howard Davis Park dated 1943 and 1949 and of the memorials dated 1956

Reference: D/AL/A6/1981(C3)

Date: 1943 - 1956

Plans of the amended layout of St Saviour's Cemetery

Reference: D/AL/A6/2181(C3)

Date: 1955 - 1955

Plans of Howard David Park - Details of oak tablets for the cemetery

Reference: D/AL/A7/2201(D3)

Date: 1956 - 1956

Representation to the Lord President of the Privy Council regarding two bills brought before the British Parliament, the Cemeteries Bill and the Bill to amend the Church Discipline and the Public Worship Regulation Act. Adopted by the States of Jersey. Printed by Le Lievre Brothers, States Printers.

Reference: D/AP/AD/6/49

Date: March 7th 1883 - March 7th 1883

Letters from C Le Hardy, Rector of St Peter, Jean Thomas Ahier, Rector of Trinity and the Rector of St Brealde to the President of the Committee concerned with the Cemetery of St Saviour with details of fees earnt for burials in their parshes

Reference: D/AP/D/1

Date: September 4th 1848 - September 5th 1848

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