Papers relating to the Law applying certain provisions of the Children's and Young Person's Act to Jersey with subsequent amendments and the law on the protection of children

Reference: A/D1/L1/32

Date: February 4th 1935 - April 9th 1947

Papers relating to Laws on Criminal Procedure and the evidence of children in criminal proceedings

Reference: A/D1/L1/46

Date: March 23rd 1863 - November 1st 1947

Bury County Borough: town clerk's correspondence files relating to evacuees including papers relating to children returned to Channel Islands families and families choosing to remain in Bury

Reference: ABU/T793

Date: 1944 - 1948

Offer to establish a children's gift scheme from the Channel Islands Refugees Committee

Reference: B/A/L18/2

Date: May 17th 1945 - June 20th 1945

Offer from the Reception Committee, Young People from Occupied Countries, 35, Eaton Square, London for a group of Channel Islands children to visit England

Reference: B/A/L18/22

Date: July 12th 1945 - July 25th 1945

Correspondence relating to the daughter of Mrs Le Neven of 'St Brelade', Hogden Lane, Watford. The child had spent the occupation being cared for by Mrs Le Neven's sister in law, Mrs Le Neven, Sea View, Petit Port, Corbiere

Reference: B/A/L5/7

Date: May 26th 1945 - June 26th 1945

Charitable and Welfare Societies: Brig-Y-Don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home

Reference: B/A/W30/150/48

Date: November 5th 1940 - November 5th 1940

Charitable and Welfare Societies: Animal Defenders' Corps

Reference: B/A/W30/150/52

Date: November 5th 1940 - November 5th 1940

Charitable and Welfare Societies: Jersey Maternity and Infant Welfare Centre, including a copy of the rules and a list of subscribers

Reference: B/A/W30/150/59

Date: 1940 - 1941

Report of Jersey Teachers' Association on the condition of children in the Island's elementary schools

Reference: B/A/W31/3/14

Date: November 1st 1944 - November 1st 1944

Minutes of the States of Jersey, 25/08/1943. Adoption of laws re. wills of real estate, and child support.

Reference: B/A/W34/17

Date: August 25th 1943 - August 25th 1943

Family Allowances and Childrens Benefit Fund, includes; Copies of the Social Assurance Committee Child Allowance Section Secretary's Report, 03/02/1945. Report on the Children's Benefit Fund, 1943. Act of the Superior Council on the subject of the payment of allowances for children, 11/08/1943, and 29/04/1942 Published copy of the 'Billet D'Etat', 09/08/1943 - debating the subject of children's allowances

Reference: B/A/W42/13

Date: May 8th 1942 - February 27th 1945

Correspondence confirming the sending of the Jersey Acte-Rapport on the subject of the Childrens Allowance to Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W45/39A

Date: May 22nd 1942 - May 22nd 1942

Correspondence file concerning papers relating to the Home Affairs Department Draft Children (Jersey) Law and Children (Jersey) Law

Reference: B/D/A/C13/4

Date: August 19th 1989 - May 16th 2006

Correspondence file concerning explanatory papers relating to the Children (Jersey) Law 199 [This file had no previous reference number]

Reference: B/D/A/C13/5

Date: March 27th 1991 - March 27th 1991

File of correspondence concerning the Childrens Act 1908

Reference: B/D/A/C2/1

Date: December 29th 1977 - May 25th 1999

File of correspondence concerning the Criminal Justice Act 1982 with reference to young offenders

Reference: B/D/A/C2/2

Date: December 12th 1980 - August 30th 1984

File of correspondence concerning the Criminal Justice Act 1982 with reference to young offenders

Reference: B/D/A/C2/2a

Date: February 26th 1990 - February 12th 1998

Review of Principles Procedures and Practices at Les Chenes Residential School

Reference: B/D/A/C2/2b

Date: August 22nd 2001 - October 2nd 2002

File of correspondence concerning the Cadet Forces

Reference: B/D/A/C6/1

Date: December 13th 1978 - June 8th 1998

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