Bailiffs correspondence file containing a response to letters from children [folder contains multiple files numbered 581-673 catalogued individually]

Reference: B/D/A/M7 (630)

Date: July 7th 1995 - July 12th 1995

Bailiffs correspondence file replying to a childs letter [folder contains multiple files catalogued individually]

Reference: B/D/A/M7(842)

Date: May 22nd 2000 - May 26th 2000

Correspondence file Boxing part II from 1975-1979

Reference: B/D/A/P12/1

Date: March 29th 1972 - August 24th 1979

Correspondence file concerning Wrestling

Reference: B/D/A/P12/2

Date: October 22nd 1945 - July 1st 1992

Correspondence file concerning performing children

Reference: B/D/A/P12/7

Date: March 19th 1982 - May 22nd 1990

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes Minister for Planning and Environment: powers (P.132/2010), Esplanade Quarter: Deferment of works and endorsement of Development Agreement (P.136/2010), Children (Jersey) Law 2002: Appointment of children’s guardians and advocates in certain court proceedings (P.137/2010), Jersey Post: petition (P.140/2010), Postal services: direction and guidance to the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority (P.138/2010), Draft Employment (Amendment No. 5) (Jersey) Law 2010 (Appointed Day) Act 201- (P.142/2010) and arrangement of public business for future meetings.

Reference: C/A12/235

Date: November 4th 2010 - November 4th 2010

Official correspondence with index. Subjects covered include: the purchase of 6 Museum Street and 21 Providence Street; report of the Special Administrator; allowances for children; reports of the analyst; auditors' reports; colorado beetle and the tomato crop; marriages; purchase of land at Hamptonne with plan; report on the Jersey Electricity Company; report of the Medical Inspector; report on the mental institution; liquor; milk control; report on the militia accounts; final accounts of the Jersey Home for Girls; petitions from the Nonconformist churches, the Free Church Council and master bakers; veterinary reports and the death of the rector of St Saviour

Reference: C/A5/21

Date: January 15th 1940 - May 16th 1944

Draft Invalid Care and Disability Allowances (Jersey ) Regulations, 1980, lodged by the Social Security Committee

Reference: C/A610/1980/P107

Date: August 5th 1980 - August 5th 1980

Letting of Housing Accommodation to Tenants with Children, lodged by Deputy T J Le Main of St Helier

Reference: C/A610/1980/P11

Date: February 5th 1980 - February 5th 1980

Draft Children (Amendment No. 4) (Jersey) Law, 198 , lodged by the Education Committee

Reference: C/A612/1982/P152

Date: November 9th 1982 - November 9th 1982

Draft Children (Amendment No. 4) (Jersey) Law 198, lodged by the Legislation Committee.

Reference: C/A616/1986/P72

Date: May 27th 1986 - May 27th 1986

Draft Protection of Children (Jersey) Law 199 , lodged by the Legislation Committee

Reference: C/A623/1993/P134

Date: August 31st 1993 - August 31st 1993

Draft Children (Amendment No. 5) (Jersey) Law 199 , lodged by the Education Committee

Reference: C/A625/1995/P103

Date: August 8th 1995 - August 8th 1995

Draft Criminal Justice (Evidence and Procedure) (Jersey) Law 199, lodged by the Legislation Committee

Reference: C/A626/1996/P122

Date: July 30th 1996 - July 30th 1996

Draft Children (Amendment No. 5) (Jersey) Law (Appointed Day) Act 199 , lodged by the Health and Social Services Committee

Reference: C/A626/1996/P92

Date: June 18th 1996 - June 18th 1996

Correspondence relating to the children's tea party held in King Street/Queen Street for Liberation Day by the Variety Club of Jersey

Reference: C/C/L/C6/3/19

Date: May 9th 1995 - May 9th 1995

Livres des Louages

Reference: C/C/V3

Livre des Louages or placements of poor children

Reference: C/C/V3/1

Date: May 24th 1826 - January 4th 1844

Digital copy of Royal Court sentence of judgement on Leslie Francis Hughes. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 23's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 25 July 2014 [C/D/AW1/B3/4/WS000011].

Reference: C/D/AW1/A1/1/WD000089

Date: October 9th 1989 - October 9th 1989

Digital copy of Royal Court verdict on application for renewal of Police Court bail in respect of Leslie Francis Hughes. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 23's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 25 July 2014 [C/D/AW1/B3/4/WS000011].

Reference: C/D/AW1/A1/1/WD000090

Date: September 22nd 1989 - September 22nd 1989

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