Reference: Q/47/A

DVD of Coast television programme, Series 3, Programme 8, 'Channel Isles to Dover'

Reference: Q/47/A/1

Date: 2007 - 2007

BBC Radio Jersey-Occupation Tapes. Told by the people who lived through it produced by Beth Lloyd. 1) Part 1: Preparing for the Inevitable. Alexander Coutanche talking about the surprise in the island when it was realised the island was not going to be defended and the evacuation was offered to the public. Eye witnesses talking about the panic of evacuation and the dilemma of whether to go or not, queuing to register, worry that the island was to be occupied, putting down of pets, Lord Coutanche being told to stay at his post and simplify the machinery of government, the potential blowing up of public utilities and the air raid on the island. 2) Part 2: The Germans Arrive. Eye witness accounts on seeing German planes flying low over the island and landing at the airport to begin the occupation, sending a message to the bailiff at the airport, meeting the germans for the first time, putting out white flags, demanding surrender, handing over the island, removal of the Union Jack from Fort Regent, BBC radio report on the start of the occupation, first impressions of the soldiers, germans buying food from the shops and the beginning of the paper war. 3) Part 3: Curbs on personal freedom. German orders being read out. Eye witnesses remember the losing of freedom, restrictions on vehicles, use of money paid for comandeered goods on essential supplies from France, orders against the use of coastal areas, changing side of the road to drive on, introduction and the experience of the curfew, life at the Evening Post, permits and other regulations. 4) Part 4: Food or the Lack of It. Poem on hunger. Eye witnesses talking about difficulty of lack of food and the improvisations with food, difficulty of feeding baby, difference between town and country people, suffering of women from malnutrition, children not knowing what food looked like, what people did to get by, food as subject of discussion, problem of lack of sugar and salt, use of potato flour, eating of seaweed, different methods of cooking and fuel, soup kitchens, bartering, farmers trying to get extra meat, getting extra eggs from chickens and keeping rabbits 5) Part 5: The wireless-Jersey's link with the outside world. Report by the BBC. Michael Ginns talking about eventual confiscation of radios. Eye witness accounts of v-signs at Rouge Bouillon, patrolling of district by islanders, confiscation and storage of radios, taking of radios from the parish hall, keeping of radios on threat of death, use of crystal radios sets, listening to the news, spreading of newsheets, the threat of being caught with radios and listening to tunes that had not been heard before the occupation 6) Part 6: Through the Eyes of a Child. Eye witness accounts of children and teenagers suffering a great deal, the fun children had, being hungry and cold, being without parents, relationships with german soldiers, schools continuing, difficulty of shortages of uniform, german lessons, soup kitchens, drilling on Victoria College playing fields, playing of sports, the Caerarean Tennis Club, riding on the german railway, mischief children got up to and scavenging for supplies.

Reference: R/06/2

The Needle rock at Plemont St Ouen with a man leaning on the rock face near the base viewed from inside a cave

Reference: SJPA/000351

Date: 1870 - 1873

View of Corbiere lighthouse at mid-tide, newly completed.

Reference: SJPA/000355

Date: 1873 - 1873

View across causeway to Corbiere lighthouse at low tide exposing rocky platform

Reference: SJPA/000356

Date: 1873 - 1873

Cave at Greve de Lecq

Reference: SJPA/000357

Date: 1870 - 1875

View of St Brelade Bay, looking east towards Ouaisne and La Cotte, at low water

Reference: SJPA/000402

Date: 1870 - 1873

Rocks and natural arch at Val Rouget.

Reference: SJPA/000459

Date: 1876 - 1880

Group of men and women going for rides in a small rowing boat in La Baie à Sablon, Corbière and group of seated women on grassy ledge with parasol

Reference: SJPA/000714

Date: 1907 - 00/00/1907

View from above Les Nouvelles Charrieres looking west down to Bonne Nuit harbour annd pier, several small boats in harbour and one beached on shore

Reference: SJPA/000931

Date: 1872 - 1875

La Collette with tower

Reference: SJPA/000940

Date: 1874 - 1876

La Collette

Reference: SJPA/000941

Date: 1874 - 1876

La Corbiere, with lighthouse

Reference: SJPA/000942

Date: 1874 - 1876

La Corbiere cliffs looking south

Reference: SJPA/000944

Date: 1874 - 1876

Greve de la Corbiere

Reference: SJPA/000945

Date: 1874 - 1876

View from inside Greve de Lecq cave

Reference: SJPA/000946

Date: 1874 - 1876

Cliff at Val Rouget

Reference: SJPA/000947

Date: 1874 - 1876

La Pointe de Lecq, with Rouge Nez in the background

Reference: SJPA/000948

Date: 1874 - 1876

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