Correspondence re. financial arrangements with Guernsey re. wireless and meteorological facilities in the Channel Islands between the Air Ministry, States Office Guernsey and the Bailiff of Jersey

Reference: D/AP/A/1

Date: 1934 - 1934

Financial Services Directorate general correspondence concerning the Communication Strategy

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/S19

Date: 1995 - 1996

Item B23 from Box B/3 Other Jersey Publications. Filing of the Review Panel on Machinery of Government [Clothier Panel]. The Proper Conduct of Government. Principles and Practice of Corporate Governance for the States of Jersey. States Audit Commission Report Number Ten. Includes sections regarding: principles, standards, statutory accountability, public money, communication with stakeholders, roles and responsibilities, annual reporting, internal controls, external auditors, leadership, codes of conduct, and the States of Jersey Code of Corporate Governance

Reference: D/G/A5/3/23

Date: July 14th 1999 - July 14th 1999

States of Jersey. Defence Committee. Jersey Warning and Monitoring Organisation. Operational Duties Manual. Copy No. 19

Reference: D/G/C1/1/12

Date: 1992-03 - 1992-03

States of Jersey. Defence Committee. Jersey Warning and Monitoring Organisation. Operational Duties Manual. Copy No. 20 [includes one closed paper].

Reference: D/G/C1/1/13

Date: 1992-03 - 1992-03

Civil Defence Instructors' Notes. Headquarters Section. Functional and Supplementary Notes

Reference: D/G/C1/1/5

Date: 1960 - 1960


Reference: L/A/43/A2

Date: 1939 - 1941

Correspondence from J Robertson and Sons manufacturers of jams and preserves to grocer J Carrel regarding a raise in prices due to the impact of sugar duty announced in the budget. The correspondent explains that several products are now under government control which renders them liable to price alteration without notice, and that orders can only be accepted on the understanding that the company can access the necessary ingredients he adds that they may have to amend future orders

Reference: L/A/43/A2/1

Date: October 9th 1939 - October 9th 1939

Correspondence from A Tarratt wholesale representative of 19, Mulcaster Street enclosing a credit note from Scribbans and Company Limited for Christmas goods which had to be sold cheaply at a loss

Reference: L/A/43/A2/10

Date: March 1st 1940 - March 1st 1940

Correspondence from the chief accountant at Chef Products Limited, the letter explains that representatives have been experiencing difficulties with travel and that this may account for the fact that the amount of £26 16s shown on the statement is overdue

Reference: L/A/43/A2/11

Date: March 1st 1940 - March 1st 1940

Correspondence from Charlie Hansen on behalf on the Danish Seamen's Fund

Reference: L/A/43/A2/12

Date: March 1st 1940 - March 1st 1940

Correspondence from Mr Arthur J Butt representative of McVitie and Price Limited biscuit and cake manufacturers, to Mr Carrel asking him to send his orders direct to the company due to the current difficulty. Mr Butt sends good wishes for the New Year and regards to Mr Carrel's family

Reference: L/A/43/A2/2

Date: January 4th 1940 - January 4th 1940

Correspondence from William Sessions of the Ebor Press of York concerning the Eupax five seconds coupon plan designed to avoid cutting of coupons at the counter and to speed up transactions. Included with the correspondence is an example of a Eupax coupon card and a list of prices for varying numbers of the product numbered H to O for orders of 100 up to 1750 cards

Reference: L/A/43/A2/3

Date: 1939-11 - January 11th 1940

Correspondence from the sales manager of Chef Products Limited, to Mr Carrel giving details of new season prices for tinned salmon

Reference: L/A/43/A2/4

Date: January 22nd 1940 - January 22nd 1940

Correspondence from Watson and Gossage Limited of the Whitehall Soap Works, to Mr Carrel enclosing a statement of accounts due and asking that orders be sent directly to the works in Leeds

Reference: L/A/43/A2/5

Date: January 23rd 1940 - January 23rd 1940

Correspondence from United Agencies of 6 David Place thanking Mr Carrel for his cheque amounting to £9 16s 8d, they note that he may have missed the November account taking the amount to £12 5s 7d and that this may possibly be their own mistake for not carrying forward the correct total

Reference: L/A/43/A2/6

Date: January 31st 1940 - January 31st 1940

Correspondence from William Sessions Limited regarding an enquiry from Mr Carrel about the filing cabinets which can be purchased to house the Eupax rations records cards. Also included is a price list for materials which can be purchased to package parcels sent to the B E F [British Expeditionary Force]

Reference: L/A/43/A2/7

Date: January 26th 1940 - January 26th 1940

Correspondence from the Food Control Office located at 15, Halkett Place, informing Mr Carrel that he must return the form which records his stock on the night of Saturday the 2nd of March no later than the 5th of March, together with all order forms received from catering establishments and institutions, all coupons detached from the ration books of registered customers and any expired special permits

Reference: L/A/43/A2/8

Date: February 28th 1940 - February 28th 1940

Correspondence from the National Institute for the Blind enclosing a pre-paid envelope in which to return contributions from the Christmas Stocking appeal

Reference: L/A/43/A2/9

Date: March 1st 1940 - March 1st 1940

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