Lieutenant Governors, Major General Sir W Thornton and Major General Sir A Campbell , Garrison Letter Book [Indexed]

Reference: A/A5/5

Date: December 9th 1830 - July 4th 1836

Lieutenant Governors, Major General Sir W Thornton, Major General Sir A Campbell, Sir E Gibbs', Garrison Letter Book [Indexed]

Reference: A/A5/6

Date: December 24th 1830 - January 25th 1843

Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant General Sir G Don's, Letter Book of correspondence with the Island Authorities [Indexed]

Reference: A/A5/7

Date: May 27th 1810 - November 13th 1812

Lieutenant Governor, Major General Sir W Thornton's, Letter Book of correspondence with the Island Authorities [Indexed]

Reference: A/A5/8

Date: January 5th 1831 - July 4th 1834

Lieutenant Governors, Major General Sir W Thornton and Sir E Gibbs', Letter Book of correspondence with the Island Authorities [Indexed], includes the proclamation announcing the death of William IV and accession to the throne of Victoria

Reference: A/A5/9

Date: July 4th 1834 - December 9th 1844

Answer to a letter which makes certain allegations relating to the Governor and the running of the prison.The letter refutes each allegation in a series of points.

Reference: A/A8/1

Date: June 14th 1869 - June 14th 1869

Letter from Robert Pipon Marett Bailiff of Jersey and President of the Prison Board, to the Lieutenant Governor Major General H.M.Nicholson relating to the acceptance of the prison and house of correction as an authorised place for carrying out the provisions of the Army Discipline and Regulation Act. Also includes a typed transcription

Reference: A/A8/2

Date: February 3rd 1881 - February 3rd 1881

Military Buildings

Reference: A/A9

Correspondence between the Lieutenant Governors Office and Lord Hawkesbury relating to the site of Fort Regent

Reference: A/A9/1

Date: August 30th 1804 - August 30th 1804

Correspondence between the Council Chamber in Whitehall and Lieutenant Governors Office relating to the site of Fort Regent, also includes a typewritten transcription

Reference: A/A9/2

Date: August 28th 1804 - August 28th 1804

Correspondence from A W Harrison to the Lieutenant Governor Lieutenant General George Don relating to funds of £78 11s 6d for the completion of the Garrison Parade. [Includes a typed transcription]

Reference: A/A9/3

Date: February 15th 1811 - February 15th 1811


Reference: A/C2/1

Letter from William Huskisson, Downing Street, London to Lieutenant General Gordon re Lieutenant Colonel Le Couteur's allowances for house rent and houses

Reference: A/C2/1/1

Date: October 20th 1800 - October 20th 1800


Reference: A/C2/10

Copy of letter from the Earl of Belmore, Whitehall to Major General Cuppage originally enclosed with 'an anonymous communication re. the Militia' with a request for comment

Reference: A/C2/10/1

Date: December 19th 1866 - December 19th 1866

Copy of beginning of a letter from Government House, Jersey [presumably from Major General Burke Cuppage, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, 1863 - 1868] to the Earl of Belmore in reply to the letter of the 19 Dec 1866 see A/C2/10/1 re. condition of the Militia in the Island which is 'not what it ought to be'

Reference: A/C2/10/2

Date: December 29th 1866 - December 29th 1866


Reference: A/C2/11

Letter from James Fergusson, Whitehall to Major General Cuppage, Jersey re. request for information regarding the Militia in the absence of legislation, and informing him of the recommendations of Mr Hardy, a withdrawal of Government allowances and establishment of regular inspection of the Channel Islands Militia

Reference: A/C2/11/10

Date: November 7th 1867 - November 7th 1867

Copy of letter from Edward Lugard, War Office to the Under Secretary of State Home Department, original enclosed with 'an anonymous communication relative to the Channel Islands Militia'. Copy of a letter from Major General Burke Cuppage, Government House, Jersey acknowledging receipt of a letter of 7 November 1867 and re. inactivity of the States of Jersey to make a decision regarding the Militia

Reference: A/C2/11/11

Date: November 4th 1867 - November 12th 1867

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