Correspondence and papers relating to religious education in Jersey and the Jersey Education Law. Includes printed notes of the Jersey Church Schools Society adopted 13 November 1906; correspondence with the National Society, the Dean of Jersey, the Bishop of Southampton and others, 1909-1910; newscuttings, 1911-1912 and Notes for Standing Committee 12 February 1913

Reference: 249M87/23

Date: 1906 - 1913

Correspondence with the National Society, the Bishop of Southampton, the Dean of Jersey and others relating to religious education in Jersey and the Jersey Education Bill, with some newscuttings

Reference: 249M87/24

Date: 1909 - 1912

Copy of the Projet de Loi sur l'Instruction Primaire aux Etats de l'Ile de Jersey, 16 June

Reference: 249M87/25

Date: 1909 - 1909

Petitions against the Jersey Education Bill from the ratepayers of Jersey and the members of the Church of England and trustees, managers and supporters of Church of England Day Schools in Jersey, not dated

Reference: 249M87/26

Date: 1909 - 1909

Newscuttings relating to the Jersey Education Bill

Reference: 249M87/27

Date: 1911 - 1913

'Scheme of Religious Instruction to be given by the Teachers in the Public Elementary Schools of this Island, under Article 16 of the Law on Primary Instruction' issued by the States of Jersey Primary Instruction Committee

Reference: 249M87/28

Date: 1913 - 1913

Account of a dispute concerning the endowment by Charles I of three scholars of Jersey and Guernsey at Exeter, Jesus, and Pembroke Colleges, Oxford. 1f.

Reference: 929/21

Date: 1692 - 1692

Interesting memoir written by Lieutenant G P Allen in 1944 (55pp) describing his childhood and education in Jersey (1922 - 1940), also includes his service history on ships like HMS King George V, HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Repulse, HMS Exeter, HMS Express etc.

Reference: 96/6/1

Date: 1940 - 1945

Act re. loans for schools

Reference: A/D1/A1/125

Date: June 10th 1937 - December 13th 1937

Jersey Acts on Teacher's Superannuation

Reference: A/D1/A1/3

Date: July 17th 1912 - April 5th 1929

Correspondence and papers relating to Education Bills/Acts, includes a petition from the Roman Catholic Clergy and Laity of Jersey

Reference: A/D1/E1/1

Date: August 23rd 1909 - January 1st 1980

Correspondence and papers relating to Education, includes; history of Grouville School, 1868, Grants to schools, Rules and Regulations of the Jersey Industrial School and Education Acts.

Reference: A/D1/E1/2

Date: January 18th 1864 - December 4th 1930

Papers relating to the Law on Public Instruction: Extension of school leaving age

Reference: A/D1/L1/14

Date: March 26th 1946 - May 20th 1946

Papers relating to Laws concerning St Mannelier and St Anastase Schools

Reference: A/D1/L1/27

Date: May 1st 1919 - September 13th 1945

Papers relating to Laws on Primary Education

Reference: A/D1/L1/35

Date: June 20th 1938 - August 13th 1947

Papers concerning various schools including; St Mannelier, St Anastase, Don School St Brelade and correspondence relating to the change of name of the Jersey Industrial School to the Jersey Home for Boys and the funding for the construction of the Elementary Schools

Reference: A/D1/S6

Date: November 20th 1869 - November 29th 1977

Papers relating to Victoria College, includes; distribution of prizes/medals and the Victoria College Committee

Reference: A/D1/V3

Date: October 16th 1871 - November 22nd 1939


Reference: A/V6/34

Date: September 10th 1990 - March 24th 1994

Request from Maurice W Richards, Ingleby, Bellozanne Road, St Helier for information on Education Schemes in HM Forces

Reference: B/A/L17/1

Date: May 18th 1945 - May 22nd 1945

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