Control of Treasury Bills (Egypt) (Revocation) Direction, 1964

Reference: B/A/L40/13

Date: June 23rd 1964 - June 23rd 1964

Correspondence file concerning Consular Conventions, includes China, United States of America, Consular Conventions (Jersey) Law, France, Egypt, Norway and Greece

Reference: B/D/A/C12/1

Date: September 15th 1945 - December 3rd 1986

Correspondence file concerning Consular Conventions, includes Czechoslovakia, Mongolia, Egypt, Thailand and Switzerland

Reference: B/D/A/C12/4

Date: October 17th 1972 - August 16th 1988

B K S Surveys Limited aerial photographs taken in April 1974. RUN C, covering Les Landes, Ville la Bas, Portinfer, La Gabourellerie, Rue de Gèonnais, Devil's Hole, Mourier Valley, Grand Mourier, Rue de Sorel, Petit Mourier, Rue de L' Etocquet, Frèmont, Wolf's Caves, Bonne Nuit, La Crête, Giffard Bay, Les Platons, Egypt. Refer to D/AL/B1/1 for key map to runs A - W

Reference: D/AL/B1/C

Date: 1974 - 1974

Aliens registration card of Modestina Giannoni née Davalle born on 14/08/1910 in Potesso, Greece. Nationality: Italian

Reference: D/S/B9/24

Date: December 14th 1931 - December 14th 1931

One of two sets of aerial photographs of Jersey from a survey carried out by Huntings Surveys Limited in 1965, including a key map. RUN 1, covering Egypt, Les Platons, Bonne Nuit, Ronez, St John's Village, Grève de Lecq, Plemont, Gronez, Les Landes, L'Etacq

Reference: D/W/E3/1/1

Date: August 1st 1965 - September 30th 1965

1992 Aerial photographs, scale 1:10000. RUN 1 covering Grosnez, Les Landes, Les Landes Race Course, Le Vau Bachelier, Plémont, Plémont Holiday Camp, Portinfer, La Gabourellerie, Vinchelez, Ville Bagot, Grève de Lecq, Crabbé, Devil's Hole, Les Mouriers, Mourier Valley, Sorel Point, La Saline, La Route du Nord, part of Ronez Quarry, Frémont, Wolf's Caves, Bonne Nuit, La Crête, Les Platons, Giffard Bay, Belle Hougue, Egypt, Vicard Point. Please note slides 3428 and 3429 covering part of Ronez Quarry and Ronez Point are missing from run. For copies of higher quality images please contact the Archive with relevant slide numbers. Refer to D/W/E3/4/A for key map to runs 1 - 5

Reference: D/W/E3/4/1

Date: July 30th 1992 - July 30th 1992

1997 Aerial photographs of Jersey from a survey carried out by BKS Surveys Limited, scale 1:10000. Strip 1 west to east direction covering the North Coast from Gronez, St Ouen to Egypt, Trinity

Reference: D/W/E3/6/1

Date: July 21st 1997 - July 21st 1997

1997 Aerial photographs of Jersey from a survey carried out by BKS Surveys Limited, scale 1:10000. Strip 2 east to west direction from Tour de Rozel, St Martin to Route de Landes, St Ouen

Reference: D/W/E3/6/2

Date: July 21st 1997 - July 21st 1997

Testament of the Venerable Reginald Palmer, 1 Don Terrace, 59 Don Road, St Helier, temporarily of St Mary's Hill, Abergavenny, Monmouth, sometime Archdeacon of Egypt, Companion of the Distinguished Service Order and Member of the Military Cross, Honorary Chaplain to the Forces. Dated 19 July 1941.

Reference: D/Y/A/114/191

Date: December 28th 1945 - December 28th 1945

Letter from Robin King of the British Liberation Army in Aix-en-Provence, France to Lucy Schwob and Suzanne Malherbe about the situation in Jersey during the occupation, his experiences since the beginning of the occupation, joining the RAF and being stationed in Londonderry, Ireland, South Africa, India, Iraq, Persia, Palestine, Eqypt, Malta, invading Sicily, Italy and France.

Reference: JHT/1995/00045/24

Date: August 8th 1945 - August 8th 1945

Miscellaneous photographs of a trip to Egypt

Reference: L/A/10/K1/1

Date: 1970 - 1980

Photograph of David Hunt and Peter Scriven, and photograph of Ron Le Sueur who is pointing at Egypt on a wall map. The image may relate to Suez.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/EP/12/6

Date: 1957 - 1957-04

Subject: Evening Post

File number: 12

Page number: 6

Images of Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Willing, who was to be the new Commander of the British ontingent of a multi-national force stationed in the Sinai between Egypt and Israel [from JEP 26/02/1983 p. 1].

Reference: L/A/75/A3/8/557

Date: February 24th 1983 - February 24th 1983

Photographer: Glenn Rankine

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1983/557.

Papers regarding Joy Lough's travel arrangements for journey from Egypt to the UK

Reference: L/C/11/2/4

Date: 1944 - 1944

Facsimile (reduced in size) letters from Joy Becquet on HMS Nile and Fleet Mail Office Alexandria to friends in England

Reference: L/C/11/7

Date: 1942 - 1943

Letter 44 from Kath [Kathleen de Carteret], SVS [South View School], Clevedon to her dearest [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur]. Responds to letters received from Kenneth and sends news about life at South View and about friends and family in Jersey. Includes original envelope addressed to K H Le Sueur, Western Telegraph Company, St Vincent, Cape Verde Islands via Andalucia.

Reference: L/C/142/A1/A1/1/44

Date: July 1st 1928 - July 3rd 1928

Letter from A M Bailey, Queen's Arms Hotel, Askrigg, Yorkshire to her dear Kathleen [Kathleen Le Sueur, née de Carteret]. Thanks Kathleen for sending a purse and provides details about a bazaar including amount of money raised, includes comments about her holiday in Askrigg, and provides updates about life at [Moorfield School for Girls].

Reference: L/C/142/A1/B1/5

Date: August 12th 1933 - August 12th 1933

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