Plans of the proposed purchase of Le Geyt Farm, St Saviour referred to in an act of the States

Reference: D/AP1/A1109(28)/1

Date: April 27th 1971 - April 27th 1971

Plans of Le Geyt Farm, St Saviour - survey and levels referred to in an act of the States

Reference: D/AP1/A1109/25

Date: June 5th 1973 - June 5th 1973

Plans of the proposed purchase of Don Farm, St Brelade from Mr J Le Brocq referred to in an act of the States

Reference: D/AP1/A446/78(1)

Date: March 30th 1965 - March 30th 1965

Agricultural War Claims

Reference: D/AU/V7

Alphabetical Index and List of Claims. Also includes list of Parochial Inspectors in the front.

Reference: D/AU/V7/0

Date: 1943-04 - 1945-01

Agricultural War Claim 1 from Mr R Le Sage relating to The Mount, Val de la Mare, St Ouen.

Reference: D/AU/V7/1

Date: 1942-11 - 1943-06

Agricultural War Claim 10 from Mr C T A Le Conte relating to Millais, St Ouen.

Reference: D/AU/V7/10

Date: 1942-11 - 1943-04

Agricultural War Claim 100 from Mr Percy William Renouf relating to Bas Rozel, St Martin.

Reference: D/AU/V7/100

Date: 1945-01 - 1945-01

Agricultural War Claim 101 from Mr Henry Prouings Le Ruez relating to Homestead, Augrez, St Peter.

Reference: D/AU/V7/101

Date: 1945-06 - 1945-07

Agricultural War Claim 11 from Mr C G Coutanche relating to Grand Mourier, St John.

Reference: D/AU/V7/11

Date: 1942-11 - 1942-12

Agricultural War Claims 12 and 12A from Mrs E Hervé relating to Le Coin, St Ouen.

Reference: D/AU/V7/12

Date: 1942-12 - 1943-04

Agricultural War Claims 13, 13A, 13B and 13C from Mr John Charles Vigot relating to Montpelier, Gorey Village.

Reference: D/AU/V7/13

Date: 1942-01 - 1944-08

Agricultural War Claim 14 from Mr Philip Charles Binet relating to Le Coin, St Ouen.

Reference: D/AU/V7/14

Date: 1940-09 - 1943-06

Agricultural War Claim 15 from Mr John Le Blancq relating to Merryvale Farm, Le Coin, St Ouen.

Reference: D/AU/V7/15

Date: 1941-02 - 1943-04

Agricultural War Claim 16 from Mr Jean Baptiste Larose relating to Les Raiseries, St Martin.

Reference: D/AU/V7/16

Date: 1941-11 - 1943-02

Agricultural War Claim 17 from Mr George Michel relating to Val de la Mare, St Peter.

Reference: D/AU/V7/17

Date: 1942-07 - 1943-01

Agricultural War Claim 18 from Mr J A Romeril relating to Oaklands, St Peter.

Reference: D/AU/V7/18

Date: 1942-07 - 1942-12

Agricultural War Claims 19, 19A and 19B from Philip Hedley Renouf relating to Petit Alva, St Peter.

Reference: D/AU/V7/19

Date: 1942-05 - June 20th 1945

Agricultural War Claim 2 from Mr H J du Feu relating to Waverly Farm, St Brelade.

Reference: D/AU/V7/2

Date: 1942-11 - 1943-02

Agricultural War Claim 20 from Mr C A Poignand relating to Les Ormes, St Lawrence.

Reference: D/AU/V7/20

Date: 1941-11 - 1942-12

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