Requisition of; land by Inisfail, belonging to Mr Juge Bée of Fauvic, land belonging to Mrs Nye, Woodlands Nursing Home, an iron barracks belonging to Mr Jean Eveillarel, land at Grouville, and land at Verclut, St Clement

Reference: B/A/W40/8/271

Date: April 6th 1944 - May 16th 1944

Sea Wall at Fauvic, Grouville: Repairs, lodged by the Planning and Environment Committee

Reference: C/A626/1996/P62

Date: April 16th 1996 - April 16th 1996

Correspondence regarding plaques and their wording unveiled during 1995. Memorial to political detainees Gloucester Street; memorial to Mrs L Gould, St Ouen; memorial to Captain Ed Clark and Lieut. George Haas American officers who espaped from the Island in January 1945, Gorey Harbour; memorial to escapees and those who helped them in particular the Bertram families, Fauvic; plaque in Liberation Square; plaque on the Albert Quay commemorating the arrival SS Vega in December 1944; Book of Remberance for escapees

Reference: C/C/L/C9/1

Date: August 12th 1994 - March 27th 1995

Design for the wording on the 'Fauvic Embarkation Point' memorial to the men who escaped to France and acknowledgement to the people who helped them including the Bertram family (with amendments)

Reference: C/C/L/C9/3

Date: 1995 - 1995

Plans of Sea Defences. Grouville Bay - seawalls at Fauvic

Reference: D/AL/A3/2348

Date: 1963 - 1963

Plans of the road widening from St Clement's Church to Fauvic on the Grande Route de St Clement

Reference: D/AL/A6/424(C6)

Date: 1885 - 1885

Plans of La Grande Route des Sablons - Road widening at Fauvic junction

Reference: D/AL/A8/423(G3)

Date: 1933 - 1933

B K S Surveys Limited aerial photographs taken in April 1974. RUN T, covering Jument, Beauport, Ouaisne Common, Belcroute Bay, Elizabeth Castle, South Pier, Fort Regent, Havre des Pas, Grasset Park, Woodlands, Verclut, Fauvic, Royal Bay of Grouville Refer to D/AL/B1/1 for key map to runs A - W

Reference: D/AL/B1/T

Date: 1974 - 1974

B K S Surveys Limited aerial photographs taken in April 1974. RUN U, covering La Moye Point, Portelet Common, Noirmont , Noirmont Manor, Elizabeth Castle, La Collette, Grand Charrière Slip, F B Fields, Samares Manor, St Clement's Church, Les Puits, Fauvic, Le Hurel Slipway, La Rocque Refer to D/AL/B1/1 for key map to runs A - W

Reference: D/AL/B1/U

Date: 1974 - 1974

Fauvic Storage Sump, Grouville, Jersey, C.I.. Schedules of apparent condition upon certain properties and areas adjacent to the proposed works. (Includes: Dawnville; Verdun; Shed to the west of Verdun; Certain parts of Fauvic pumping station; field areas surrounding Fauvic pumping station & certain parts of La Rue de la Marais a la Cocque)

Reference: D/AL/C2/1813

Date: 1993-12 - 1993-12

Photographs relating to the condition of road surfaces and surrounding areas at the Fauvic crossroads to the Woodlands Hotel, under contract 73, for The States of Jersey Sewerage Board [corresponding written report can be found under D/AL/C2/327]

Reference: D/AL/C4/327

Date: October 27th 1969 - October 27th 1969

Photographs relating to the condition of walls, beaches, road surfaces and surrounding areas in the region of Fauvic Surface Water Outfall, under contract 73, for The States of Jersey Sewerage Board

Reference: D/AL/C4/333

Date: March 26th 1970 - March 26th 1970

Documents relating to the Channel Islands Rehabilitation Scheme for property belonging to Jersey Real Property (Jersey) Limited with an estimated loss of £195. The area of damage is in Fauvic, Grouville.

Reference: D/AP/T/A/269

Date: February 8th 1946 - November 4th 1947

Plan of proposed road improvements from St Clement's Church to Fauvic

Reference: D/AP1/A1035/3/1(229)

Date: December 11th 1973 - December 11th 1973

Plans of land on the beach promenade at Fauvic to be acquired by the States of Jersey referred to in an act of the States

Reference: D/AP1/A1060/66(1)

Date: February 2nd 1965 - February 2nd 1965

Accommodation File 1014 - Broadwood Guest House

Reference: D/AS/W1/1014

Date: June 26th 1958 - December 31st 1977

Accommodation File 1256 - Bellair Guest House

Reference: D/AS/W1/1256

Date: June 15th 1972 - December 31st 1978

Accommodation file 321 - Two Ways Guest House

Reference: D/AS/W1/321

Date: March 14th 1949 - December 31st 1954

Accommodation file 412 - Normadie Guest House

Reference: D/AS/W1/412

Date: May 21st 1951 - January 1st 1957

Accommodation file 554 - La Chandau Guest House

Reference: D/AS/W1/554

Date: December 31st 1967 - December 31st 1972

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