Photographs taken during a holiday to Monmouthshire, c. August to September 1951. Includes photographs of: a ferry at Symonds Yat; portraits of Kathleen Le Sueur with Joan Hill and the Wellan family; views of St Mary's Priory Church, Monmouth; various flora and fungi; views of Pen-y-Fan, the Church of St Nicholas, Trellech, the River Wye at Tintern and Monnow Bridge; and various buildings and landmarks in the town of Monmouth including Ashton Ingham Church. Includes index.

Reference: L/C/142/C2/B/C/28

Date: August 1st 1951 - September 24th 1951

Photograph of SS Brittany berthed along Albert Pier in St Helier Harbour.

Reference: L/C/142/C2/B/E/47/8

Date: July 6th 1957 - July 7th 1957

Islander card issued by British Ferries for Mr and Mrs Robert Paton

Reference: L/C/476/C1/3

Date: 1980 - 1990

Letters from the Headquarters of the Jersey District to the Harbour Master in Jersey and the Captain of No 1 Ferry Boat in St Aubin's Bay, re. the arrival of No 1 Ferry at the Pier Station

Reference: L/C/55/B/5

Date: June 19th 1940 - June 19th 1940

Lists of military persons to be evacuated on the train ferry - not dated

Reference: L/C/55/B/7

Date: 1940-06 - 1940-06

Condor Ferries 'Fastest town to town service' timetable

Reference: L/F/162/A2/11

Date: March 16th 1980 - October 25th 1980

Albert Pier at Dusk showing cars and buses meeting passengers from the ferry - not dated

Reference: N/02/2/1

Date: 1973 - 1977

The Condor ferry in St Malo harbour, having sailed from Jersey.

Reference: p/03/401/03

Date: September 30th 2000 - September 30th 2000

An Emeraude Ferry entering the Albert Quay of St Helier Harbour. At the time of its arrival there was a strike on in the French Harbour of Calais, engineered by French fishermen.

Reference: p/03/422/15

Date: August 29th 2000 - August 29th 2000

A view of St Helier Harbour, as seen from the Albert Quay.

Reference: p/03/422/16

Date: August 29th 2000 - August 29th 2000

Kenneth and A girl standing at the end of St Helier Harbour, with Condor Ferries/Commodore Shipping car and freight ferry and a Hydrofoil behind them. Photograph was taken from the Albert Quay.

Reference: p/03/422/17

Date: August 29th 2000 - August 29th 2000

States of Jersey Departments, Harbours Department. Graeme Roberts, Senior Controller (known as the Gorey Harbour Master, but also responsible for the Eastern Harbours) mooring the Emmeraude Ferry from Port Bail.

Reference: p/03/b259/03

Date: August 18th 2000 - August 18th 2000

The front of Terminal 2 at Albert Pier.

Reference: P/03/B65/05

Date: September 6th 2000 - September 6th 2000

The Elizabeth Terminal with the car park in front.

Reference: P/03/B65/08

Date: September 6th 2000 - September 6th 2000

A side view of Terminal 2 at Albert Pier.

Reference: P/03/B65/10

Date: September 6th 2000 - September 6th 2000

Elizabeth terminal showing the stone breakwater.

Reference: P/03/B65/14

Date: September 6th 2000 - September 6th 2000

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