File concerning Harbours and Airport Committee, includes; minutes concerning development of container handling building, minutes concerning Harbours revenue and capital expenditure estimates, minutes concerning regulation in relation to Harbour ramps, minutes concerning La Collette development and third party insurance, correspondence and documentation concerning air navigation, minutes concerning Harbour warehousing, reports, proposition, correspondence and minutes concerning Harbours and Airport rentals and concessions, minutes, report and correspondence concerning La Collette fish quey development, correspondence and documentation concerning a violation of the Federal Aviation Regulations, report and correspondence concerning operational difficulties in the Harbour, arrivals statistics, correspondence concerning customers complaints in relation to ferry companies, correspondence and memorandum concerning Heathrow slots, correspondence and memorandum concerning aviation security, note concerning European negotiations in relation to transport, memorandum and statistics concerning summary of Condor Limited movements, correspondence and documentation concerning Customer Service Manual and minutes and correspondence concerning incorporation of Harbour and Airport businesses.

Reference: D/G/A1/14/1/111

Date: April 17th 1989 - December 21st 1999

File concerning Harbours and Airport Committee - General, includes; correspondence and statistics concerning air fares and visitors, correspondence and statistics concerning imports and exports, minutes concerning land reclamation scheme, minutes concerning use of credit cards, correspondence concerning aviation safety, correspondence concerning legislative drafting, memorandum and report concerning Amoco Cadiz oil spill, correspondence concerning passenger and freight transport fares, memorandum, minutes, consultative document, notes, correspondence and article concerning registration of shipping and flags of convenience, correspondence concerning eurocheque payments, correspondence concerning capital estimates, correspondence concerning staffing, correspondence and notes concerning protection of Jersey sea and air links, minutes, correspondence and report concerning Airport public safety zone, minutes concerning Airport revenue estimates, minutes concerning redevelopment of Weighbridge Island Site, minutes concerning Port Control Officers, minutes and report concerning development of roll-on/roll-off berths, correspondence concerning tourism, correspondence concerning car parks, correspondence concerning Airport's Golden Jubilee and International Civil Airports Association press release and documentation.

Reference: D/G/A1/14/1/2

Date: December 21st 1978 - November 11th 1988

File concerning Channel Island Ferries, includes; tables showing trips statistics, income and expenditure, viability report and correspondence concerning car/passenger ferry service between St. Helier and St. Malo, memorandum and tables concerning car and passenger statistics, reports, memorandum, correspondence, tables and minutes concerning financial and operational situation and forecasts, minutes concerning accounts and shares, minutes concerning new vessels and correspondence and report concerning use of roll-on/roll-off bridge link.

Reference: D/G/A1/14/10/1

Date: July 9th 1974 - May 19th 1975

File concerning Channel Island Ferries, includes; drafts, notes, minutes, reports, proposed, correspondence and memorandums concerning roll-on/roll-off terminal facility agreement with Channel Island Ferries Limited, correspondence and memorandums concerning British Rail ferry services to the Island, minutes concerning draft agreement with Channel Island Ferries Limited in relation to the installation of a bridge link, correspondence concerning ferry services between St. Helier and St. Malo, Channel Island Ferries Limited prospectus and application form and correspondence concerning subsidies request.

Reference: D/G/A1/14/10/2

Date: January 18th 1972 - June 10th 1974

File concerning Channel Island Ferries, includes; note, minutes and report concerning study of the operation and economics of a passenger and vehicle ferry between Jersey and France, correspondence and minutes concerning Channel Island Ferries Limited proposed service between St. Helier and St. Malo, correspondence concerning bridge link installation, drafts, notes and correspondence concerning roll-on/roll-off terminal facility agreement with Channel Island Ferries Limited, correspondence concerning taxes and harbour dues, correspondence concerning variation in ship utilization and information on a Brittany Ferries car ferry.

Reference: D/G/A1/14/10/3

Date: August 2nd 1971 - June 13th 1991

File concerning Harbours and Airport Committee - Harbours General, includes; correspondence and documentation concerning taxes, duties and imports, correspondence and notes concerning harbour dues, notes, correspondence, agreement and tables concerning Harbour cranes, notes concerning general pilots earnings, minutes, report and proposition concerning development of facilities for unitisation, correspondence, legislation, memorandum and notes concerning Harbour charges, memorandum and note concerning replacement tug, correspondence concerning training for senior management, notes, documentation, correspondence and minutes concerning proposed car ferry service between Gorey and Carteret, memorandum concerning coordination between Jersey and United Kingdom Police, notes, correspondence and memorandum concerning Weighbridge Car Park, minutes, note, correspondence and statistics concerning proposed car ferry service between St. Helier and St. Malo, drawing of car/passenger catamaran ferry and correspondence concerning roll-on/roll-off berths.

Reference: D/G/A1/14/3/(b)

Date: December 17th 1969 - July 30th 1971

File concerning Harbours and Airport Committee - Harbours General, includes; report, notes and correspondence concerning Harbour investment and charges, report and plan concerning Weighbridge development, financial statements, cargo statistics, minutes concerning control of shipping services, minutes concerning revenue expenditure and income, correspondence concerning container control, Harbour statistics, report, minutes, correspondence and comments concerning berth development, correspondence concerning shipbuilding, minutes concerning marine discharge arms, correspondence concerning bulk handling facilities, correspondence concerning rentals.

Reference: D/G/A1/14/3/1

Date: May 26th 1970 - November 27th 1972

File concerning Harbours and Airport Committee - Harbours General, includes; minutes and legislation concenring change on Harbour regulations, newspaper clippings discussing shipping registries, correspondence, memorandums, articles and minutes concenring development of ferry services, correspondence, notes and article concenring Boeing International Corperation's Jetfoil, correspondence concenring visit to 25th International Harbour Day, correspondence concenring development of Harbour facilities, correspondence concenrning the future of Sealink and Harbour statistics.

Reference: D/G/A1/14/3/4

Date: January 4th 1983 - December 29th 1983

File relating to Caen and the Groupe de Travail. Includes correspondence and reports concerning: relations with Normandy and Brittany, visits, the Commission Amicale, meetings, the New Harbour development, freight services between Jersey and Saint Malo, ferries, the Maison de Jersey, commercial relations, and a proposed Chamber of Commerce

Reference: D/G/A1/58/A/2

Date: April 25th 2000 - 2002-01

File of newspaper cuttings concerning the Springfield Bunker, a nuclear exercise, an evacuation exercise at sea, and the ferry incident at La Corbiere

Reference: D/G/C11/2/3

Date: October 8th 1979 - April 27th 1995

Fuel Office Files - 1973/74 Crisis - Box III. 1. Home Office Documents. Includes Procedures Manuals concerning business and industry users, vital and priority users, domestic hardship, and agricultural and horticultural users, Act and Report of the Land Reclamation Committee regarding the scheme at La Collette, a report on the roll on/roll off ferry and its effect on tourist traffic, and correspondence

Reference: D/G/C9/4/3/1

Date: September 14th 1971 - March 26th 1974

Customs file relating to customs administration and passenger controls. Includes reports and correspondence concerning flights processed through the Continental Arrivals Hall at the States of Jersey Airport, statistics relating to transit passengers, figures for duty collected, baggage checks, improvements to Customs baggage control facilities at the Airport, related newspaper cuttings, baggage arrangements for ferry transit passengers, the interline baggage system, an incident involving a flick knife, a proposed visit by Post Office executives from the United Kingdom, and the proposed Torbay Seaways service

Reference: D/H/R1/191B

Date: June 30th 1977 - June 4th 1986

Customs file relating to export strategy, shipping lines, carrying companies, ferries, and airlines. Includes correspondence concerning the Report Inwards, consignment notes, customs declarations, and specimen forms and documents. The file also contains correspondence and documents discussing changes in United Kingdom (UK) export customs strategy and procedures, the collection of statistics of trade between the UK and the Channel Islands, and the possible discontinuation of the collation of annual statistics of Island imports and exports. In addition there is correspondence regarding the import of French newspapers and magazines

Reference: D/H/R1/246/2

Date: January 12th 1981 - October 14th 1983

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