Customs file relating to export strategy, shipping lines, carrying companies, ferries, and airlines. Includes correspondence concerning the Report Inwards, consignment notes, customs declarations, and freight manifests. The file also contains correspondence regarding shipping movements, omnibus clearance in relation to the import of newspapers, magazines, and exposed, unprocessed photographic film, the use of facsimile documents for advance information, short shipments, unmanifested cargo, and heavy and larger parcels. In addition, there is a graphical representation of arrivals into the Island, and a list of clearing agents

Reference: D/H/R1/246/3

Date: April 16th 1984 - March 11th 1988

Customs file relating to the States Economic Adviser and the Taxation Working Party. Contains reports on the Island's future tax structure, including possible levels of Impôt duties on spirits, tobacco, wine, beer and motor fuels, a possible two-tier taxation duty on automotive fuels, the registration of shipping, and the sale of spirits and cigarettes on ships. Also includes replies to consultations, and meeting agendas

Reference: D/H/R1/267/1/2

Date: January 31st 1975 - June 30th 1975

Customs file relating to the States Economic Adviser and the Taxation Working Party. Includes correspondence and statistics concerning the sales of dutiable goods on vessels, reports on the Island's future tax structure, and property values. Also includes newspaper cuttings

Reference: D/H/R1/267/1/3

Date: July 8th 1975 - August 8th 1978

Customs file relating to the States Economic Adviser. Includes statistics for the sales of the dutiable goods, spirits and cigarettes on shipping vessels, a graphical representation pertaining to passengers and cigarettes, and correspondence concerning the Earl Granville

Reference: D/H/R1/267A

Date: May 19th 1980 - September 4th 1985

Customs file relating to the development of the Port of St Helier Harbour Office. Includes correspondence concerning the requirements of the Customs and Immigration Department in relation to the St Helier Harbour redevelopment plan, staffing implications, the transfer of drive on/drive off operations from Albert Pier to the new North Quay, the proposed construction of a second roll on/roll off ramp, the proposed Customs and Immigration building, baggage belts, pavement requirements, terminal buildings, and the Customs' vehicle examination shed. Also includes copies of plans and related newspaper articles

Reference: D/H/R1/279

Date: August 11th 1976 - July 5th 1988

Fast Ferries Ltd

Reference: D/L/04/A/4925

Date: 1971 - 1982

File of newscuttings concerning Channel Island Ferries ferry company

Reference: D/S/F2/5/10/-

Date: 1971 - 1977

File of newscuttings concerning Jersey Lines Limited ferry company

Reference: D/S/F2/5/10/1

Date: 1964 - 1969

File of newscuttings and correspondence concerning the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique ferry company

Reference: D/S/F2/5/11/-

Date: May 20th 1965 - June 15th 1976

File of newscuttings and correspondence concerning Marine Management and Deliveries (Jersey) Limited agents for Emmeraude Ferries and Vedettes Blanches

Reference: D/S/F2/5/14/1

Date: January 27th 1972 - March 7th 1985

Correspondence file concerning Michael Campbell Services Limited/Channel Islands Handling Limited agents

Reference: D/S/F2/5/14/2

Date: November 29th 1985 - December 22nd 1994

File of newscuttings concerning the Gorey to Portbail service

Reference: D/S/F2/5/16

Date: June 4th 1973 - November 21st 1983

Correspondence file with British Channel Island Ferries concerning immigration policy

Reference: D/S/F2/5/19

Date: September 9th 1986 - July 21st 1993

File concerning the Gorey to Carteret ferry service and immigration policy

Reference: D/S/F2/5/2/1

Date: May 23rd 1952 - May 11th 1978

File concerning the petition of Jersey Car Ferries Limited to provide a car ferry service between St Catherine and Carteret

Reference: D/S/F2/5/2/2

Date: March 22nd 1971 - May 5th 1977

File containing newscuttings relating to the Granville ferry service

Reference: D/S/F2/5/3/-

Date: August 17th 1963 - January 13th 1970

File relating to the Island Plan, Report of Survey, includes correspondence leading up to the publication of Volume 1, including a list of photographs to be used and photocopies of those photographs, drafts of chapters, minutes of editorial meetings, photographs and negatives depicting various aspects of life in Jersey such as visitors to the beach, windsurfing, playing golf in Grouville, commercial and private boats, bathing at Havre des Pas, land excavation, the airport, Broad Street, King Street and Victoria Avenue, and some correspondence after the publication of Volume 1, September 1983.

Reference: D/W/F1/1/01/08/1

Date: February 25th 1983 - September 30th 1983

British Railways Brochures of Services and Fares between the UK, the Channel Islands and St Malo, dated 1949 and 1957.

Reference: L/A/21/D1/4

Date: January 1st 1949 - December 31st 1957

Photographs which relate to the towing of the ferry La Belle Malouine and feature the Pilot boat Fulmarus, photograph of the Duchess of Normandy as she guided the Raminon II speedboat to a berth, and group photograph.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/HARS/51/9

Date: 1969-08 - 1969-08

Subject: Harbours

File number: 51

Page number: 9

Photograph of the boat Trois Leopards, photographs which concern the harbour trials of a Sealink car ferry and oil storage.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/HARS/59/10

Date: 1973 - 1973

Subject: Harbours

File number: 59

Page number: 10

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