Report and Proposition Regarding the Replacement of a Foam Tender for the Airport Fire Service, lodged by the Harbours and Airport Committee

Reference: C/A607/1977/P46

Date: May 17th 1977 - May 17th 1977

Report on the siting of the Fire, Police and Ambulance Services and the Magistrates Court, presented by the Working Party appointed by the States appointed 4th April 1979

Reference: C/A610/1980/P26

Date: March 4th 1980 - March 4th 1980

Draft Road Transport Lighting (Amendment No. 2) (Jersey) Regulations, 1982, lodged by the Defence Committee

Reference: C/A612/1982/P48

Date: April 20th 1982 - April 20th 1982

Fire Service: Replacement Radiocommunication System, lodged by the Defence Committee.

Reference: C/A618/1988/P54

Date: May 10th 1988 - May 10th 1988

Fire Service: Provision of Hydraulic Platform Aerial Appliance, lodged by the Defence Committee.

Reference: C/A620/1990/P66

Date: May 22nd 1990 - May 22nd 1990

Digital copy of an Application Form relating to the Historic Abuse Redress Scheme as supplied by Lacey Advocates. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 216's witness statement to States of Jersey Police dated 27 April 1991 see C/D/AW1/B1/3/2/WS000486.

Reference: C/D/AW1/A3/7/3/WD004539

Date: July 31st 2012 - July 31st 2012

Digital copy of Exhibit RW91: Act of the Education Committee signed by Greffier E J M Potter. Used by Richard William Whitehead in his supplementary witness statement to the Inquiry dated 18 September 2014 [C/D/AW6/D2/EE000262].

Reference: C/D/AW6/D2/EE000266

Date: May 3rd 1989 - May 3rd 1989

File Relates to Harbours and Airport. Airport Terminal Building. File relates to the development, construction and extension of the Airport Terminal Building including Meteorological Observation Room & Visual Control Room. File is comprised of correspondence between Contractors, Department of Public Building and Works, Ports of Jersey, Harbours and Airport Committee & Fire Service. This correspondence is mainly concerning tenders and quotations for construction work and fittings, Fencing, Baggage Handling, Air Conditioning, the demolition of Hanger No. 1 & Fire Protection.

Reference: D/AL/D1/25/27/6

Date: January 1st 1973 - December 31st 1977

File Relates to Harbours and Airport. Airport Terminal Building (Yellow Zone). File relates to the development, construction, maintenance and extension of the Airport Terminal Building including Meteorological Observation Post, Flight Catering Building & Departure Hall. File is comprised of correspondence between Contractors, Department of Public Building and Works, Island Development Committee, Jersey Airport, Quantity Surveyors, Ports of Jersey & Harbours and Airport Committee. This correspondence is mainly concerning tenders and quotations for construction work and fittings, Architects Instructions; Insurance, Meeting records & Organisation of manpower.

Reference: D/AL/D1/25/27/7

Date: January 1st 1978 - April 30th 1980

File relates to Education: Le Rocquier School (Eastern Secondary School excluding playing field). Includes: general documentation and correspondence relating to damage to the roof and legal action taken due to this; the re-painting of the 'Mondrian' mural; correspondence from States treasury and Resources Recovery Board in relation to outstanding accounts; Correspondence from the States Fire Service in relation to the electrical supply to the lift; Quotation in relation to the supply and fixing of a pumping station; Correspondence from States education department to Public building and Works regarding acoustics of music rooms and sound proofing; Valuations, invoices and supporting correspondence to and from quantity surveyors, electrical contractors,shop fitters and builders in relation to electrical faults, a glazed screen wall, flush pans and pipes, area coverings, cycle shelters, boiler house chimney work, heater fans and passenger lift; Boiler efficiency paperwork; Details of the emergency lighting provided and testing procedures; Documentation that lists fire doors affected by fungus; Invoice from garden centre for cost of pondlife; Invitation to chief architect to opening of the Le Rocquier; Documentation regarding six month maintenance check; Letters discussing signage outside the school building; Correspondence from the school to the chief engineer about problems with the pottery rooms; Project meeting notes with representatives from several businesses contributing to the building and maintenance of the school.

Reference: D/AL/D1/4/12/1

Date: February 17th 1976 - December 23rd 1980

File relates to Education: Victoria College (excluding Playfields and Sport Facilities). Includes; correspondence to and from the chief architect, a number of stonemasons and the States education department in relation to stonework restoration along with related reports; correspondence to and from education department, chief architect and JEC in relation to rewiring of electrical installation in the boarding house and discussions regarding other electricity meters around the school as well as relighting the Great Hall; Correspondence to and from chief architect, the States Education Department and contractors regarding maintenance and refurbishment of classrooms in the De Carteret Building and extension of Victoria College Preparatory School including all aspects such as electrical, plumbing, steelwork and interiors; Boiler efficiency tests and certificates; Correspondence with the States of Jersey Fire Service regarding staircase and doors; Documents relating to emergency lighting installation; Documentation from Island Development Committee to the chief architect requesting details of previous work carried out to Elizabeth Castle, Victoria College, States Building Royal Square, 50, Val Plaisant Egyptian Lodge, Fire Station & General Hospital; Report and proposition regarding extension at Victoria College Preparatory; A letter from the Island Development Committee specifying buildings in St Helier of architectural and historical interest owned by the States of Jersey & Letters to the chief architect from the Education Department in relation to upcoming projects.

Reference: D/AL/D1/4/13/1

Date: June 26th 1970 - December 23rd 1980

File Relates to General Hospital Phase 1A (Boiler House and Workshops). File is made up of correspondence relating to the construction, maintenance and finances of the redevelopment of the Jersey General Hospital with a focus on the Boiler House and Workshops. Correspondence is primarily between Quanity Surveyors, Engineers, Island Development Committee, The Jersey Group of Hospitals, Chief Architect, Fire Service, Public Health Committee Contractors & Department of Public Building and Works. The correspondence is based mainly on the topics of general construction tenders, costings and schedules; site meeting notes; mains supplies; Fire prevention; Drainage; Access; Chimneys & Estimates.

Reference: D/AL/D1/5/6/1

Date: May 31st 1977 - February 23rd 1979

File relating to the Service Review of the Fire Service. Includes correspondence concerning: staffing, operational requirement, terms of reference, tenders, organisation, improvement opportunities, scope for external provision, possible relocation, and the implementation plan. Also includes copies of Committee Acts

Reference: D/G/A1/27/36/7

Date: August 28th 1996 - October 8th 1998

File relating to the Golden Jubilee Committee. Includes correspondence from the Lord Chancellor's Department regarding Golden Jubilee Medals, the emergency services, the Fire Service, Police Officers, Special Constables, the Ambulance Service, rescue services, and Crown Dependencies

Reference: D/G/A1/68/A/1

Date: December 11th 2001 - February 19th 2002

File relating to the States Manual Workers Joint Council and States Agreements. Includes an agreement with the Transport and General Workers' Union, revised rates of pay, meeting agenda, draft agreements, annual agreements, circulars, and tables and graph relating to wages. Also includes correspondence with Guernsey, and correspondence concerning: Jersey Airport, electricians, working conditions, lighthouse keepers, the lighthouse service, the Airport Fire Service, the European Social Charter and the Auxiliary Fire Service

Reference: D/G/A9/1/101/9/1

Date: 1960 - February 15th 1963

File relating to States Manual Workers Joint Council Plus Rates. Includes Committee Acts, draft agreements, Circulars, figures, tables, and a grading scheme for supervisory workers. Also includes correspondence concerning the Airport Fire Service, grading schemes, crane maintenance. slaughterhouse workers, Ambulance employees, and convenience attendants

Reference: D/G/A9/1/101/9/9

Date: 1961 - June 29th 1964

File containing Manual Workers Joint Council Circulars. The circulars concern: technicians, graded workers, rates of pay, the Airport Fire Service, disciplinary procedure, letters of offer, and maternity leave

Reference: D/G/A9/1/16B

Date: February 21st 1980 - December 18th 1986

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