Papers relating to; aliens travel permits, the police in Jersey, the Jersey Commercial Association, treatment of infectious diseases amongst the troops at Overdale Hospital, the National Relief Fund, the mail boat service, provision of medical services for the families of sailors in Jersey, the use of fireworks on bonfire night, declaration that Britain is now at war with Turkey

Reference: A/E/11/13

Date: August 29th 1914 - October 12th 1918

Bailiffs correspondence file relating to information on fireworks [folder contains multiple files catalogued individually]

Reference: B/D/A/M7(887)

Date: November 6th 2000 - November 15th 2000

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes Draft Public Elections (Amendment No. 4) (Jersey) Law 201- (P.14/2011) and amendments, Importation of fireworks in 2007 for a charity event: investigation (P.21/2011), Elected Members’ access to information: media releases (P.22/2011), States of Jersey Development Company Limited: appointment of Chairman and Non-Executive Directors (P.32/2011) and amendments, arrangement of public business for future meetings.

Reference: C/A12/258

Date: March 17th 2011 - March 17th 2011

Sound Recording of the States Debate relating to P130, Ex Gratia Payment to Mr. Terry McDonald - Fireworks [see C/A14/B/3 for a list of speakers]

Reference: C/A14/A/28

Date: November 20th 2013 - November 20th 2013

Lists of speakers of the debate relating to P130, Ex Gratia Payment to Mr. Terry McDonald - Fireworks as listed in C/A14/A/28

Reference: C/A14/B/3

Date: 2013 - 2013

General correspondence file (314/5/6(1))

Reference: C/C/L/C1/8

Date: May 13th 1994 - July 25th 1994

Papers and correspondence regarding the firework display held at West Park on 9 May 1995

Reference: C/C/L/C6/3/22

Date: April 29th 1994 - May 12th 1995

Fox Fireworks promotional video

Reference: C/C/L/C6/3/23

Date: 1995 - 1995

Sound recording of Anne Nicolle speaking jèrriais for the Jèrriais Today Community Recording Project. Topics covered include farming, fireworks and water drainage. Mrs Nicolle accent is possibly from St Ouen.

Reference: C/D/AS/A1/25

Date: December 1st 2017

Digital copy of Day Book Entries about Witness 88 by a member of staff at Blanche Pierre Family Group Home. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 88's witness statements to the States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/11.

Reference: C/D/AW1/A3/16/WD000471

Date: November 3rd 1990 - November 18th 1990

Digital copy of a Houseparent's Report on Family Group Home Number 3. Part of Relevant Education Committee Minutes, Children's Sub-Committee Minutes and Reports, 1967, relating to Witness 233. Education Sport and Culture Department Documentation supplied by Lacey Advocates. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 233. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW1/A3/6/1/27/WD000879

Date: November 15th 1967 - November 15th 1967

Digital copy of a Record of Punishment relating to Haut de la Garenne residents between October 1962 and October 1963. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW2/A2/4/WD005828

Date: October 24th 1962 - October 26th 1963

Liberation file includes correspondence regarding the celebration of the first anniversary of liberation day: special liberation composition performance by the Jersey Symphony Orchestra, liberation celebrations including a firework display, membership of the Liberation Committee and Evening Carnival Sub-Committee. Correspondents include the Jersey Chamber of Commerce and the Salvation Army

Reference: D/AP/T/12

Date: February 7th 1946 - June 18th 1946

Petition to the States Assembly relating to restrictions on the sale of fireworks presented to the States Assembly by Deputy J Dorey as P25/2001. Petition states, 'The humble petition of the residents of the Island of Jersey shews that the sale of fireworks to the general public is a cause of disturbance to many, especially the elderly and domestic pets, for a period of several weeks every year, as well as being an unnecessary safety hazard; And accordingly your petitioners pray that all necessary steps be taken to restrict the sale of fireworks to suitably qualified and accredited persons organising public fireworks displays.'

Reference: D/AP/U/177

Date: 2001 - 2001

Customs file relating to firearms, explosives, fireworks and flares. Includes correspondence concerning the overall control of explosives and fireworks in the Island, the Explosives (Jersey) Law, 1970 and 1978, its' code of requirements, the Control of Liquid Fuel (Jersey) Regulations, 1971, instructions regarding explosives and radioactive materials, the appointment of a new Civil Emergency Controller, the Firearms (Jersey) Law, 1956, fireworks displays, target rifles, ammunition, licences, lists of firearms dealers registered with the Defence Committee, de-activated or modified machine guns, hazardous fireworks, and marine pyrotechnics

Reference: D/H/R1/140A

Date: September 10th 1968 - June 18th 1989

Poursuites criminelles register - entry for Philippe Sinel, son of Jean Sinel, arrested for set off fireworks near Charing Cross

Reference: D/Y/G1/5/380

Date: September 23rd 1811 - January 16th 1816

Series of applications for a fireworks retail licence and reports by the States of Jersey Police on premises on which fireworks are to be stored

Reference: F/N/L5/3

Date: October 24th 1972 - October 26th 1978

Empty postcard of a fireworks display at St Aubin's fete 1933 [?] by Albert Smith Ltd, 3, Broad Street, Jersey

Reference: JHT/1995/00045/50

Date: 1933 - 1933

Image of a fireworks display given from the Harbour walks to mark the visit of Admiral Sir John Edelsten, Commander in Chief, Portsmouth. The sea front illuminations from La Collette to Havre des Pas were also swithced on for the first time in the 1954 season. Negative number 0A of Tourists Subject Box number 1 of the Jersey Evening Post (JEP) Photographic Archive. The negative was scanned at 1200 dpi and can be downloaded as a high quality jpg file. The quality of the scanned image is dependent on the condition of the original.

Reference: L/A/75/A1/TOU/1/0A

Date: June 23rd 1954 - June 24th 1955

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