Sea Fisheries Acts

Reference: A/D1/A1/133

Date: May 15th 1890 - May 15th 1890

Registration of the Mental Health Act, 1959, Navy, Army and Air Force Reserves Act, 1959, Ghana (Consequential Provisions) Act, 1960, Mental Health, Scotland Act, 1960, Sea Fish Industry Act, 1959, Statute Law Revision Act, 1960, and the Department of South Africa Act, 1961

Reference: A/D1/A1/206

Date: September 28th 1961 - December 18th 1961

Papers relating to the legislation and regulation of fishing, includes a petition from trawlermen, relating to the competition from steam and motor vessels

Reference: A/D1/F17

Date: February 7th 1884 - October 7th 1938

Papers relating to Laws on fish and the sale/catching of fish

Reference: A/D1/L1/5

Date: July 7th 1894 - August 20th 1938

Correspondence relating to the Minquiers and the Ecrehous, includes; fishing rights, ownership disputes and shipwrecks on the rocks

Reference: A/D1/M3

Date: June 29th 1869 - May 6th 1975

Copies of correspondence between Lieutenant Colonel Touzel and the Home Office concerning French fishing rights and the oyster fishing industry

Reference: A/J/3

Date: August 8th 1823 - April 28th 1836

Sports and Games Clubs: Jersey Amateur Fishing Association

Reference: B/A/W30/150/98

Date: November 5th 1940 - November 5th 1940

Orders concerning fishing and postal services

Reference: B/A/W30/77

Date: December 23rd 1941 - February 4th 1942

Fish prices and fishing licences

Reference: B/A/W31/1/82

Date: March 19th 1943 - December 7th 1943


Reference: B/A/W35

Permit to fish granted for Garnet Briard of 34 Ann Street, St Helier.

Reference: B/A/W35/10

Date: June 18th 1941 - June 21st 1941

Conservation of fish supplies by smoking, curing and pickling.

Reference: B/A/W35/11

Date: July 1st 1941 - July 5th 1941

Correspondence re. a petition from J Butel asking to be allowed to use States fishing gear, and for compensation for his boat.

Reference: B/A/W35/12

Date: July 21st 1941 - July 23rd 1941

Correspondence and memo relating to a conference concerning fishing, underlines importance of fish as part of the rationing system.

Reference: B/A/W35/13

Date: April 10th 1942 - April 14th 1942

Correspondence re. a petition from the fishermen of St Aubin, asking that they be allowed to moor their boats outside the 100 yards from St Aubins Harbour limit.

Reference: B/A/W35/14

Date: July 21st 1942 - August 12th 1942

Prohibition on sailing between Elizabeth Castle and the Esplanade for fishing boats.

Reference: B/A/W35/15

Date: September 7th 1942 - September 11th 1942

Closing of Rozel and Gorey Harbours. Weekly returns of fish caught at St Helier, Gorey, Rozel, St Aubin, and Bonne Nuit harbours, 05/09/1942 - 21/11/1942. Amount of fish caught at each of the above harbours from 04/05/1942 - 29/08/1942.

Reference: B/A/W35/16

Date: September 8th 1942 - December 4th 1942

Weekly returns of fish caught at Bonne Nuit, Gorey, Rozel, St Aubin, and St Helier harbours, 27/03/1943 - 17/03/1945. List of licensed Fishermen to fish for the civil population for the season 1945.

Reference: B/A/W35/17

Date: March 27th 1943 - May 4th 1945

Notification to fishermen that the strip of coast from Grosnez to Plemont is to be mined.

Reference: B/A/W35/19

Date: June 30th 1943 - July 3rd 1943

Newspaper Cuttings of the Order regarding Fishing for the area of the Naval Commander of Northern France, with special regulations for fishermen on the Island of Jersey - permitting fishing from the port of St Helier only. Correspondence re. a request for fishing to take place in various bays around the Island, includes a list of fishermen.

Reference: B/A/W35/2

Date: September 21st 1940 - September 28th 1940

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