Plans of the teak furniture in the memorial hall at Howard Davis Park

Reference: D/AL/A6/1992(C3)

Date: 1949 - 1949

Plans for the Postal Administration, Broad Street - Desk for the disabled

Reference: D/AL/A8/2552(E3)

Date: 1983 - 1983

Inventory of the furniture, culinary effects, kitchen utensils, linen and woollen drapery, unmanufactured materials and other effects on the premises of the Jersey General Hospital

Reference: D/AN/F3/1

Date: September 27th 1879 - September 27th 1879

Statement of accounts received for the issue of licences eg: motor spirit, wedding cake, imports/exports, slaughter of cattle, furniture, cultivation of tomatoes

Reference: D/AP/B/11/3

Date: 1917 - 1922

Petition to Major General Edward Henry Willis, Lieutenant Governor; William H V Vernon, Bailiff and the States of Jersey from Philippe Baudains and John William Thelland, executors of Julia Westaway's will relating to terms of the will concerning the immovable assets, furniture and its adminstration. Also, balance sheets for the Westaway Trust 1902-1929 and letter from Oliver Mourant, Blackburns, Barton & Mayhew, Chartered Accountants, 16 Hill Street, St Helier relating to the Westaway Trsut, lodged au Greffe.

Reference: D/AP/U/136

Date: 1902 - 1930

Volume of inventories of moveable goods and debts of individuals requested by the heirs to their collateral succession. The inventories include details of furniture and household goods

Reference: D/AV/A11/1

Date: March 18th 1911 - July 24th 1937

Inventory and valuation of the household furniture and effects at Montana, Portelet

Reference: D/AV/A11/3

Date: September 27th 1949 - September 27th 1949

Inventory of the household furniture and effects and electrical equipment, the property of Mr A G Smith, 20, Queen's Road

Reference: D/AV/A11/5

Date: October 31st 1951 - October 31st 1951

Accounts with Noel and Porter Limited, Removal and Storage Contractors concerning the furniture of Mr Griffiths of 28, Clubley Estate

Reference: D/AV/D7/5

Date: August 12th 1950 - September 5th 1950

Correspondence file concerning the requisitioning of furniture and households that the Viscount's Department was administrator of during the Occupation period. Includes inventories of certain properties, requisition orders and return of items after the Occupation.

Reference: D/AV/G3/1

Date: 1940 - 1948

Customs file relating to false declarations of value on import applications regarding second hand household furniture. Includes correspondence, invoices, applications for export licences, export licences, statements after caution recorded by Customs Officer, reports on observations and enquiries, lists of goods to be sequestrated, and statements of Customs charges in connection with the investigation of irregularities

Reference: D/H/R1/185A/7

Date: March 2nd 1977 - April 12th 1978

Customs file relating to the disposal of goods by auction. Includes correspondence concerning mats, wine, tobacco, spirits, clothing, spoons, furniture, and household effects

Reference: D/H/R1/31

Date: December 30th 1981 - December 2nd 1997

Hotel and Home Furnishings Co Ltd

Reference: D/L/01/A/2405

Date: 1966 - 1982

Style Furniture Manufacturers Ltd

Reference: D/L/03/A/16763

Date: 1979 - 1985

Adams Furniture Co (Jersey) Ltd

Reference: D/L/04/A/1020

Date: 1961 - 1981

The Place for Furniture Ltd

Reference: D/L/04/A/9303

Date: 1974 - 1980

Harbours Accounts ledger, includes expenses for buildings, furniture, and vehicles

Reference: D/Q/F2/1

Date: January 1st 1967 - December 31st 1970

Testament of Grace de Ste Croix, Pied du Cotil, First Tower, St Helier. Dated 18 May 1932. Desires to be buried in the vault of Dr Henry Cumberland Taylor in St Brelades Cemetary. Bequeaths to George de Ste Croix a Chippendale chest of drawers and oak table; to Geoffrey Hanbury all silver and plate marked with the Hanbury crest; to the Vicar and Churchwardens of St Andrews District Church, First Tower £25 to purchase a stained glass window; to the Home for Aged & Infirm Women £5; to the Society for the Blind £5.

Reference: D/Y/A/112/58

Date: March 15th 1944 - March 15th 1944

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