Miscellaneous requisitions; property, wireless spare parts, and furniture also includes papers relating to the Department of Essential Commodities, papers on the disposal of enemy material and applications for the release of captured German material and private property

Reference: D/Z/K25/14

Date: September 8th 1942 - August 12th 1945

Miscellaneous requisitions, includes; Alsation dogs, petrol and diesel supplied to Bonne Nuit Chalet Hotel, blasting powder, clothing, furniture, and accounts with J W Huelin Limited for supplies

Reference: D/Z/K25/2

Date: September 9th 1940 - February 20th 1941

Miscellaneous requisitions, includes; furniture, household effects, hotels, land, and property

Reference: D/Z/K25/3

Date: October 28th 1940 - January 19th 1945

Miscellaneous requisitions and matters of administration, includes; return of requisitioned goods e.g. wireless sets, lists of names of evacuated properties - with names of owners and administrators, inventories of souvenirs guns and weapons in the care of the Société Jersiaise, list of items requisitoned by the German Forces, accounts for supplies and repairs from local firms, lists of requisitioned wireless sets, requisitioning of furniture and household effects

Reference: D/Z/K25/6

Date: September 7th 1940 - November 23rd 1946

Miscellaneous requisitions; furniture, and property, also includes correspondence with owners of the requisitioned property with claims for payment

Reference: D/Z/K25/9

Date: July 6th 1942 - July 20th 1943

Requisitions of land with plans of land to be requisitioned, includes cancellation of some requisitions of furniture

Reference: D/Z/K26/25

Date: December 2nd 1944 - April 6th 1945

Papers relating to The Clos-de-Paradis Housing Scheme (Almorah), includes lists of evacuees, furniture storage, valuations of goods stored, and sale of clothing by Noel & Porter Limited, 8/18 King Street, St Helier

Reference: D/Z/K27/1

Date: July 27th 1940 - July 28th 1942

Lists of buildings, including houses, bungalows, garages, shops, hotels, sheds and huts, requisitioned by the German Authorities. Listed in order of parish they include, name of property, owner, date of requisitioning and date of de-requistioning

Reference: D/Z/K27/10

Date: 1940 - 1945

Requisition of Property; inventories and valuations of requisitioned furniture and effects from Rozel Bay Hotel, maps of property to be requisitioned

Reference: D/Z/K27/35

Date: September 4th 1942 - December 28th 1942

Account of St Martins Church with Abraham de Gruchy and Company for making and fitting two priests stools

Reference: G/C/17/E/7

Date: May 20th 1964 - May 20th 1964

Papers relating to St Mary and St Peter's Church including invoices for furniture bought for the church, details of furniture to be moved to the new church, items to be collected from the old church, artwork in the new church, quotations for work on the new church.

Reference: H/B/G2/10

Date: November 20th 1984 - February 3rd 1986

Correspondence regarding the move of St Mary and St Peter's Church from Vauxhall Street to Wellington Road including correspondence regarding the removal of furniture, quotations from removal firms and inventories of furniture that needs to be moved.

Reference: H/B/G2/5

Date: July 15th 1985 - August 27th 1985

Correspondence regarding the sale of candlesticks and furniture from St Mary and St Peter's Church at Langlois, Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers including a catalogue of the items on sale

Reference: H/B/G2/7

Date: September 1st 1985 - October 5th 1985

Inventory of furniture and utensils at the Weighbridge Coffee Tavern

Reference: L/A/04/E/5

Date: 1890 - 1898

File concerning the House Kitchen which relates to the planning and construction of a residential home at L'Aumone, Castel, Guernsey for Methodist Homes for the Aged.

Reference: L/A/06/D/430/2/7

Date: 1990 - 1990

A very detailed ledger of weekly payments and payments for piece work to employees of Voisin & Co. [probably working in the furniture department]

Reference: L/A/16/3/1/8

Date: 1868 - 1874

Furniture Manufacturing Department day book includes wages to be paid

Reference: L/A/25/B27/1

Date: June 10th 1939 - November 27th 1954

Furniture Manufacturing Department day book includes wages to be paid

Reference: L/A/25/B27/2

Date: December 4th 1954 - September 30th 1967

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