Furniture Manufacturing Department day book includes name of customer and furniture ordered

Reference: L/A/25/B27/3

Date: January 16th 1939 - January 28th 1956

Petty Goods Journal T

Reference: L/A/25/B6/1

Date: November 6th 1937 - June 3rd 1938

Petty Goods Journal C

Reference: L/A/25/B6/10

Date: August 15th 1949 - June 28th 1950

Petty Goods Journal D

Reference: L/A/25/B6/11

Date: June 26th 1950 - April 14th 1951

Petty Goods Journal E

Reference: L/A/25/B6/12

Date: April 16th 1951 - February 26th 1952

Petty Goods Journal F

Reference: L/A/25/B6/13

Date: February 26th 1952 - December 22nd 1952

Petty Goods Journal G

Reference: L/A/25/B6/14

Date: December 23rd 1952 - October 28th 1953

Petty Goods Journal H

Reference: L/A/25/B6/15

Date: October 28th 1953 - September 29th 1954

Petty Goods Journal I

Reference: L/A/25/B6/16

Date: September 29th 1954 - August 13th 1955

Petty Goods Journal J

Reference: L/A/25/B6/17

Date: August 15th 1955 - January 31st 1956

Petty Goods Journal U

Reference: L/A/25/B6/2

Date: June 3rd 1938 - December 10th 1938

Petty Goods Journal V

Reference: L/A/25/B6/3

Date: December 10th 1938 - June 13th 1939

Petty Goods Journal W

Reference: L/A/25/B6/4

Date: June 13th 1939 - December 29th 1939

Petty Goods Journal X

Reference: L/A/25/B6/5

Date: December 29th 1939 - February 22nd 1941

Petty Goods Journal Y

Reference: L/A/25/B6/6

Date: February 25th 1941 - July 29th 1946

Petty Goods Journal Z

Reference: L/A/25/B6/7

Date: July 30th 1946 - August 22nd 1947

Petty Goods Journal A

Reference: L/A/25/B6/8

Date: August 22nd 1947 - July 14th 1948

Petty Goods Journal B

Reference: L/A/25/B6/9

Date: July 15th 1948 - August 13th 1949

Correspondence between The Buoyant Upholstery Company Limited and A de Gruchy and Company Limited concerning the stock of Buoyant Mattresses at de Gruchy's store

Reference: L/A/25/C7/9

Date: October 2nd 1930 - December 27th 1930

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