Request for information on Genealogical societies in Jersey

Reference: B/A/W41/16

Date: October 4th 1941 - October 8th 1941

Bailiffs correspondence file relating to genealogy [folder contains multiple files catalogued individually]

Reference: B/D/A/M7(846)

Date: March 14th 2000 - March 14th 2000

3 notebooks of research into the le Hardy genealogy compiled by Colonel le Hardy which include transcriptions from Jersey court records including a contract relating to Hougue Bie dated 1533 and a list of corn rents due, 1625, pedigrees, extracts from parish registers of St Martin and St Lawrence etc.

Reference: D/ELh F4-5

Date: 1890 - 1900

Copy from the Principal Probate Registry of the Will and Testament of Henry William Sayers, of The Close, Burtenshaw Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey and formerly of 59/60, Chancery Lane, London, retired genealogist. Bequeaths to Annie Lydia Sayers, his aforesaid house The Close, Burtenshaw Road. Bequeaths interest from his estate to pay for scholarships to university for Jersey born boys who go to Victoria College. Dated 03/09/1953. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/68/58

Date: April 13th 1962 - April 13th 1962

Family History

Reference: L/C/131/L

Extracts of baptisms, marriages and burials for the La Cloche Family, Seigneurs of Longueville from the Church records of St Saviour

Reference: L/C/131/L1/1

Date: 1545 - 1760

Extracts from the burial register of St Helier of the burial of Reverend Jean La Cloche, Rector of Trinity

Reference: L/C/131/L1/10

Date: April 3rd 1811 - April 3rd 1811

Extract of the marriage of Matthieu La Cloche and Jeanne Dumaresq, the baptism of the Reverend Philip La Cloche and an act of the Ecclesiastical Court relating to Reverend Etienne La Cloche

Reference: L/C/131/L1/2

Date: 1631 - 1797

Note concerning Elie de Carteret and Rachel La Cloche his wife on the back of a form concerning the abjuration of the Catholic Religion

Reference: L/C/131/L1/3

Date: 1640 - 1640

Extract from the Register of Baptisms for St Helier for Philippe son of David Patriarche and Rachel Hamptonne his wife

Reference: L/C/131/L1/4

Date: April 25th 1670 - April 25th 1670

Extract from the Register of Baptisms for St Peter Port for Guillaume son of Thomas de Beauvoir and Elizabeth Mauger his wife

Reference: L/C/131/L1/5

Date: February 16th 1679 - February 16th 1679

Extract from the marriage register for St Lawrence of the marriage of Philippe Patriarche and Ester de Beauvoir

Reference: L/C/131/L1/6

Date: April 10th 1695 - April 10th 1695

Extracts from the burial register of St Helier of burials of members of the La Cloche Family and extract from the register of marriages from the Church of Walonne de Maestricht of the marriage of Captain Jean de la Cloche and Marie Clasine Van Gangel

Reference: L/C/131/L1/7

Date: 1696 - 1751

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