Purchase and requisition of cars by the German Air Force; includes; details of payment, lists of vehicles, owners, makes, year of manufacture, and prices.

Reference: B/A/W40/1/2

Date: September 13th 1940 - September 13th 1941

Requisition and reservation of foodstuffs for the German Troops only to take place through Field Command 515. Includes list of goods requisitioned by the Air Force

Reference: B/A/W40/5/1

Date: September 4th 1940 - November 22nd 1940

Payment for the Christmas Newspaper for the German Air Force

Reference: B/A/W40/8/17

Date: July 12th 1941 - July 14th 1941

Requisitioning of rails lying at the Harbour works for the Air Force Construction Department

Reference: B/A/W40/8/76

Date: April 22nd 1942 - April 22nd 1942

Payment of interpreter Heinz Huyssen

Reference: B/A/W43/2

Date: October 8th 1940 - October 26th 1940

Der Adler: Number 25-German Edition

Reference: L/D/25/C1/1

Date: December 17th 1940 - December 17th 1940

Der Adler: Number 20-French Edition.

Reference: L/D/25/C1/10

Date: October 6th 1942 - October 6th 1942

Der Adler: Number 24-French Edition.

Reference: L/D/25/C1/11

Date: December 1st 1942 - December 1st 1942

Der Adler: Number 26-French Edition.

Reference: L/D/25/C1/12

Date: December 29th 1942 - December 29th 1942

Der Adler: Number 1-French Edition.

Reference: L/D/25/C1/13

Date: January 12th 1943 - January 12th 1943

Der Adler: Number 13-French Edition.

Reference: L/D/25/C1/14

Date: June 29th 1943 - June 29th 1943

Der Adler: Number 16-French Edition.

Reference: L/D/25/C1/15

Date: August 10th 1943 - August 10th 1943

Der Adler: Number 17-French Edition.

Reference: L/D/25/C1/16

Date: August 24th 1943 - August 24th 1943

Der Adler: Number 24-French Edition.

Reference: L/D/25/C1/17

Date: November 30th 1943 - November 30th 1943

Der Adler: Number 4-French Edition.

Reference: L/D/25/C1/18

Date: February 22nd 1944 - February 22nd 1944

Der Adler: Number 6-French Edition.

Reference: L/D/25/C1/19

Date: March 21st 1944 - March 21st 1944

Der Adler: Number 4-German Edition.

Reference: L/D/25/C1/2

Date: February 25th 1941 - February 25th 1941

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