Papers including; map of German defences, correspondence with Guernsey relating to call up notices, correspondence relating to claims for war damage and requisitioned property - Channel Islands Rehabilitation Scheme, looting of gold, correspondence concerning the German use of slaves, and the disposal of German buildings including the Underground Hospital

Reference: A/F/3

Date: July 14th 1945 - December 2nd 1977

Papers relating to compensation for French Nationals suffering losses in the Channel Islands, includes; Final Act of the Paris Conference on Reparation Papers relating to Colonel L Sabourdin's claim for gold deposited in Lloyds Bank confiscated by the German Authorities

Reference: B/A/L10/22

Date: December 21st 1945 - December 22nd 1956

Correspondence relating to the Defence (finance) regulations. File contains details of companies and their use of securities, and transfers of foreign exchange.

Reference: D/AU/X2/6

Date: 1939 - 1940

Customs case file relating to the smuggling of gold coins and Krugerrands into the United Kingdom. Includes correspondence, Customs and Excise reports, customs declarations, and witness statements. Also includes Police Reports, witness statements, and intelligence records

Reference: D/H/R1/185A1/3

Date: 1981-01 - February 17th 1986

Customs investigation file relating to the smuggling of currency and Krugerrands. Includes Customs and Excise reports, correspondence, and witness statements

Reference: D/H/R1/185A1/9

Date: November 17th 1982 - February 28th 1985

Customs file relating to other customs authorities including the authorities in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Gibraltar, India, the United States of America (USA), Portugal, Australia, and Gambia. Includes correspondence concerning Jersey registered companies, vessels, pleasure boats, yachts, gold, jewellery, cigarettes, colour scanner parts, tax avoidance, drug trafficking, cannabis smuggling, ammunition magazines for firearms, and the undervaluation of sugar. Also includes official correspondence relating to the US Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act, and a related seminar on financial investigations

Reference: D/H/R1/303

Date: January 17th 1986 - March 16th 1989

Directorate correspondence relating to the Girard De Quetteville Gold Medal at Victoria College

Reference: D/J1/A/B1/B/25/18

Date: January 16th 1913 - August 10th 1981

Testament of Jeanne Pipon widow of Pierre Mallet of St Martin now of St Helier. Dated 15/04/1808. Bequeaths to the poor 10 Louis of gold.

Reference: D/Y/A/19/1

Date: January 8th 1819 - January 8th 1819

Will and Testament of John Le Couteur of Belle Vue, St Brelade, F.R.S., Viscount of Jersey, Aide de Camp to Her Majesty the Queen and Adjutant General of the Royal Jersey Militia. Dated 18/03/1857. Bequeaths to John Halkett Le Couteur a number of family heirlooms including the great seal, in silver, of the island of Curaçao, various items in silver presented by the States of Jersey and Guernsey, a gold coronation medal presented by King William IV, a gold coronation medal presented by Queen Victoria, a silver Medaille d'Honneur presented by the Academie de l'Industrie, Agricole, Manufacturière et Commerciale (1838), a silver medal from the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (1840), a bronze prize of the Great Exhibition (1851), an Enfield rifle (1852) and the following paintings; 'Charles I' by Peters, 'The Bacchanalian' by Etty, 'The Girl with Dove' by Baillif of Paris, 'The Girl' by Grouse, two Morlands, two views in Italy by Wilson, 'The Girl' by Gainsborough, three watercolours of Waterloo by Heath. To Ann Luce, Allimcot Cottage. Codicil added 16/03/1868. Bequeaths to Harriet Le Couteur and Mary Sumner Belgian stock. Desires his landed property and Fief d'Orville et du Prieur to be divided according to Jersey law. Codicil added 04/02/1873. Records the death of his wife and John Halkett Le Couteur, his son. Bequeaths to the Reverend Harry Le Couteur Sumner the Fief d'Orville et du Prieur upon which stands St Peter's Church. Codicil added 25/02/1873. Bequeaths to Harry Le Couteur a Russian prayer book obtained by the testator's son at the fall of Sevastopol, and the seal and oar of Viscount of Jersey. Codicil added 26/02/1873. Bequeaths to Maude Sumner the 'Intellectual Observer and the Student', to Blanche Sumner 'Illustration Harticole'.

Reference: D/Y/A/39/1

Date: January 4th 1876 - January 4th 1876

Will and Testament of Alfred Arthur Herbert Voisin of Elmwood, St Lawrence. Bequeaths to his son Alfred Ernest Godfray Voisin the aforesaid Elmwood, Elmwood Lodge formerly known as Cambrai Cottage, the land known as Clos du Pont, Les Grands Monts, Les Petits Monts, the Cotil and La Pepinière, the east part of the plot known as La Cocquetterie and a strip of land to the north, Clos des Pointes, Clos de Bertaut, Clos des Charrieres, part of Clos de Cambrai, Hollydale, the Clos de la Roussetterie all in St Lawrence; to his daughter Kathleen Bertha Voisin, wife of Hedley Wesley Benest the house and shop 15 and 17, New Street and the buildings in the rear of 19 and 21, New Street, St Helier, the house and cottage near Elizabeth Lane, St Helier, the house Millbrook Vale Châlet, the Côtil du Bout, Le Petit Clos de Bas, Le Pendant, Le Petit Côtil Boisé, the land and côtil at the foot of Mont Misère, all in St Lawrence; to the aforesaid Alfred Ernest Godfray Voisin all farm implements, the gold cup presented to his fathr for his golden wedding anniversary and all the gifts presented to him by St Lawrence Parishioners, to his wife Violet Geraldine Voisin, née Godfray the life enjoyment of the gold and silver plate, furniture and effects in Elmwood. Dated 16/01/1948. Codicil Added 24/02/1950. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/10/46

Date: July 16th 1951 - July 16th 1951

Will and Testament of William James Mallet, son of John, of St Helier. Bequeaths to his wife Alice Mary Theresa Mallett, née Murphy, all his linen; to Thomas Mallet Le Seelleur, a framed photograph of his mother, two books 'The Life of Christ' and 'The Pilgrim's Progress', a silver cigarette case and a fountain pen; to Major Frederick C Murphy, all his wearing apparel, a gold ring, a gold chain, 2 engraved silver spoons and a collection of foreign stamps; to Eileen Mary Murphy, two framed photographs of his late daughter. Dated 10/01/1950. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/10/52

Date: July 23rd 1951 - July 23rd 1951

Will and Testament of Grace Evelyn Bell of La Plage Hotel, St Helier and of 38, Melville Court, Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush, London. Bequeaths to Daisy Ruth Davies, a gold chain bracelet. Dated 30/11/1950. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/11/11

Date: August 10th 1951 - August 10th 1951

Will and Testament of Adriaan van Overzee, also known as Adrian van Overzee, of Bon Air, St Peter, a retired tea planter. Bequeaths to Anthony John Leland Junior, a set of gold coin cuff links; to Thomas Leland, a signet ring; to Wilhelmus Anthonius van Bylert Junior, a set of gold shirt studs, to Anthony John Leland Senior, a silver pencil, a large chinese plate and telescope; to Wilhelmus Anthonius van Bylert Senior, a compactum cupboard; Ethel Violet van Bylert, a pair of field glasses. Desires to be cremated. Dated 20/10/1946. Codicil Added 17/08/1947. [Includes two closed documents]

Reference: D/Y/B1/11/34

Date: September 25th 1951 - September 25th 1951

Will and Testament of Lydie Le Brocq daughter of Josué of St Ouen. Desires to be buried in the Cemetery of St Ouen. Bequeaths to Edward Le Maistre a silver spoon, to Philip Brocq Le Maistre a silver spoon and a silver watch with gold chain, to Lilian Bichard née Le Maistre a gold ring, a salt spoon and silver spoons with different inscriptions, to Doris Le Maistre a gold ring, a pair of sugar tongs and silver spoons with different inscriptions and to the said Lilian Le Maistre and Doris Le Maistre all clothing, linen, crockery, plate and furniture. Dated 02/12/1946. [Includes 1 closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/5/69

Date: July 6th 1950 - July 6th 1950

Images of a goldsmith undertaking his work for a Young Company feature.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/3/8613

Date: October 20th 1978 - October 20th 1978

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1978/8613

Images of a woman and a man holding gold bars at Standard Chartered Bank. Jersey Evening Post

Reference: L/A/75/A3/5/2740

Date: January 9th 1980 - January 9th 1980

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1980/2740.

Images of a Bronze Age gold torque on display at the Société Jersiaise museum on Pier Road for the first time in 50 years. The torque was found by a workman on a building site in Lewis Street in 1889 [from JEP 28/05/1981 p 5].

Reference: L/A/75/A3/6/7650

Date: May 28th 1981 - May 28th 1981

Photographer: Gary Grimshaw

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1981/7650.

Images of Sylvia Moignard holding a potato which has grown around a gold ring, taken for an article in the Under The Clock column [from JEP 23/06/1981 p 7].

Reference: L/A/75/A3/6/7879

Date: June 18th 1981 - June 18th 1981

Photographer: Glenn Rankine

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1981/7879.

Images of a computer with a graph relating to the value of gold and an unidentified man next to the computer.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/8/690

Date: March 7th 1983 - March 7th 1983

Photographer: Gary Grimshaw

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1983/690.

Letter from Father [Henry Sydney Le Sueur], Sables d'Or, Bel Royal to Kenneth [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur]. Refers to news received from Ralph [Ralph Sydney Le Sueur], remarks about the new SWR [South Western Railway] steamers Isle of Jersey and Isle of Guernsey and T B Davis' yacht Westward, and outlines intention to present a gold watch presented to Dr [Daniel] Dumaresq by King Stanisław of Poland to the museum of the Société Jersiaise.

Reference: L/C/142/A1/C6/5

Date: January 24th 1930 - January 27th 1930

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