St Brelade Clubs and Societies: Jersey Western Golf Club, including a copy of the rules and a list of members

Reference: B/A/W30/150/128

Date: 1941 - 1941

Societies incorporated by Act of the States of Jersey: La Moye Golf Club including a 1933 rules and regulations booklet and a nominal roll of members

Reference: B/A/W30/150/21

Date: 1940 - 1941

Societies incorporated by Act of the States of Jersey: Royal Jersey Golf Club, including a booklet of rules and regulations and a list of members

Reference: B/A/W30/150/22

Date: 1940 - 1941

Requisition of Gorey Golf Links for agricultural cultivation

Reference: B/A/W40/8/245

Date: February 1st 1944 - February 1st 1944

Public 18-Hole Golf Course: La Moye Farm/Les Creux, St Brelade, lodged by the Island Development Committee.

Reference: C/A616/1986/P112

Date: August 19th 1986 - August 19th 1986

Digital copy of Witness Statement given by Witness 338 in a foreign country and then translated into English. [Some details redacted]. For Officer's Report by Detective Sergeant Richard Miller relating to Witness 338 see C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/22/WS000141.

Reference: C/D/AW1/A3/6/1/29/WD000857

Date: February 1st 2010 - April 20th 2010

Digital copy of [a male individual's] statement to States of Jersey Police in the presence of Detective Constable William Prior, and [the male individual's mother]. Signed by D/S [Detective Sergeant] John Riseborough and Detective Constable William Prior. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 182. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 182's witness statements to States of Jersey Police see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/16.

Reference: C/D/AW1/A3/6/2/23/WD003311

Date: May 16th 1982 - May 16th 1982

Digital copy of the Transcript of Day 81 of the hearings for the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

Reference: C/D/AW15/TD000081

Date: June 30th 2015 - June 30th 2015

Digital copy of E-mail Correspondence between William Bailhache, Graham Power, David Warcup, and Dominic Kennedy, on the subject of The Times/historical abuse inquiry. [Some details redacted]. For Graham Power's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 23 February 2015, see C/D/AW4/B2/16/WS000536.

Reference: C/D/AW4/A5/16/WD008202

Date: August 11th 2008 - August 12th 2008

Digital copy of Paragraphs 223 to 234 from the Statement of Graham Power, Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police to Brian Moore, Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, as part of Operation Haven, a disciplinary enquiry into the discharge of Mr Power's role as Chief Officer in relation to Operation Rectangle. Includes reference to Andrew Lewis. For Andrew Lewis's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 8 February 2016, see C/D/AW4/B2/4/WS000709.

Reference: C/D/AW4/A5/4/WD007492

Date: July 30th 2009 - July 30th 2009

Digital copy of Exhibit BC23: English translation of a Witness Statement of a former resident of Haut de la Garenne relating to allegations of abuse made against a man who visited him and took him out from Haut de la Garenne. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Brian Carter's Second Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 20 October 2015 [C/D/AW4/B2/5/WS000651].

Reference: C/D/AW4/A5/5/WD008327/19

Date: April 20th 2010 - April 20th 2010

Sound recording of Michel Gould speaking about the Occupation and the years after. He was interviewed on 07/02/2005 by Stuart Nicolle for the Liberation to Coronation Oral History Project. Mr Gould speaks about the troups landing in town, cycling from Grouville, the school shutting down, the children looting, exploring the fortifications, the mines removal, getting the golf course back in shape, his father’s job as a manager at Boots, the coming of fresh products, the rationing after the Liberation, his time at Victoria College during the Occupation and the teachers, one of his teacher participating in the Olympics, being a part of the guard of honors during the Montgomery visit, going to work as a lawyer at Hillstreet, learning at distance, passing the bat, participating in a French exchange, helping out on farms during the Occupation, the weighbridge, tourism, traveling by cars, motocycles and bicycles, the Battle of Flowers, the Boots on Queen Roads, shops, watching the coronation on television, traveling to Southampton to see his family, the lawyers on royal courts and the day he was sworn in.

Reference: C/D/P/P1/32

Date: February 7th 2005

The Boomer Legacy - La Moye Golf Club, The First Hundred Years, 1902-2002

Reference: CA/F/3

Date: 2001

La Moye Golf Club Official Handbook

Reference: D/AS/B1/7

Date: 1972 - 1972

Royal Jersey Golf Club Official Handbook

Reference: D/AS/B1/8

Date: 1972 - 1972

Rediffusion Golf Tournament held at La Moye Golf Club

Reference: D/AS/B2/10

Date: September 30th 1966 - October 2nd 1966

Directorate correspondence relating to Playing Fields, Les Quennevais, includes; copies of plans of the site, correspondence regarding access and layout, facilities for different sports such as squash and kart racing and cricket, details of the layout a development at Don Farm, Les Quennevais, correspondence regarding issues such as floodlighting and maintenance and a report into provision of a new golf course in Jersey.

Reference: D/J1/A/B1/P/1/15

Date: May 5th 1971 - December 18th 1972

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