Letter from the Bailiff Robert Pipon Marett to the Lieutenant Governor Nicholson re. charge to the States by Armourer Sergeant Henry Vint for cleaning rifles and erection of light at Gorey harbour

Reference: A/C2/22/1

Date: March 15th 1882 - March 15th 1882

Papers relating to the Law to remove the ban established on the entry of Gorey Harbour by ships arriving saving those from the Bailiwick

Reference: A/D1/L1/89

Date: August 22nd 1949 - December 20th 1949

Liberation Day 1970: Organisation of transport; HMS Eskimo, fly past of the RAF, arrival at Gorey Harbour of French guests

Reference: B/A/L41/16/3

Date: March 5th 1970 - May 6th 1970

Opening of slipways for vraic collecting at La Rocque, La Haule, Pontac, L'Etacquerel Tower, La Pulente, Greve De Lecq, Bonne Nuit Bay, Bouley Bay, Gorey Harbour, La Motte, Grand Hotel - St Helier, St Aubin, St Brelade's Bay - Centre. Includes correspondence on artificial fertilisers.

Reference: B/A/W32/4/8

Date: August 21st 1941 - November 9th 1943

Closing of Rozel and Gorey Harbours. Weekly returns of fish caught at St Helier, Gorey, Rozel, St Aubin, and Bonne Nuit harbours, 05/09/1942 - 21/11/1942. Amount of fish caught at each of the above harbours from 04/05/1942 - 29/08/1942.

Reference: B/A/W35/16

Date: September 8th 1942 - December 4th 1942

Weekly returns of fish caught at Bonne Nuit, Gorey, Rozel, St Aubin, and St Helier harbours, 27/03/1943 - 17/03/1945. List of licensed Fishermen to fish for the civil population for the season 1945.

Reference: B/A/W35/17

Date: March 27th 1943 - May 4th 1945

Correspondence re. fishing in 1944, includes: Supervision of fishing from the shore List of permit holders

Reference: B/A/W35/20

Date: March 30th 1944 - May 12th 1944

Correspondence re. the construction of a gauge railway from St Helier's Harbour to Gorey Harbour

Reference: B/A/W40/8/153

Date: December 15th 1942 - December 28th 1942

Removal of cranes from all harbours except St Helier Harbour

Reference: B/A/W40/8/244A

Date: January 25th 1944 - March 1st 1944

Evacuation of houses at Gorey Harbour, belonging to E Edwards, F Gallichan, A Lee, W Le Cornu, E Springate, and B Marriette

Reference: B/A/W40/8/293

Date: May 26th 1944 - June 15th 1944

Requisition of the boat Santy, at Gorey Harbour, belonging to Mr Hennequin, La Rocque

Reference: B/A/W40/8/428

Date: March 21st 1945 - March 21st 1945

Requisition of the boat, Edith, at Gorey Harbour, administered by P H Springate, La Cotile, Gorey

Reference: B/A/W40/8/430

Date: March 22nd 1945 - March 22nd 1945

Requisition of two boats; Daisy, lying at Gorey, and 237 at St Helier Harbour, belonging to Mr Le Maistre, Bath Street, St Helier

Reference: B/A/W40/8/432

Date: March 26th 1945 - March 26th 1945

Requisition of equipment from the fisheries at St Helier, St Aubin, Rozel and Gorey harbours

Reference: B/A/W40/8/443

Date: April 10th 1945 - April 10th 1945

Closure of the beach road at Gorey Harbour

Reference: B/A/W50/159

Date: July 10th 1944 - July 10th 1944

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: an arsenal for St Helier Battalion; the library; registration; buoy near Chausseys; importation of French cattle from Guernsey; the census; export of grain; oyster fishing; heating in the Royal Court; punishment of crime; resignation of Jurat Philip de Carteret; protestant dissenters; distilleries and the trade in spirits; distressed seamen from the wreck 'Medusa'; dock dues; dredging; gas lighting in St Helier; extente of 1331; book entitled 'The Fortress'; gunpowder; improvements to St Helier harbour; exports from Mont Orgueil harbour; Jurat Le Couteur; maintenance of Kempt and Lewis Towers at St Ouen; sending lunatics to England or France and lunatics in the General Hospital; magazines; mails between England and the Channel Islands; marriage of Queen Victoria; sale of land from Jean and Thomas Perchard for Beresford Street market; painting of the laying of the foundation stone at St Helier harbour by G S Reynolds; petition against French imports; petition from the inhabitants of Gorey concerning fishing; better regulation of the prison; quakers and moravians; hoisting the yellow flag of quarantine; the Savings Bank and foreign vessels

Reference: C/A5/3

Date: March 13th 1837 - November 15th 1847

Report and Proposition Regarding the Development of Gorey Pier, lodged by the Harbours and Airport Committee

Reference: C/A607/1977/P41

Date: May 3rd 1977 - May 3rd 1977

Draft Pilotage (General Provisions) (Amendment) (Jersey) Regulations 199, lodged by the Harbours and Airport Committee.

Reference: C/A620/1990/P50

Date: April 10th 1990 - April 10th 1990

Programme for the unveiling of plaques at Gorey Harbour and Le Hurel slip to commemorate the men who escaped during the German Occupation

Reference: C/C/L/C9/2

Date: January 20th 1995 - January 20th 1995

Design for the wording on the 'Clarke/Haas' memorial to the American officers who escaped to France in January 1945 with the help of Wilfred Bertram, unveiled on 20 January 1995 by the Bailiff Sir Peter Crill at Gorey Harbour

Reference: C/C/L/C9/4

Date: 1995 - 1995

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