Housing Committee: Development Proposals for 1986, lodged by the Housing Committee.

Reference: C/A615/1985/P65

Date: June 11th 1985 - June 11th 1985

Great Union Road/Colombus Street, St Helier: Development, lodged by the Housing Committee.

Reference: C/A616/1986/P4

Date: January 7th 1986 - January 7th 1986

Housing Committee Development Proposals for 1987, lodged by the Housing Committee.

Reference: C/A616/1986/P75

Date: May 27th 1986 - May 27th 1986

Plans of the Good Companions Club House, Great Union Road

Reference: D/AL/A2/7

Date: 1962 - 1962

New Sewer - Rouge Bouillion,120 Great Union Road, - Contract No.124. Photographs of Boundary Walls,Exterior and Interior to Properties Including West End Hotel.{Corresponding written file can be found under D/AL/C2/967}. For the States of Jersey Resources Recovery Board.

Reference: D/AL/C4/967

Date: November 17th 1983 - November 17th 1983

Daily Cholera return form listing entries from midnight of the 9th September to midnight of the 10th September 1849

Reference: D/AP/Y/B/1/18

Date: September 9th 1849 - September 10th 1849

Closure orders and demolition of property due to the property having been condemed as unfit for human habitation by the Department of Public Health during the Occupation. Contains photographs of properties on Great Union Street - these photographs have had to be physically separated from the file to be stored in photographic storage - to order these photographs see item ref's D/AP/Y/D/1/145 - D/AP/Y/D/1/147

Reference: D/AP/Y/D/1

Date: 1940 - 1944

Accommodation File 1034 - Great Union Hotel

Reference: D/AS/W1/1034

Date: December 31st 1959 - December 31st 1986

Accommodation File 165 - Berwyn Hotel

Reference: D/AS/W1/165

Date: February 4th 1948 - January 31st 1972

Accommodation file 216 - Linga Longa Guest House

Reference: D/AS/W1/216

Date: February 4th 1948 - December 31st 2007

Accommodation file 346 - Lynwood Guest House

Reference: D/AS/W1/346

Date: January 4th 1948 - December 31st 1982

Accommodation file 580 - Kelvin Guest House

Reference: D/AS/W1/580

Date: May 21st 1953 - December 31st 1965

Accommodation File 691 - Montana Guest House

Reference: D/AS/W1/691

Date: June 8th 1954 - December 31st 1985

Accommodation File 865 - Avoca Villa Guest House

Reference: D/AS/W1/865

Date: February 12th 1957 - December 31st 2003

Accommodation File 990 - Royal Oak Guest House

Reference: D/AS/W1/990

Date: March 27th 1958 - December 31st 2000

File containing a copy of Jersey Island Plan. Environmental Protection and Improvement Area Number Two. Includes sections concerning: land use, residential, light industry, warehousing, traffic, parking, environmental quality. Also includes illustrations, original drawings, maps, and plans

Reference: D/G/A8/3/16

Date: October 22nd 1984 - July 2nd 1986

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