Miscellaneous petitions from Jersey and Guernsey

Reference: 21M65/J1/1/D

Date: 1682 - 1756

Papers relating to cures and chapels in Jersey and Guernsey

Reference: 21M65/J1/5/C

Date: 1810 - 1812

Diary of Pilot Officer D H Wissler relating his experiences as a Fighter Pilot with the RAF, including his service with the No 17 Squadron in Le Mans, and Dinard, France, Jersey and Guernsey from May to June 1940.

Reference: 91/41/1

Date: 1940 - 1940

Papers of the Privy Council Committee chairman, the Duke of Atholl including the Committee's terms of reference, minutes, memoranda, reports and other documents relating to each island, the Duke of Atholl's correspondence, newscuttings and the final report of January 1926

Reference: 9982/1-8

Date: 1925 - 1926

Letter from W Venables Vernon, Lincoln's Inn, London to the Lieutenant-Governor [Lieutenant General Charles Ewart] regarding the subject of martial law with reference to Orders in Council of 1603 and 1845 and the situation in Guernsey in 1781

Reference: A/C2/31/12

Date: May 14th 1892 - May 14th 1892

Letter from the Lieutenant-Governor of Guernsey [??] to E Markham Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey regarding Mr Campbell Bannerman's proposals see A/C2/32/2

Reference: A/C2/32/6

Date: August 15th 1893 - August 15th 1893

Letter from Horace West, Secretary of State Home Department to the Lieutenant-Governor [Major General Edwin Markham] explaining the situation as regards honours for the Channel Islands, requests the Lieutenant-Governor of Guernsey should support the application for Colonel Le Cornu's award

Reference: A/C2/33/5

Date: April 9th 1894 - April 9th 1894

Letter from the Lieutenant-Governor in Guernsey General Stevenson to E Markham Lieutenant-Governor in Jersey informing him he will support the application of an award for Colonel Le Cornu. Reply on the same paper 13 April 1984 from Markham originally enclosed with his official recommendation

Reference: A/C2/33/6

Date: April 12th 1894 - April 12th 1894

Letter from the Lieutenant-Governor in Guernsey General Stevenson to E Markham Lieutenant-Governor Jersey official letter of support for the recommendation of an honour to be awarded to Colonel Le Cornu

Reference: A/C2/33/7

Date: April 14th 1894 - April 14th 1894

Letter from E Markham Lieutenant-Governor to Horace West, Secretary of State Home Department originally enclosed with the letter of support for Colonel Le Cornu's award, from Lieutenant- Governor in Guernsey Stevenson see A/C2/33/7

Reference: A/C2/33/8

Date: April 16th 1894 - April 16th 1894

Letter from B Campbell, Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey to H S Gough Lieutenant Governor of Jersey regarding the withdrawal of the Regiment from Guernsey and giving him the authority to contradict the statement, two typed copies of newspaper articles re. the situation

Reference: A/C2/41/6

Date: March 4th 1905 - March 4th 1905

Reconstitution of the Royal Jersey Militia and Royal Guernsey Militia

Reference: A/C6/1

Date: February 1st 1946 - December 30th 1949

Social Security agreement between the United Kingdom, Jersey and Guernsey

Reference: A/D1/A18/15

Date: June 7th 1962 - June 19th 1967

Photocopies of Guernsey documents relating to privateers and newscuttings relating to Jersey privateers during the wars with France

Reference: A/D1/P22

Date: 1777 - 1988

Visits of VIP's to Jersey, includes royalty, and the Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey

Reference: A/D1/V2

Date: August 3rd 1887 - September 29th 1965

Correspondence relating to Second World War dead including the names of Russian dead, plan of strangers cemetery, German war graves, naval ratings in Howard Davis Park Cemetery, deportees graves, and Guernsey war dead

Reference: A/D1/W1/2

Date: June 13th 1944 - December 11th 1961

Correspondence and papers relating to the Military Service Act and the contribution to the cost of war by the States of Jersey

Reference: A/E/3

Date: September 30th 1914 - July 20th 1918

Papers including; map of German defences, correspondence with Guernsey relating to call up notices, correspondence relating to claims for war damage and requisitioned property - Channel Islands Rehabilitation Scheme, looting of gold, correspondence concerning the German use of slaves, and the disposal of German buildings including the Underground Hospital

Reference: A/F/3

Date: July 14th 1945 - December 2nd 1977

File V.2/46 Visits of the Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey

Reference: A/U2/11

Date: September 12th 1980 - August 9th 1991

Accounts of Mrs E Pickstone for victuals for the Forces in Jersey Guernsey and Alderney

Reference: AO 1/178/524-536

Date: 1786 - 1814

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