Request from the Department of Public Health for the purchase of surplus dental supplies available from Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W45/48

Date: November 3rd 1942 - December 1st 1942

Offer of a loan of foreign currency from Guernsey to Jersey

Reference: B/A/W45/49

Date: November 2nd 1942 - November 3rd 1942

Resolution of thanks from the States of Guernsey to the States of Jersey for assistance with provision of essential commodities

Reference: B/A/W45/5

Date: November 15th 1940 - November 25th 1940

Shipment of flour from Jersey to Guernsey after delivery to Jersey by mistake

Reference: B/A/W45/50

Date: December 3rd 1942 - March 25th 1943

Replacement of the staff at Granville with Mr Louis Beghin and Mr M A A Guillemet.

Reference: B/A/W45/51

Date: February 13th 1943 - March 12th 1943

Request for fire bars, slide bars and boiler door shield plates from the Jersey Gas Light Company Limited, 97 Bath Street, St Helier, to Burgess Engineers Limited, Hougue a la Perre, Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W45/52

Date: June 2nd 1944 - July 3rd 1944

Loan of 50 tons of flour from Jersey to Guernsey Requisition of flour for the use of the German Forces Mentions the arrival of the Vega with no flour on board

Reference: B/A/W45/53

Date: January 10th 1945 - February 7th 1945

Shipment of Grapes from Guernsey on the SS Normand

Reference: B/A/W45/6

Date: November 24th 1940 - December 6th 1940

Correspondence re. payment for meat purchased by the States of Jersey on behalf of the States of Guernsey, and consignment of meat to the Channel Islands

Reference: B/A/W45/7

Date: January 10th 1941 - April 28th 1941

Proposed meeting of delegates from the States of Jersey and Guernsey including the Presidents of the Departments of Agriculture and Essential Commodities

Reference: B/A/W45/8

Date: February 20th 1941 - March 31st 1941

Correspondence re. division of foodstuffs sent from Granville between Jersey and Guernsey. Request from Guernsey that instead of receiving a third of imports they should receive 37% of imports, except in the case of animal feeding stuff and flour where Jersey should receive more than 63%.

Reference: B/A/W45/9

Date: February 26th 1941 - September 27th 1941

Message Organisation - see also B/A/W49/5 for Guernsey's enquiries relating to the Message Organisation During the Occupation. Includes: Requests for facilities to be provided for personal news to be sent to England - September 1940. Extracts from the Jersey Evening Post as to how Jersey people may send messages to relatives in England. Sample form for enquiries. Suspension of sending of enquiries to the Field Command 515 - October 1940. Setting up of the Bailiff's Enquiry and News Office, 49 Halkett Place, St Helier - and subsequent reorganisations. Sketch of rubber stamp to send messages through the Red Cross. Enquiry from the Foreign Office in Berlin as to the whereabouts of Mrs Héléne de la Cote-Schaefer, Villa Sonnschein, Tabor Lane, St Brelade. Information from the International Red Cross that Mr J Leslie, Oxford Lodge, Oxford Road, St Helier, now of Val Plaisant's brother has died. Request from Catherine E Norfor, Kumasi, No 3, First Tower, St Helier that her will be sent to the Lunacy Law Reform Society. Monetary advances for the relatives of British Soldiers native to the Channel Islands - notes of a meeting between the Red Cross and the Department of Finance and Economics Summary of the St John's Ambulance Association Emergency Committee receipts and payments 09/09/1939 - 30/06/1944 List made by the Bailiff of Red Cross Messages sent and replies for December 1940 - December 1941, and January - June 1944

Reference: B/A/W49/1/1

Date: September 20th 1940 - November 14th 1944

Newscuttings from the Guernsey Evening Press, Les Chroniques de Jersey and the Jersey Evening Post, relating to the arrival of the SS Vega in the Channel Islands

Reference: B/A/W49/14/4

Date: December 30th 1944 - January 3rd 1945

Minutes of a meeting held at 'Rozel', Mount Durand 29/12/1944, between representatives from the International Red Cross, the States of Jersey and Guernsey, and the German Forces, to discuss Red Cross supplies for the Channel Islands. Includes correspondence with Guernsey and cards from the Red Cross representatives.

Reference: B/A/W49/14/5

Date: December 29th 1944 - December 29th 1944

Transfer of Flight Sergeant Donald B Newman from Guernsey to Jersey

Reference: B/A/W49/2/17

Date: April 7th 1945 - April 7th 1945

Gifts of Foodstuff and Medical Supplies from the International Red Cross Committee in Geneva. Includes orders to distribute supplies to the wounded, sick children and babies - proportion of supplies to go to Guernsey Cutting from the Jersey Evening Post, 22/04/1941 - re. the Public Health Committee's decision on the disposal of the Red Cross Supplies

Reference: B/A/W49/4

Date: March 14th 1941 - May 6th 1941

Enquiries from Guernsey relating to the Red Cross Messages Service in Jersey. - see also B/A/W49/1 Includes sample enquiry forms, and detailed explanation of the process of sending messages

Reference: B/A/W49/5

Date: September 18th 1941 - September 23rd 1941

Requests for supply of Insulin and Vitamin Concentrates from the German Red Cross, for the Channel Islands

Reference: B/A/W49/6

Date: September 30th 1941 - April 8th 1944

Jersey and Guernsey applications to the Red Cross for surgical supplies, medicine and instruments. See also B/A/W45/40. Includes; A request for the people of the Islands to receive parcels at Christmas time from the Red Cross. Detailed lists of supplies needed and sent. Report stating the population of Jersey, and amount of rations given to each class of person. Three internees returned from internment camp due to ill health.

Reference: B/A/W49/9

Date: June 18th 1942 - October 17th 1944

Action to be taken to prevent smuggling of goods into Jersey

Reference: B/A/W50/11

Date: February 12th 1941 - November 18th 1941

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