Digital copy of Child Death and Significant Case Reviews: International Approaches; Report to the Scottish Executive by Nick Axford and Roger Bullock.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000118

Date: June 1st 2005 - June 30th 2005

Digital copy of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal of Inquiry Encyclopaedia, Part A: A Summary of the Law 1974 to 1991.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000120

Date: 2000 - 2000

Digital copy of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal of Inquiry Encyclopedia, Part B: A Summary of the Library of Reports.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000121

Date: 2000 - 2000

Digital copy of Learning from Past Experience - A Review of Serious Case Reviews by Ruth Sinclair of National Children's Bureau and Roger Bullock of Dartington Social Research Unit, signed by Jacqui Smith, Minister of State for Community, Department of Health.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000126

Date: June 1st 2002 - June 30th 2002

Digital copy of Working Together to Safeguard Children by the Department of Health, Home Office and Department for Education and Employment.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000134

Date: 1999 - 1999

Digital copy of A review of services for children in care in the UK since 1945 and a comparison with the situation in Jersey by Roger Bullock and Roy Parker for the Jersey Independent Care Inquiry. [The Bullock Report].

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000136

Date: July 1st 2014 - July 31st 2014

Digital copy of Children in the Public Care: A Review of Residential Child Care by Sir William Utting.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000143

Date: 1991 - 1991

Digital copy of Choosing with care: the report of the Committee of Inquiry into selection, development and management of staff in children's homes by Norman Warner, Dick Clough, Adrian Gozzard, Jim Hughes, Florence Iles, Adrianne Jones, Richard Lansdown, Dudley Procter, Susan Thomas and Richard White for the Department of Health.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000144

Date: 1992 - 1992

Digital copy of People Like Us: The Report of the Review of the Safeguards for Children Living Away from Home by Sir William Utting, Catherine Baines, Marian Stuart, John Rowlands and Roz Vialva for the Department of Health and the Welsh Office.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000145

Date: 1998 - 1998

Digital copy of The Children Act 1989 Guidance and Regulations Volume 4: Residential Care; Department of Health.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000146

Date: 1991 - 1991

Digital copy of Working Together under the Children Act 1989: a guide to arrangements for inter-agency co-operation for the protection of children from abuse; Home Office, Department of Health, Department of Education and Science, and Welsh Office.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000147

Date: 1991 - 1991

Digital copy of a list of United Kingdom guidance relating to the care of children and young people, in particular with respect to the Children Act 1989. The documents listed dates from 1990 to 2013, and include document numbers. [Please note that the documents referred to in this list are not featured in C/D/AW8/B].

Reference: C/D/AW8/B/LG000169

Date: 2014 - 2014

Item E18 from Box E/7 Other Jurisdictions: United Kingdom and Isles. Filing of the Review Panel on the Machinery of Government [Clothier Panel]. Local Government Bill. Draft Guidance. New Constitutions. Consultative draft of proposed guidance and regulations on new constitutions for councils

Reference: D/G/A5/7/18

Date: 1999 - 1999

Items E14 from Box E/8 Isle of Man - Other Jurisdictions: United Kingdom and Isles. Filing of the Review Panel on the Machinery of Government [Clothier Panel]. The Council of Ministers. Notes for Ministers. Includes sections regarding: departments, meetings, the functions of the Governor in Council, policies, priorities, seating arrangements, guidelines on collective responsibility, private interests, duties, responsibilities, and civil servants

Reference: D/G/A5/8/14

Date: 1992-01 - 1996-10

File containing a copy of the Display Screen Equipment at Work Approved Code of Practice. Health and Safety at Work Jersey Law, 1989. Health and Safety Inspectorate. Includes sections concerning: application of the code, the analysis of workstations to assess and reduce risks, requirements for workstations, the daily routine of users, the employer's duty to plan activities, eyes and eyesight, the provision of training, workstation minimum requirements, and possible health effects

Reference: D/G/A9/1/PH/2A/1

Date: 1989 - December 1st 1998

File containing copy of table of fees for Planning and Building Applications, advisory notes for Planning Applications and a blank planning application form.

Reference: D/W/F5/8

Date: 1997 - 1998

Report entitled 'Planning for People First, a Design and Development Action Study for Environmental Protection and Improvement Areas 2 and 5, St Helier, Volume 2, Design Guidance for EPIAs 3 and 5', produced by the States of Jersey Planning and Environment Committee, 1995.

Reference: D/W/G1/40

Date: 1995 - 1995

Copy from the District Probate Registry at Llandudno of the Will and Testament dated 1 August 1940 and Act of Probate dated 13 May 1943 of Henry Lewis Pullin, Guidance, Quintrel Downs, Newquay.

Reference: D/Y/A/118/37

Date: July 25th 1947 - July 25th 1947

Garrison Routine Orders by Major J H K Parsley, Officer Commanding Troops, Jersey. Serial No. 88, [Garrison Routine Orders] 394-395. Signed by Captain J P Walters, Staff Captain "Q", Garrison Headquarters.

Reference: L/C/146/B3/1/88

Date: April 24th 1946 - April 24th 1946

Correspondence from the Headquarters Coordinator to Mrs Renouf with attached forms and notes for guidance on filling in forms

Reference: L/D/66/D1/3

Date: 1981 - 1981

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