Memorandum from Colonel H Owen to the States Engineer request for extra accommodation for gun stores at the four country Arsenals St Mary, St Peter, St Martin and Grouville with diagram of boarding he was suggesting

Reference: A/C2/43/103

Date: November 6th 1907 - November 6th 1907

Letter from H S Gough Lieutenant Governor to the Bailiff [W V Vernon] requesting boarding for the Gun sheds at the country Arsenals

Reference: A/C2/44/18

Date: March 26th 1908 - March 26th 1908

Letter from W V Vernon Bailiff to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] acknowledging receipt of his letter of 26 March see A/C2/44/18 regarding boarding for the gun sheds and informing him the letter had been forwarded to the Defence Committee

Reference: A/C2/44/19

Date: March 26th 1908 - March 26th 1908

Letter from W V Vernon, Bailiff to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] enclosed with an Act of the Defence Committee directing the States Engineer to start the work on the gun sheds

Reference: A/C2/44/21

Date: April 2nd 1908 - April 2nd 1908

Papers relating to the firing of the noon day gun at Fort Regent

Reference: A/D1/T4

Date: September 2nd 1919 - May 6th 1920

Papers relating to a claim for a Rover Car, gun and wireless set from Alexander Wilson, Villa Isis Hotel, 87, Don Road, St Helier

Reference: B/A/L10/36

Date: November 28th 1946 - January 23rd 1947

Request from Colin Tett, Priors, St Saviour for permission to salvage some abandoned German Coastal Guns from Grosnez Point, St Ouen

Reference: B/A/L38/6

Date: August 18th 1967 - October 2nd 1967

Translations of the Orders of the German Commandant with Act of registration by the Royal Court

Reference: B/A/W30/6

Date: July 8th 1940 - July 10th 1940

Hunting rabbits with applications to hold sporting guns for the same

Reference: B/A/W31/2/17

Date: October 3rd 1940 - September 18th 1944

Advisory Council on Firearms minute book

Reference: C/D/AN1/1

Date: July 2nd 1986 - October 13th 1988

Correspondence relating to armaments at the castle

Reference: C/D/P/A3/8

Date: August 13th 1984 - May 28th 1985

Sound recording of Leo Harris speaking about the Occupation and the years after. Hee was interviewed on 08/01/2005 by Marleen Hacquoil for the Liberation to Coronation Oral History Project. Mr Harris speaks about coming from Edimburgh to Jersey in 1939 with his family, staying at the Marina Hotel, missing the evacuation boats to leave after the Germans landing, watching the German soldiers parade, going to De La Salle College, stealing bicycles from the German, his father buying and hidding cars, the germans requisitioning buildings, moving hidden cars, listening to the radio, the German Field Police, stealing guns, house raids, escaping deportations, his father releasing North African prisoners, his brother's release from prison, the british soldiers, pubs, collaborators, leaving the island after the occupation and going back to Edinburgh before returning to Jersey in 1946, the priority of goods exportation to Jersey and Guersney, the feeling that the states should have help less, the removal of the railway lines and the german leaving on landing crafts.

Reference: C/D/P/P1/40

Date: January 8th 2005

Draft bill regarding hunting during the winter, permits required for guns to be obtained from the Constables, presented by the Constable of St Helier. Lodged au Greffe, printed by Le Lievre Brothers, States Printers.

Reference: D/AP/AD/4/42

Date: January 11th 1867 - January 11th 1867

File containing two maps. The German Defences of Jersey 1940-45 compiled from official sources, and German Fortifications in Jersey Situation as at January 1945

Reference: D/G/C3/4/3

Date: 1940 - 1945

Customs file relating to import and export controls, and firearms certificates. Contains original applications for import licences, and original import licences regarding pistols, shot guns, revolvers, ammunition, air rifles, black powder, and percussion pistols

Reference: D/H/R1/7.25.1/1

Date: January 15th 1991 - June 26th 1991

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