Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: Abattoirs at Herm and Argentine cattle; Acts of Parliament; proposed arsenal in St Helier; ordnance for the militia; improvements at the asylum; auditors' reports; import duties on the baggage of soldiers and sailors; pews in parish churches; ban on animal imports; Bills to Parliament; sale of cockles; appeal case relating to Julia Westaway will; hand over of Mont Orgueil to States and works there; rifle range at Blanches Banques; introduction of dogs to the island; colonial marriages; import accounts; trial of Thomas Connan; correspondence with the Privy Council; ecclesiastical constitutions; industrial schools; special flag for 'Duke of Normandy'; Jersey Mutual Fire Insurance Society; rules of Jersey Savings Bank; joint stock companies; Lt Governor's veto; merchant shipping; militia rolls; seigneural dues on land near Mont Orgueil and the signal station there; trading stamps; Victoria Cottage Homes report; editor of the Jersey Times called to the bar of the States and the Workmans' Compensation Bill

Reference: C/A5/11

Date: January 16th 1906 - November 11th 1908

Promotional brochureThe Channel Islands, Jersey, Guernsey, Herm, Sark, Alderney

Reference: D/AS/A18/34

Date: 2003 - 2003

File of the Attorney General - A Hilgrove Turner Esquire's Correspondence. Contains: Communications mainly with Government House concerning comments on draft bills and acts, details of criminal cases, the appointment of Maurice Alavoine as Consul for Belgium at St Helier, the building of a new arsenal for St Helier, titles of registered companies, Mr J J Le Sueur to act as Vice-Consul for the Netherlands in Jersey, building of St Peter's Barracks, Mr Leonce l'Hermitte Ogier to act as Vice-Consul for Sweden, acts and crimes concerning the Militia, sale of Noirmont Tower by the War Department, and the leasing of Herm to a German Company.

Reference: D/Z/H2/4

Date: January 18th 1908 - November 30th 1911

Photographs which relate to the Jersey Evening Post and include: Christopher de Ste Croix, a group on a ship to Guernsey and Herm, and Ian and Stephen Carter.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/EP/25/7

Date: 1969-08 - 1969-08

Subject: Evening Post

File number: 25

Page number: 7

Photographs which relate to the Jersey Evening Post and include: a visit to Guernsey and Herm, Sandra and Angela Quenault, Anne and Susan Quenault with Jill and Susan Watkins, and Colin, Keith and Collette Falle.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/EP/25/8

Date: 1969-08 - 1969-08

Subject: Evening Post

File number: 25

Page number: 8

Photographs of book plates featuring Guernsey, Jethou, Herm and Sark [not dated].

Reference: L/A/75/A2/VIE/OJ/1/2

Subject: Old Jersey Views

File number: 1

Page number: 2

Images of Mark Fletcher, wearing a tracksuit emblazoned with badges of the coat of arms of Guernsey, Herm, Alderney and Jersey as well as the club crest of Liverpool Football Club, for the Birthday Cake Winners feature.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/1888

Date: September 6th 1976 - September 6th 1976

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/1888

Images of a group of children on a day trip to Herm.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/3/7943

Date: August 8th 1978 - August 8th 1978

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1978/7943

Images of Grosnez Castle and view of St Ouen's Bay from L'Etacq. The images may include Photographer Ronnie Le Sueur's family, and car with the registration J8807. The images were produced from the negatives depicted in Contact Sheet 19 of Red Contact File 18B from the Jersey Evening Post (JEP) Photographic Archive.

Reference: L/A/75/A4/18B/CS19/2

Date: 1946 - 1946

Occupation reconnaissance photographs from Operation Nestegg and the Brigadier Snow papers, taken by the R A F between 1942 and 1945. Home Forces map of Sark, Herm and Jethou, 5 inches to 1 mile

Reference: L/C/14/B/7

Date: 1943 - 1943

Letter from Margaret Cliff, Jethou to Mr and Mrs Le Sueur [Kenneth Henry Le Sueur and Kathleen Le Sueur, née de Carteret]. Provides her account of a tragedy involving Dudley Attenborough who drowned in the sea near Herm. Includes original envelope addressed to Mr and Mrs K H Le Sueur, 35 The Woodlands, Beulah Hill, South Norwood, London with one purple 3d postage stamp.

Reference: L/C/142/A1/D8/11

Date: August 15th 1962 - August 15th 1962

Photographic slides taken during visits to Guernsey and Herm. Includes photographs of: various views, buildings and landmarks on Herm including Mermaid Cottage, Belvoir Bay, Claypit Bay, the White House Hotel and launches in the harbour; views of Sark and Jethou; and on board the ship Sarnia, including views of St Peter Port, Herm and Casquets Lighthouse, Alderney.

Reference: L/C/142/C1/A/61/10

Date: June 28th 1961 - June 29th 1961

Photographic slides taken during visits to Guernsey and Herm. Includes photographs of: Town Church, St Peter Port; views of Jethou and Herm from aboard the boat Highland Laddie; and various views and landmarks on Herm including La Rosière Steps, the White House Hotel, the harbour, the farm and mansion, St Tugual's Chapel, Pierre aux Rats and Shell Beach.

Reference: L/C/142/C1/A/61/9

Date: June 27th 1961 - June 28th 1961

Photograph of Jethou, Herm and Sark on the horizon taken from Grosnez. Taken during a La Société Jersiaise visit to Grosnez Castle.

Reference: L/C/142/C1/A/70/10/9

Date: July 21st 1970 - July 21st 1970

Photograph of Herm on the horizon taken from Grève de Lecq Harbour.

Reference: L/C/142/C1/A/70/19/21

Date: September 22nd 1970 - October 7th 1970

Photograph of Herm and Sark in the distance taken from Grève de Lecq.

Reference: L/C/142/C1/A/70/9/26

Date: July 17th 1970 - July 17th 1970

View of Herm and Jethou from Castle Cornet. Taken during a La Société Jersiaise visit to Guernsey.

Reference: L/C/142/C1/A/71/7/22

Date: July 31st 1971 - July 31st 1971

Photograph of Herm and Jethou taken aboard Sarnia en route to Jersey returning from a La Société Jersiaise visit to Guernsey.

Reference: L/C/142/C1/A/71/8/13

Date: July 31st 1971 - July 31st 1971

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