Microfiche of the 1901 Census for Guernsey, Public Record Office reference 3- RG13/5317. Forest - Part of District 2 - Boundary of Enumeration District, the 2nd enumeration District is bounded on the West by the 1st enumeration district, on the North by the Parish of St Andrews, on the East by the parish of St Martin's and on the South by the sea. Contents of Enumeration District; beginning at Mr Thomas De Mouilpieds house, Bourg, going North east by the Rue des Auberts including houses on the north side of the road, Les Roulias, retrace steps and turn on the left by the Rue des Agneaux to Mr Bisson's house, then by Le Russeau (Russel) to Chemin Le Roi to Mr Cooper's house, then turn to the right into the Military Road and on to Les Hannieres (adjoining parish of St Martin's) including houses on both sides of the road, then to the right to the Nicolles, to Petit Bot, then to the right up the main road to the Glayeuls Barras, Messuriers, Chêne, Bourg-de-Bas, Glayeuls Variouf, Fontenelles, Connellans' Cabin, Mr John Allez's house, Villets, Mr James Le Hurays, by the Rue des Fénêtres and du Gal to Les Houards, Rectory Church, Bourg to the starting point. Torteval - District 1- Boundary of Enumeration District, from Imperial Hotel along New Road to Les Galliennes to end at Imperial Hotel. Contents of Enumeration District; every House included in above boundary. Torteval - District 2 - Boundary of Enumeration District, from Torteval Church along New Road returning to Torteval Church. Contents of Enumeration District; every house included in the above boundary.

Reference: S/07/B/3

Date: 1901 - 1901

Old Pontac Hotel St Clement M. White proprietor, with gable end advertising " Croquet,lawn golf,lawn tennis,quoits, lawn skittles,badminton and other games. Refreshments at the pavilion. Tea anc coffee at the observatory in the grounds. (Teas, dinners, luncheons, suppers) Bathing tents and garden tents ready. Picnics & pleasure parties large or small. Entertained & catered for by agreement at moderate terms". Various beers and whiskey advertised on bar windows.

Reference: SJPA/000325

Date: 1910 - 00/00/1910

Imperial Hotel (now known as Hotel de France) St Helier, with shrubbery on sloping area of garden

Reference: SJPA/000399

Date: 1870 - 1873

View across fields to Greve de Lecq Hotel, large awning covering platform with tables outside hotel. Greve de Lecq barracks in background

Reference: SJPA/000924

Date: 1872 - 1875

View looking down Bouley Bay Hill towards north coast with hotel at bottom and lodge above

Reference: SJPA/000925

Date: 1872 - 1875

View across Plemont with rocks and sand at low tide and cliff with bridge,steps, and hotel in background

Reference: SJPA/000952

Date: 1874 - 1876

Weighbridge with Southampton Hotel, Chase's Royal Yacht Club Hotel, premises of W.T.Pugsley; Ship Broker, Ship Chandler, and courtier maritime, offices of A.G. de Veulle. Wrought iron roofed balconies on front of Royal Yacht and Southampton Hotels. Old Weighbridge building in centre (demolished 1877).

Reference: SJPA/000973

Date: 1874 - 1877

View across St Helier Harbour with old pier, Commercial Buildings, and Weighbridge in background, showing the Westaway Memorial and old weighbridge. Two boats moored in harbour.

Reference: SJPA/000974

Date: 1875 - 1877

Old Pontac Hotel alongside Coast road and Rue de Jambart, St Clement. Gable end of three storey establishment advertising the many facilities, entertainments and refreshments available.

Reference: SJPA/001320

Date: 1890 - 1910

Greve de Lecq Hotel and part of Pooley's Grand Pavilion Hotel , with nearby fields and whole pier in distance

Reference: SJPA/001531

Date: 1883 - 1886

View down Bouley Bay hill along coast to White Rock, with two properties in valley, and folly on hillside to right,

Reference: SJPA/001543

Date: 1870 - 1887

View down Bouley Bay Hill along coast to White Rock with Rocquemont du Moustier tower and house on clifftop. L'Islet visible in bay, hotel and lodge in valley.

Reference: SJPA/001731

Date: 1871 - 1873

View down Bouley Bay Hill along coast to White Rock with Rocquemont du Moustier tower on clifftop. L'Islet visible in bay, Hotel and Lodge in valley.

Reference: SJPA/001732

Date: 1873 - 1876

Steen Plemont Hotel, with two ladies and a gentleman sitting on bench in front of hotel, flagpole and dog

Reference: SJPA/001841

Date: 1871 - 1873

View south across St Ouen's Bay, L'Etacq beach and fields in foreground. British Star Hotel and building labelled Picnic Rooms on side of road.

Reference: SJPA/001845

Date: 1871 - 1873

Pomme d'Or Hotel in centre with Southampton Hotel on right and Victoria Hotel in Conway Street, horse drawn carriage in front of Victoria Hotel.

Reference: SJPA/002134

Date: 1882 - 1887

Somerville Hotel, St Brelade, with entrance, and conservatory along one side

Reference: SJPA/002145

Date: 1882 - 1887

View of Minors' Hotel, The Esplanade, St. Helier. Theatre Royal, Gloucester Street, in distance.

Reference: SJPA/002193

Date: 1886 - 1887

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