Photographs: of an air crew which was recued by helicopter after ditching at sea, of a group departing to visit Wurzach, of Mrs Pamela Gabb holding a plate to be presented to the Mayor and people of Wurzach to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the safe return of 601 British Internees to their homes in Jersey, and of Flight Lieutenant and Mrs Bradley with Captain Dekker and the Miles Gemini plane G-AIIF.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/AVI/13/2

Date: April 28th 1970 - May 30th 1970

Subject: Aviation

File number: 13

Page number: 2

Pencil drawn plan of Wurzach Internment camp, backed on card. Drawn by Joan Coles, neé Salmon.

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/1

Date: October 1st 1942 - October 1st 1942

Artists impression of Room 59 for 16 women at Wurzach Internment camp. Attached description reads 'Note wooden double beds with horse hair mattresses and typical German stove in centre of room'

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/10

Date: 1942 - 1945

Pencil drawings of two trees, unknown artist.

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/11

Date: 1942 - 1945

Drawings depicting the route travelled by deportees in order to arrive at Wurzach and Biberach. Drawn by C Tipping. Includes signatures of internees at Wurzach.

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/12

Date: 1942-11-1 - 1942-11-1

Watercolour painting for a Christmas card addressed to 'Mother and Father' from Joan and George

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/13

Date: December 1st 1951 - December 1st 1951

Set of three postcards depicting views from Bad Wurzach. The attached description reads 'Schloss-Wurzach - Allgru - Wurtemburg - Germany. Prisoner of war camp for 600 internees from the Channel Islands 1942 - 1945. One time Castle home of the Prince and Princess of Wurtemburg'. Backed on paper.

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/14

Date: 1942 - 1945

Set of four postcards depicting views from Bad Wurzach. The attached description reads 'Pictures of Kurhaus Hotel and Public Park with peat pool and swimming pool'. Backed on card.

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/15

Date: 1965 - 1965

Copy of poem entitled 'Just a thought on - Coming Home'. Written by Kathleen Partridge and published in the Daily Sketch.

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/16

Date: September 6th 1945 - September 6th 1945

Sign advertising the exhibition of life on a German Internment camp in Wurzach with the work of the internees.

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/17

Date: 1970 - 1970

Watercolour painting of the village of Bad Wurzach looking South towards the Swiss frontier, painted by Joan Coles, neé Salmon. An attached description of the painting describes it as 'We saw the German Forces as they fled thro the Village, taking this road South, only to return some days later as prisoners of the Free French Forces'

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/2

Date: September 1st 1944 - September 1st 1944

Set of three photographs (backed on card), showing the memorial to the 11 Jersey people who died at Wurzach.

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/20

Date: 1970 - 1970

Set of photographs (backed on card), showing the memorial to the 11 Jersey people who died at Wurzach and their graves.

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/21

Date: 1970 - 1970

Photograph Album containing photographs of the Internment camp at Wurzach. Photographs include main building, east wing, main street in Wurzach showing Town Hall and Hospital, village Church in Wurzach, Wurzach Ach (river), Gottesberg, the washing grounds, barbed wire around the camp and the Hitler Youth swimming pool, the interior condition of room 70, the iron beds taken from the Maginot line, Union Jack flying over Wurzach, Beryl, Joan and Mother Salmon, the German aircraft location post, the exterior and interior of Gottesberg Roman Catholic Church, French and English football teams, tanks manned by the Free French Force, Churchill tanks, Mengen airfield, Siebranz, Algerian and French troops with their mules, Lieutenant Corporal Dennis Phillips, the Camp Padre and French officers, the Camp Padres grave (the Reverend C B Atyeo of St Lukes' Church), Lieutenant J Rodrigues of the Free French Force, Herr Ries ('village butcher - a friend to the camp'), the return visit to Camp Wurzach, Wurzach's Mayor Heer G Hirth, Bavarian folk dancers, Heer, Frau & son Joseph Kellerman, the Kerhaus Hotel in Wurzach, the cemetery in Wurzach, the memorial stones and plaques for those who died at the Camp Wurzach.

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/23

Date: 1942 - 1965

Watercolour painting showing woods and moat at rear of the Shloss (Castle) Wurzac. Painted by Joan Coles, neé Salmon. The attached description reads 'Built by Mr W Case and his son Jack, Internees'

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/3

Date: September 1st 1944 - September 1st 1944

Watercolour painting of the centre of Bad Wurzach Village, showing the Town Hall at right and two Guard Houses at main entrance to Schloss (Castle)

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/4

Date: 1943 - 1943

Pencil drawing by Joan Coles, neé Salmon of Wurzach Church

Reference: L/C/01/B/A/5

Date: 1942 - 1945

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