Letter addressed to Joan Coles from the Foreign Office. The letter encloses notes for guidance and application form for registration of victims of Nazi persecution and Secretary Butler's regrets that that this does not include internees.

Reference: L/C/01/E/5

Date: August 10th 1964 - August 10th 1964

Photograph of Joan Coles and others presenting a wreath on the 25th anniversary of the liberation

Reference: L/C/01/F/9

Date: May 9th 1970 - May 9th 1970

Orders of Service

Reference: L/C/01/G

Newscutting entitled 'News from England' for the Channel Islands, No. 2, distributed free by the RAF. Includes news of an escape from Guernsey.

Reference: L/C/01/H/1

Date: September 30th 1940 - September 30th 1940

Newscuttings relating to the occupation and liberation of Jersey and of internees. Articles includes; deportees marking their anniversary, the donation of a wedding hassock by Joan Coles and Beryl Salmon to St Helier Church, the return of visitors to Wurzach, a meeting of ex-internees, an article entitled 'Bitterness of Channel Island memories' and article profiling Charles Cruickshank and his publication and an article relating to the ex-internees of Wurzach. Also included are pictures of Wurzach and of the interior of the Internment camp,

Reference: L/C/01/H/7

Date: May 8th 1975 - August 6th 1993


Reference: L/C/01/J

Receipt signed by R Faulder for a trumpet to be used for Camp purposes in Wurzach

Reference: L/C/09/B/1

Date: November 6th 1942 - November 6th 1942

Christmas card drawn by Nellie May Faulder for her husband whilst in internment in Wurzach

Reference: L/C/09/B/2

Date: December 25th 1943 - December 25th 1943

Letter from Accountant General Ministry of Pensions to Mr Robert Faulder, 52 Fir Street, Ramsbottom, regarding the position of his pension covering the period of internment and receipt for £50 part payment in respect of arrears

Reference: L/C/09/C/1

Date: July 26th 1945 - July 26th 1945

Postcard from Ministry of Pensions to Mr Robert Faulder informing him 'his matter is receiving attention'

Reference: L/C/09/C/2

Date: August 28th 1945 - August 28th 1945

Receipt from Ministry of Pensions to Mr Robert Faulder, Barnville, Five Oaks, St Saviour for lost arrears

Reference: L/C/09/C/3

Date: February 6th 1947 - February 6th 1947

Letter from Accountant General Ministry of Pensions to Mr R Faulder informing him of his pension and allowances

Reference: L/C/09/C/4

Date: April 28th 1947 - April 28th 1947

Intern message from I Patrickson to Reverend G A Sexton, of Le Sommet, Trinity regarding being interred in Wurzach and their house.

Reference: L/C/134/A/11

Date: December 30th 1942 - December 30th 1942

Photograph Album 1, Page 13. Top left - Annie Marguerite Clements, née Renouf and Ethel Marguerite Pincott, née Scriven her niece at La Hougue Bie with the lawnmower/goat. Top right - Salzach River at Laufen Ilag VII. Bottom left - Frank Renouf Clement's J4104 AJS motorcycle. Bottom right - the gate into Schloss Laufen, aka Ilag VII, Frank Renouf Clements was interned at Laufen from 1942 - 1944.

Reference: L/C/150/B1/1/13

Date: 1935 - 1950

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