States of Jersey Report on Organisation Study of the Treasury and Related Departments. Also includes correspondence

Reference: D/G/A8/1/11

Date: September 4th 1970 - September 4th 1970

Judicial Greffe

Reference: D/Y

Probate Division, c.1669-1949. Wills and Testaments of moveable property proved before the Ecclesiastical Court before this function was transferred to the Judicial Greffe in 1949. These documents have now been digitised and are available to view online.

Reference: D/Y/A

Date: 1669 - 1949

Testament of Elizabeth Pain widow of George du Heaume. Dated 22/01/1671 - no probate date

Reference: D/Y/A/1/1

Date: January 22nd 1671 - January 22nd 1671

Testament of Pierre Lorans senior. Dated 10/08/1673

Reference: D/Y/A/1/10

Date: October 27th 1673 - October 27th 1673

Testament of Richard Anley. Dated 15/08/1668

Reference: D/Y/A/1/100

Date: October 5th 1668 - October 5th 1668

Testament of Rachel de Lecq daughter of William. Dated 25/01/1667

Reference: D/Y/A/1/101

Date: September 21st 1667 - September 21st 1667

Testament of Jean Bichard son of Sebastien. Dated 27/08/1667

Reference: D/Y/A/1/102

Date: September 21st 1667 - September 21st 1667

Testament of Elizabeth Maniart widow of Abraham Journeaulx. Dated 09/02/1668

Reference: D/Y/A/1/103

Date: March 14th 1668 - March 14th 1668

Testament of Jacques Aubin son of Jacques. Dated 22/11/1669

Reference: D/Y/A/1/104

Date: December 13th 1669 - December 13th 1669

Testament of Jean Le Couteur. Dated 01/06/1667

Reference: D/Y/A/1/105

Date: October 19th 1667 - October 19th 1667

Testament of Nicollas Arthur son of Jean. Dated 16/02/1668

Reference: D/Y/A/1/106

Date: March 9th 1668 - March 9th 1668

Testament of Abraham Le Cornu. Dated 09/02/1668

Reference: D/Y/A/1/107

Date: March 9th 1668 - March 9th 1668

Testament of Philippe Anquetill. Dated 20/05/1668

Reference: D/Y/A/1/108

Date: June 1st 1668 - June 1st 1668

Testament of Jean Pic. Dated 28/01/1667

Reference: D/Y/A/1/109

Date: April 15th 1667 - April 15th 1667

Testament of Richard Ydan. Dated 24/11/1669

Reference: D/Y/A/1/11

Date: April 2nd 1670 - April 2nd 1670

Testament of Jeanne Gruchy widow of Jean Maret. Dated 28/02/1667

Reference: D/Y/A/1/110

Date: March 9th 1668 - March 9th 1668

Testament of Suzenne Vautier daughter of Jean. Dated 15/02/1668

Reference: D/Y/A/1/111

Date: March 28th 1668 - March 28th 1668

Testament of Jeane Le Brocq widow of Philippe de la Perrelle. Dated 25/03/1668

Reference: D/Y/A/1/112

Date: April 4th 1668 - April 4th 1668

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