Papers relating to the Licensing Assembly/Licensing Bench consisting of the Lieutenant Governor, the Bailiff and Jurats

Reference: A/D1/L10

Date: January 6th 1902 - November 20th 1986

Papers relating to the resignation, deaths, elections, fees and nominations of Jurats

Reference: A/D2/5

Date: October 17th 1876 - November 7th 1987

Petition and related correspondence from George Philip Crill, Belle Rive, Le Hocq, St Clement to the King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council regarding his election as a jurat of the Royal Court

Reference: A/D3/37

Date: August 16th 1912 - July 24th 1914

Collection of press cuttings presented to Government House by Major General Martelli concerning the history of Jersey, Jurats, Deputies, the Dean, Prevots, the Police, the right of appeal, colorado beetle, States houses, the status of British residents, Roman Catholics in Jersey, the airport, military service, Spanish refugees, smuggling, the licensing system, visitor traffic and the Ecrehous

Reference: A/J/10

Date: May 16th 1929 - October 3rd 1956

Request from Jurat F V Le Feuvre, Somerleigh, St Peter to be relieved of the duties of Jurat

Reference: B/A/L13/2

Date: September 12th 1945 - September 12th 1945

Lists of; the teaching staff at Victoria College, the Bailiff, Attorney General, Solicitor General, Rectors, Constables and Deputies in May 1942.

Reference: B/A/W41/21

Date: May 1st 1942 - May 5th 1942

Correspondence file concerning Jurats- General Correspondence (112) 31/12/04

Reference: B/D/A/J1/1

Date: September 10th 1999 - February 23rd 2004

Correspondence file concerning Jurats-Procedures Precendents etc [no previous reference]

Reference: B/D/A/J1/1a

Date: February 14th 1990 - December 10th 1997

Correspondence file concerning Jures Justiciers [B/D/A/J1/2 is incorporated as part of this file]

Reference: B/D/A/J1/1b (1-55)

Date: December 27th 1984 - September 19th 1991

Correspondence file concerning Jurats General Correspondence (65-111)

Reference: B/D/A/J1/1c

Date: January 12th 1998 - March 23rd 1992

Correspondence file concerning visits and training for Jurats including visits to penal establishments in the UK

Reference: B/D/A/J1/2

Date: April 15th 1969 - March 1st 1978

Correspondence file concerning visits to penal establishments

Reference: B/D/A/J1/2b

Date: June 26th 1986 - December 31st 2001

Correspondence file concerning Jurats elections and attendance at Court

Reference: B/D/A/J1/3a

Date: June 25th 1946 - June 20th 1983

Correspondence file concerning Jurats expenses

Reference: B/D/A/J1/4

Date: November 20th 1998 - November 20th 1998

Correspondence file concerning Minutes and Agendas from Meetings of Jurats

Reference: B/D/A/J1/5

Date: September 28th 1983 - March 21st 2002

Correspondence file concerning Jurats Declaration of Interest

Reference: B/D/A/J1/6

Date: August 13th 1999 - April 12th 2000

Petition from George Philip Crill of Belle Rive Le Hocq to HM Privy Council concerning his potential appointment as a Juré Justicier

Reference: B/D/D4/2

Date: 1913 - 1913

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes Greville Bathe Fund: appointment of Jurat, Draft Community Provisions (Goods Infringing Intellectual Property Rights) (Jersey) Regulations 201- (P.125/2012), Draft Public Employees (Contributory Retirement Scheme) (States of Jersey Prison Service – Amendments) (Jersey) Regulations 201- (P.126/2012), States Members’ remuneration: proposed increase for 2013 (P.127/2012), Draft Limited Liability Partnerships (Amendment of Law) (Jersey) Regulations 201- (P.132/2012) and proposals, Draft Income Tax (Amendment No. 42) (Jersey) Law 201- (P.133/2012) and Jersey Appointments Commission: appointment of Commissioner.

Reference: C/A12/346

Date: January 16th 2013 - January 16th 2013

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: ancorage duties charged on the vessel 'La Julie'; arsenals and barracks; coastguard boats; repair of the battery de la Cotte; cattle from France; private chapel in St Helier; petition to raise height of road from St Helier harbour; cider; the Convention of Commerce and Navigation between UK and Norway and UK and France; prohibition of corn exports to UK; petition of islanders on the Corn Bill; the right of Crown Officers to speak in the States; deserters; drill sheds and magazines; contested elections; petitions of the Royal Court; the election of jurats; prohibition of export of wheat flour; proclamation of peace between England and France; prohibition of export of gun powder; relaxation of harbour regulations for the 'Shamrock'; St Helier Harbour; legacy of Jeanne Marett to General Hospital; trial by jury; Nicolas Hamptonne of St Mary; drill shed at St Mary; Royal disapproval of Act of States relating to methodists; the militia training; numbering houses; oyster fishery; petition from Trinity concerning merchants from France; petition of inhabitants of Charing Cross concerning animals; port charges; the prison and the treadwheel; prisoners of war in France; quarantine; enlargement of the Route du Coie, St Helier; vraic; naming of streets; purchase of land at Town Hill for fortifications; trade; relief for sufferers of war in Germany; cultivation of wasteland; preservation of woodland

Reference: C/A5/1

Date: March 21st 1785 - December 6th 1832

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: Batteries at Anne Port and Nez du Guet at Rozel Bay; arsenal of St Helier; new waterway in St Helier; asiatic cholera; appointment of British consul at Grandville; corn; establishment of a light at Mont Orgueil; trade with Newfoundland; oyster fishery and fishing limits with France including various petitions; petition of William Gould for injuries; maintenance of the poor; port charges; the prison; St Helier parish rate; jurats; the States meeting of 28 May 1833 at which some members of the public were admitted.

Reference: C/A5/2

Date: March 27th 1833 - December 19th 1836

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